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  1. ManzKea

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    Can wait to see where you take this !!!
  2. ManzKea

    Will 14 gauge Sufide for speaker wires

    Ok thanks. For choking in guys. I’ll pick up the spool. I hate running short on speaker wire when I’m either redoing something or doing someone else car. Then the whole project stops because of something so small lol
  3. ManzKea

    Will 14 gauge Sufide for speaker wires

    So the amount of wattagegoing through isn’t a factor as much as the ohm load?
  4. Hey I’m thinking bout buying 300’ of sky high 14 gauge speaker wire. Will it be good enough to use as wiring for my speakers. Up to 300 watts would be going through it. I just rather get a bunch of wires so I don’t need to keep buying if I ever run out from batches. I’ve had 12 gauge but for some speakers with push terminals it’s too big. The 14 fits fine so I’m thinking it’ll be fine. Could I get some feed back
  5. ManzKea

    Officially Done

    Thanks for all the amazing pics and knowledge. You will be remembered and talked about for quite some time
  6. ManzKea

    Subs in trunk suggested orientation

    Oh, I was just saying that side panel rattle would be much more irratating to me then the trunk rattle. That fender rattle would have a different sound than the typical trunk rattle. Which would stand out more. I did it once in my challenger. I had my subs in a bix with a sonotube firing to the side and that panel flex was really irritating. Had a low sounding noise to it which really annoyed me. Being how a trunk has a pass to rattle so when it’s more focused on something else it’s like what the heck is that?
  7. ManzKea

    Subs in trunk suggested orientation

    Ok. I would wanna put it sub up port back just to add that custom look to it. Thanks for the input. I feel the port to the side might just rattle the heck out of the side it’s firing against. And I guess the more rattle would impress the guy more lol. So I’ll go sub up and port firing to the rear
  8. Hey guys I’m building a sub box for a friend. He has a 98’ Camry and wants to fit a 15” T1 in there. My question is what’s the best sub orientation for a trunk setup. I have Sounds in my Altima but I got port and sub firing into the cabin. My friend doesn’t wanna leave his seats down so he asked to have it both firing backwards. Is subs and port back best for a trunk set up? Or is sub up port back works better? I even seen people saying sub up port to the side is really good. But I’m building the box the total usable width so I don’t wanna fire the port right against a wall. Thanks for the input as always guys.
  9. ManzKea

    NEM's Evilinator!!

    I’m assuming it would affect applying tire dressing
  10. ManzKea

    NEM's Evilinator!!

    Ceramic on wheels eh... I never thought of that.
  11. ManzKea

    Team evil 12s

    That box is huge. And the port is a monster lol
  12. ManzKea

    Team evil 12s

    Naw I ain’t tripping bout the post lol. But yea share what you find about the sp4s. They seem similar. Someone told me the evils are slightly higher up than the sp4
  13. ManzKea

    Team evil 12s

    Naw I ain’t taking it the wrong way. Yea I’d love to sample some 18s. Just had the misconception that it’s slow or something. Idk. How is it on fast notes. And yea 18s need a lot of air space
  14. ManzKea

    Team evil 12s

    All that off of stock alternator wow. And then t looks great should wrap it