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  1. Lol
  2. I seen right after it happen cause i heard it and ran to the window and seen the person speed off . . Didnt get the plate but Iv seen the car in my neighborhood befor so im hoping I see it again
  3. Yea it sucks . Really only thing I need is a headlight and maybe a fender . .The bumper and hood are a little dinged up to but not as big of a deal
  4. Well someone did a hit and run on the sable while parked in front of my house. Kinda shitty
  5. Me to
  6. There amazing subs . Can take crazy power and sound really good. . . . what amp do you have
  7. Think he is saying you cant put a bus bar on the threaded part of the batts cause its to close to the regular top post . And wants to know if it would be ok to use those terminals on the batts and a bus bar connected to them
  8. Man . Just missed it . Just ordered evil mids last week
  9. Once these are available and amps are out ill have an all ssa build other than electrical
  10. Thats what im sayin. Im ready to buy now lol . . If yal got any extra prototypes let me know and ill grab them right now
  11. Badass man . Always like seeing zcon builds
  12. Hell yea. Time to get loud! Make sure the enclosure is good
  13. Should be enough . . And yes I would tune to at least 30 or so
  14. Really nice
  15. Just ordered some evil 6.5s . . Cant wait till the tweeters are out