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  1. Why is shipping so high? I brought my rims mounted with 35" tires and the shipping was $640. That's high too but I'm sure it's way heavier than a couple of subs. Sorry very off off topic but figured I'd get more accurate answers here than asking The Whole forum
  2. That customer service ain't no lie. Your response to my email is one of the biggest reason I felt comfortable going with you guys.
  3. So after a long time of admiring and contemplating the ssa evil, I was pleastly surprised that they offer it in 12" now. Did a lot of question asking, researching and lucky for me the tax sale started , so I finally went ahead and purchased two and a pair of the evil Mids. Because of the build time it gives me time to stack up some money for an amp to push it. Ive tried searching for info on these but there's not that many info I was able to find on the 12s and on the mids. So I'll be sure to get some vids up and post my experience with it to help any future bass heads who wanna know more about these. Can't wait, it was a hard decision between these and the fi sp4v2. But honestly if I didn't show off those sexy magnets, the fi would've lost that wow factor, well atleast for me. Because they seem so similar, that cool magnet is what set them apart in my eyes. But I do hope that I get to experience at least half of the hype people put on ssa products . First ssa product , very excited. **Oh,this is going in a Jeep Wrangler jku if anyone was wondering. Ported to spec. Trying to get loud ,ground pounder, move some air etc etc.
  4. Thats cool you have a bridge to access your property
  5. That door panel looking sick can't wait till it gets wrapped and takes shape
  6. Awesome sent. Im eager regarding how long the shipping will be. I'm sure there will be a lot of orders
  7. So with the smell gone, gains down a bit, do you like your sub? Is it slamming as you hoped it would?
  8. I had a challenger too! I committed to the bass and made like a half wall in my backseat for two 12's that trunk is so tiny. But loved how the battery was in the trunk. And I was like , I rather have a big trunk to throw stuff in, rather than put it in the backseat. Which is a hassle in itself
  9. Interesting. Are you playing super low lows or something? And how do they compare to the btl v2?
  10. That's not as horrific as billy made it seem early. We're the evils the 12's?
  11. Thanks for sharing man. Bottom line is dolla signs and looks like you're seeing em from all different angles.
  12. What kind of business you do? I saw you said detailing. But you also said drive 7 + hours lol so i can't figure it out. And you been in business for 40 years!?!? That's a long time
  13. Wow I never knew it was like that! I mean I see on forums people talking about the wait time blah blah and it's worth it . I thought it was 21 ish days, so I was like it ain't that bad. I mean, it ain't like sonic electronics or none but still I could manage a few weeks. But months?? Lol idk bout that. Maybe if they said up front then possible but from what you're saying it sounds like it's a case by case sort of thing.
  14. I run 35's on my Jeep with out re gearing! I can feel the difference and plan on re gearing later. And no I don't off road much :/
  15. The wait time isn't accurate to the indicated info? I see like 21 days or so for dispatch