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  1. Yup
  2. Yea half the width . It needs to stay the same width so if it splits in two then both splits need to equal the width that the port starts out
  3. Lol
  4. Thats cool man
  5. If it needs to be 30 and it will be 10 back then it will need to be 20 over on each side . And when it "splits" you make the port half the width
  6. Which one do you have . Whats the motor look like
  7. What are specs of the amps? . What subs. And what ohm load are you running at
  8. Cant wait
  9. Why not another zv4 and then you will already have the 2 18s your wanting . Would rather have fi or ssa but since you already have a decent sub you would forsure get louder with a 2nd 18 than getting a different 18
  10. Have never experienced my self but have heard from a few people that have tried them that they couldnt tell any difference after using them
  11. Couldnt really see the speaker tweakers doing anything
  12. O you will be pleasantly surprised with any any ssa subwoofer . Good luck on the build! Make sure you post lots of pictures
  13. I would look more into a 2 way front stage . . You would be surprised how good it can sound even with not to good of drivers
  14. Let me know the second I can pay
  15. eta yet?