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  2. Ok so 20 on each side to get the 30. And it HAS to be half the width? I saw a debate about that online and didn't really get a clear answer on. Thanks.
  3. Like when it reaches the rear wall and needs to bend in both directions. Like a "T"
  4. Of course I'd factor in the end correction and what not to both sides which will be less than an actual 10". But to simplify it, is that pretty much the way of doing it ?
  5. Ok. So what about when it split? Do I add the two splits to the center to get my total? For example : if I need 30" total. I go down the middle 10 then I bend it both ways like a "T" and go out on both sides 10" to get a combined total of 30?
  6. What if there is a bend in it? The depth of my box isn't long enough to accommodate the port length
  7. What about a center port? How do you go bout the measuring of the port length
  8. Tripping because I suggested a Rockford.punch pro and said I'll look into a brand I've never heard of because someone vouched for it
  9. Talking to me?
  10. I haven't heard of those, I'll look into them
  11. Never really heard of those. I'll look into them
  12. You looked into the Rockford 8" pro audios? Those are loud and pretty shallow
  13. First time I ever had to make a port with 2 bends lol I think I may have done something wrong
  14. Got a new beefier battery but it's slightly improved. But I know for a fact it should sound louder. So I believe it's the box. Lol gotta re make it this weekend.had the port at 5.5 x 12.5 and like 56" long and it's loud on certain few notes and blah on majority lol.