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  1. SSA Evil 18 Help

    Forsure dont listen to that . We need info about your enclosure and electrical befor you should be playing it loud
  2. SSA Evil 18 Help

    Bass boost up and subsonic all the way down?
  3. SSA Evil 18 Help

    My guess is the sub is in an enclosure that is not the best for it and you are needing to turn the gain and bass boost up for it to sound decent and its not to good on the sub
  4. SSA Evil 18 Help

    Is input level and bass boost all the way up . . . . And is the sub not in an enclosure built for it? .
  5. SSA Evil 18 Help

    Where is your subsonic at and whats the enclosure tuned to
  6. Do a dual alt setup and have them separate with one wired to an external regulator and to 16 volt batts
  7. sensitivity and frequency response

    What mids and highs amp
  8. sensitivity and frequency response

    Are you forsure of the specs of the enclosure are right? what is the port area? .Where is the sub and port facing
  9. Thats what the guy wants . Said his computer in the car alot of the time is makes it just charge at 12 something
  10. I need to find where the field wire is on an internally regulated alt .
  11. Amp imput

    Yea iv heard of them . Im between dayton and cincinnati
  12. Amp imput

    Where in ohio are you
  13. Alright im hooking up an external regulator (One of them blue boxes) to a second alternator that is separate from the vehicles electrical. . There is 3 pins in the plug on the alt but right now there is just one wire going to it to turn it on. .. The problem I am having is I dont know where to hook the field wire from the regulator to . I have tried the all the pins in the plug of the alt but nothing is making the regulator work . . Vehicle is an 08 escalade and the alt is a dc 370
  14. Ok enclosure build pics

    Nice. Got it playing yet?
  15. feedback/whine through mids and highs

    Thats what im going to do . A yea its not making the noises now but I dont like having to put that isolator on to get rid of it