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  1. New on this forum!

    Welcome to the forum as well. That’s a great set of subs. I have a pair myself and love em. What type of vehicle are they gonna be going in.
  2. It sounded great. For what it is and the space allowed I was blown away and it brought a smile to my face. Yea I heard louder set ups, but to be able to play a wide band width and hit the lower notes with authority I was impressed and pleased. Deffinetly two thumbs up. I’m not sure sure if it played how it did because I stuffed three drivers in there or what. So I’m not certain if a dual 8 set up would be as impressive or not. The build quality was top notch. Very sturdy, had some weight to it. I disliked the direct leads though idk it could just be me. And unfortunately I did not take some action vids while I was with him.
  3. New Software, we need product reviewers now..

    Guess I git something to do tonight lol
  4. It sure was. And no problem. Hopefully this can build log can help someone out or give someone one ideas
  5. Bass cancellation

    Is that a bad thing if it seems louder with a window down as oppose to all windows up ?
  6. Going from sundown zv5 to find btl neo

    Glad you’re taking steps into getting the ball rolling. Keep in mind fi is built to order so it will take some time before your subs arrive.
  7. Ford ranger blow through

    Thanks. I appreciate it.
  8. Ford ranger blow through

    Will do
  9. Ford ranger blow through

    Lol. Sorry. Different cultures I guess. So if there’s still snow in some parts, how does valentine work out? Is roses still available ?
  10. Going from sundown zv5 to find btl neo

    Like other said both companies are greAt. You should just pick up the fi because its comparable to ssa and the build quality Is great. Plus sounds like you’re stuck on that fi btl. Long story short , get rid of the sundown.
  11. Going from sundown zv5 to find btl neo

    Go for an ssa sub. They all have great reviews. I can vouch for the evils seeing how I have em and love em. Plus it’ll help support the community. And Nd by proper sentences, you should use proper punctuation marks. It’ll help distinguish when a sentence stops and what not.
  12. Going from sundown zv5 to find btl neo

    Welcome! I too had the exact same problem with my 15” zv5. It would kill the lows. But upper bass sucked. Young jeezy - put on, that first note was garbage. But the following notes were great. I had a box with a sonotube port, 8”. So I made the port shorter to raise the tuning. And it helped but not much. I figured this was the best of the best. But was sadly let down. It’s all dependent on what you’re after. If you’re only into lows and demos and stuff then yes this sub is bad ass. But to listen to a variety of music, this sub not so much. Long story short, I sold it within a month of owning it and pulled the trigger and brought 2 ssa evil 12S. Loved them. And in the process, earned a customer.
  13. Thank you for the very in depth response. Looks like I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.