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  1. Really nice! . Cant wait till more power is out
  2. Happy birthday!!
  3. I defiantly understand about how people feel about there bikes . But this guy is a friend and i was wanting to work on it to get a little comfortable working on motorcycles befor I would actually do a random persons
  4. I would never refer anyone to any shops around me . There some of the shittyest shops Iv ever seen
  5. Ill be fine with the installation part. Just didnt know if there is some decent speakers and amps that will work better than others for a bike. . . Just looking quick I seen some like kits that are like 400+ . . And from my experience with car audio usually kits and sets of shit made for things are usually shitty compared to putting it together your self so I didnt want to just tell him to buy some harley speaker kit and have me install it . I want him to get the best he can for his money
  6. Im not worried about messing up the bike. Just dont know about the audio for it/if its any different than a car . . I have a shop and have done audio for like 15 years. Just have never worked on the audio of a bike
  7. Has anyone had any experience doing any audio on a motorcycle? . Going to be doing an install on an 04 roadglide . Just seeing if anyone has any recommendations or anything since I have not messed with a motorcycle yet . . There is a stock head unit and 2 speakers . Customer wants to try to keep the head unit and replace the stock speakers and maybe add a couple more speakers and maybe amp them. . Hes not a big audio guy so im sure wont need crazy quality . Just want to be able to hear clear music when on the highway and shit
  8. Not no recent but got a ppi a200.2 and a600.2 in my collection . . And some early 90s Sherwood amp
  9. Iv usually liked how it sounds with sub up and port back in suv's . But in sure it wouldnt be much different with sub and port back . . . I would personally go with the gcon
  10. I would go with the evil personally but I woundnt think there would be a huge difference
  11. Run each sub in series and then either each sub to each input or the subs together to one of the inputs . its not a 2 chan it just has 2 inputs
  12. Hell yea man. . Cant wait to see how you get them 2 in your trunk
  13. Hope real soon
  14. Yup
  15. Yea half the width . It needs to stay the same width so if it splits in two then both splits need to equal the width that the port starts out