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  1. Running wire is my least favorite part of building. Upgrades looking good though.
  2. Ahahahahahahaha
  3. Torrents
  4. We are Cincinnati area
  5. Where at in ohio? Frogcase2002 and I are from the same general area in ohio. Jay-C76 is also in ohio.
  6. Feed it good power and any zcon of any size will handle 4k all day...
  7. HUGE zcon fan here... Honestly I'd go zcon before evil. If you know the "con" line from ssa... Zcon is the pinnacle... Evil is a whole different critter. Either way FUCK YEAH SSA!
  8. I agree with everything you said. I'm in the exact situation you are in.
  9. What i was reading you saying is that you didn't go evils because you couldn't hit them with max rms. Also there is nothing wrong with dc audio they make fine products. I wouldn't be surprised if that 1 12 evil hit almost as hard as those 2 dc subs. I went from a single 12 zcon to 2 12 ethos. While both ethos were louder than the zcon it honestly wasn't by much... Surely not double. So yeah maybe i misunderstood your original post.
  10. I don't understand the logic of going with the lvl4 over the evil? You don't have enough power to run a evil? There's no rules saying you have to hit with max rms? I'm positive a evil will slam on 2k. Maybe I'm atupid and didn't understand what you meant but i would of went ssa over dc all day everyday if funds allowed.
  11. You can't go wrong either way. I've had a zcon before and I'll vouch it 100%. I have no experience with evils but I'll still vouch for it 100%. There's no way to go wrong with anything ssa.
  12. Damn haven't seen you around in a while. You were pretty active at one point. Didn't you have a couple dss ethos?
  13. Not sure if you're set on under the seat for location but i ran a single 12 in my extended cab and i made a box to sit in the back seat. Kind of like a middle console. Basically made my back seat into a 2 seater. Had sub facing up and port facing down on the end towards the floor. Make a cardboard test box and see if you can live with that location. It will expand your driver options greatly.
  14. I beat my zcon right out of the rip. Did this daily for over a year. Single 12 on a bc3500. Had good electrical though. Sold it to my buddy and he fried it on a audio pipe 1500 within a week... OP just make sure your voltage is on point and let it rip. Zcons can take a beating... Frogcase2002 had a pair of 12s that he had to jb weld the basket several times and they still banged.
  15. Should of let the color be customizable. Just had the ssa engraved and put a color sticker on it. Kinda like the Fi dust caps. I'm buying a pair either way though. Just a thought.