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  1. We'll try to change vet up the port see what happens. Some songs, the sub bottoms out kinda easily. And it's scary because if you're not carefull, you won't hear it because of the seat and all hiding it
  2. Yea I saw those. But I also saw that the sa was a tad bit bigger. I'm not sure what the max depth we have to work with so I gotta double check. But that sd with the inverted surround looks like that'll help with it being close to the back of a chair
  3. I've never messed with seal before so I'm not sure what to expect. And isn't ported suppose to be louder? He wants to post up at the beach and listen to it while we chill outside so it has to be able to be heard ish. Lol.
  4. Ok I got what you are saying. I agree on the box, because some videos say 8s are flexing their car etc, they pop the trunk and the box is about as big as a 10" sub box lol. I guess the size comparison of a 8 and a shallow 12 is what got my attention. What about a entry entry model sub, where the depth isn't as deep as a higher end but isn't as shallow as the standard 3" shallow mounts. I was looking into a Nvx entry sub because the 10 would work. Then I looked at a gcon, dcon, and those would also work. Too. Won't be a lot of clearance from the back wall but it could fit.
  5. Does it hit high notes I got the same sub and it lacks on the upper bass. I'm using an 8" sonotube tuned to 34. Box is around 4.5
  6. Stretch across the cab. 48". To make it simpler. Just cutting a sheet to the heights needed. It's a wedge box. I believe 7 on the bottom and 4 up top with a 4x4 port
  7. And what makes you say 8's are useless? I see a lot of people raving about em
  8. So re do the box? What do you suggest ? I had a 4x4 port tuned to 35hz and the net volume was 1.30 . Subs behind the seat and port to the driver side door
  9. Hi guys I helped my buddy make a box for a rockford p3 slim 12 he picked up. I was curious as to how it would sound. And excited because I've seen videos online and never heard one in person. We built a to spec box using the Rockford website and I tuned it to 35. Seeing as how it's a shallow I didn't think there was need to hit low bass. Anyways it sound s pretty good. Not hat I was hoping lol. But as the weeks go by and I hear him pulling into work, it's really underwhelming. So I wanna get him an 8 if it's gonna be a dramatic change. His truck is a single cab Ford F-150 in the early 90s. Not so sure. It's real tight behind the seat. But I checked out some 8s and they'll fit perfect with a mounting depth of 5.5". I figured a full sized 8 should be louder in all aspects then a condensed 12. Even the rms is greater than the Rockford. But I know there's a big difference in surface area so I'm not too certain. So yea I'm looking into the soundqubed 8. It'll be ran off of a pioneer 1200watt mono amp. Will the switch make a difference ? Im also open to maybe the sundown sa 8 earlier models. Chime in guys and thanks for the help
  10. How you liking your zv4
  11. Yea he had great info. And yea the pvc works well, just need a bowl or something and a heat gun. Flare it with no problem.
  12. More pronounced? Hmmm I can't fit another sub. Could I shrink the box so it can handle more power ?
  13. Wow! Great information. Thanks for your input. You made a lot of sense with all the examples you've provided. Maybe if I want more out put I ahould make the box larger.
  14. That's a lot of port area to hit the recommended amount for a 6ft3 box ran off of 4K. For me me I was tuned to 32hz it sounded great hit the lows like never before. But the upper notes sucked so I cut off a few inches and I'm at 34hx now. Using a taramps 5k to push it. I clicked the pic is there a link for it or do I need an app to open it properly? Im using my iPhone right now. And that's a perfect example you given with the height and shoe size. Ive also read that subs with too big of a port area will result in the sub bottoming out easier. So im curious as to if the 6" will make a noticinle difference in sound and loudness and all that. But sounds like my port isn't too big for the sub
  15. I like the sound of it. Hits all the notes but has a roll off on higher bass notes which I've read is normal for the zv4 and x series . Yes I'm referring to net volume . i was looking at flared ports and I saw a persons review and that's what got me questioning if the port is too large. https://www.parts-express.com/precision-port-6-flared-port-tube-kit--268-354 its down by the questions and answers part. He says 8" would be good for an 18.