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  1. JL released his first album on strange music on june 30th called DIBKIS. Loving it so far. Lots of bangers.
  2. I've had awesome luck with Vizio... We have 2 Vizio 2 Samsung one lg and a sharp. Vizio has by far the better pictures of them all.
  3. Damn https://www.dss.audio/products/savage-15?utm_campaign=Kit_2017-Jun-10_20%3A26%3A37&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=singleproduct_post&utm_content=10548225735 Curious about what you more experienced people think about this? Looking to buy new subs and this is up there on the list.
  4. Damn haven't seen you on here in a minute. Nice calc.
  5. I'll be there
  6. http://www.modifiedlife.com/2008-ford-f250-stereo-wire-harness-color-codes/
  7. Yeah if i were you i would hit Craigslist.
  8. Stevie stone - let it beat Stevie stone - outer lane Tech n9ne - so dope T. I ft chris brown - take it off I got tons more I'll add when i get a chance. Those are just a few on my current Playlist that i switch up every few days.
  9. Follow @dr.lindsey_ssa on instagram... She leaks updates and cool stuff way before aaron and mark do in here lol. She has a pic of the amp up and she also is running the new improved zcon in her ride.
  10. Strange music?
  11. I really hate to say it because i absolutely despise vw bugs, but damn i really like what you are doing with this one. Nice build and install man. Looks like you do really good work.
  12. The only thing i like about the pwx's is that you can put LED's behind them and they glow. Other than that i wouldn't run anything front stage from Crescendo. I have had awesome luck with their amps though.
  13. I got a build log on here somewhere thatvi have no idea how to find where i posted exact specs and i think i even posted the design.
  14. We build mine pretty much close to recommended. Like 3.2cubes at 32hz. 73 square inches of port. Was impressive. In fact someone else we know that had ethos wanted the exact same box built for his.