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    A brief introduction to the all new SSA Demon, but first a farewell to its predecessor. Our very long running SSA Dcon has ridden off into the sunset, or at least taking a breather. The SSA Dcon was our second subwoofer model we ever launched. At the very beginning, we had the Icon and as it gained traction we saw there was a need for a pure SQ sub of more modest power rating than that the Icon. So in early 2008, the first SSA Dcon was launched. (The Xcon followed shortly after). That being said, the Dcon was almost an immediate hit, with a long 2" copper coil (rarity to have one made in the USA) triple stack motor, rear vent. The Dcon was very affordable, well made, quite efficient, clean across the entire range, and flexible with enclosure demands. It is interesting as there are some SSA Family members who swear by their Dcon and will not give it up ever. (It even became a favorite of some of the home audio crowd). All that being said, the Dcon evolved a bit for its second generation, we made a leap forward in motor force moving to what is best described as a scaled down Xcon motor, with a large single slug, solid pole, and deeply bumped back plate, while beefing up the suspension and leads. We were able to bring the power handling up 33% while not hurting the sound that made the Dcon successful. There was a stretch of a few years, before we ran out of stock, that the SSA Dcon 12 was our all time best selling subwoofer. So its existence was very important to SSA. Well with changes in the market (read:customer demands and amps getting much cheaper), as well as sky rocketing material costs, building the Dcon in the USA no longer was an option, so production stopped early 2017 for both the Dcon (and Gcon) and inventory ran out later that year. Late last year, due to the long lay off with out the Dcon (and Gcon), we started development of an updated Dcon at a new build house. The quality and performance of our SSA Evil1 tweeters were above our expectations, so we decided to send more production to that same build house. As we saw that the market slowed overall for modest power rated subs due to power getting cheaper and people wanting higher power handling subs, so the market began to really start heating up in the 500 - 1200 watt range, I knew we needed to address it. There is an 8" model developed, but it will not make it this first production run. The new model had to handle more power and have more xmax while not sacrificing the balanced and clean sound the Dcon had established for nearly a decade. That meant larger motor, larger coil, more suspension, larger leads, thicker cone, taller surround, etc. In the end, all of the changes that happened to the over all design, we could no longer call it a Dcon. In sticking with the theme of the Evil, a model name that has become so well known, while respecting the Dcon, the Demon name was selected. The Demon is a great blend of the previous Dcon and Xcon, both in design and appearance. In prototype testing, the SSA Demon thrived smaller to mid-sized ported and mid-sized sealed enclosures. Quick SSA Demon stats: 2.5" copper coil Aluminum former Aluminum Shorting ring Solid pole, non-vented bumped back plate Large single slug motor Pressed pulp cone Tall roll surround Push terminals Dual Nomex progressive spiders Stitched tinsel leads Large dome dustcap I will list T/S specs and enclosure recommendations shortly. We are very excited about the SSA Demon as it bringing back to our line up a pure sound quality subwoofer that will be affordable, while still having the characteristic SSA warmth and output.
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    2014 dodge ram driven 85 miles a daily to and from work. This is the first vehicle I had to do a complete deep cut to get everything out. I did not do the wheels or tires. Doing this reminds how much I like doing cars.
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    Very sorry for the delay guys, we had a php version issue with our host and our dedicated server, got it all sorted out, I'm going to get this forum whipped back into shape. Thanks for baring with me on this. Enjoy the forums...
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    We just kicked off our Fall Sale @ SSA! Enjoy some nice savings while the weather is cooling down. All sale prices are as marked, simply add to cart. Celebrating 12 years in business. Sale ends 10/21/2018 #ArriveLoud https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/categories/fall-sale.html
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    First steak on the Souse Vide. details after pictures.
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    Uploading over 40,000 images back to the server, should fix alot of broken images you may see...
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    We are very excited to get things back to normal around here. Thanks for the support guys!
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    Have my test boxes all but ready also!!!!
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    Had to get my shit together and look a little professional. That blue car is dirty as hell. If you look close you will see.
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    Disaster struck. I had my bed covers off doing stuff around the yard when it started raining. Same day we took this pic ... Totally ruined my Enclosure Spent weeks getting things cleaned and straightened out. Shit happens I guess ... Any ways ... I built a new enclosure and got it installed in the Avalanche. 5 Cu. Ft. with 33 Htz port tuning ... Can't wait to get her powered up !!! Starting on the Amp Rack this week !!!
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    I've been looking for something to replace my Ford F150. Honestly folks, Its a Money Pit. Can't build the system for having to stop and fix shit. So while I was going through a small town towing a big truck to it's owner, Something For Sale caught my eye and I had to have it !!! Here it is Folks !!! A 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche !!! I've always wanted one !!! I know, Not a "all bells and whistles" ride, but well suitable for what I want. Honestly, the only thing I want to add on the exterior is a bad ass set of 20" wheels and tires. I could have got a new truck, but they don't make an Avalanche any more and I did not want to pay those High ass notes. I paid cash for this one !!! For now, she rides and drives like a dream and that black on black theme is SOOOOO Sexy !!!
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    Anyone jump on this yet? https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dsp-408-4x8-dsp-digital-signal-processor-for-home-and-car-audio--230-500?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pla
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    Love all the behind the scenes work and thinking that went into these subs. You guys never let us down by being informative about your products. Will the xcon and zcon have different names as well to keep this whole Evil theme going?
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    Still cant upload pictures from phone anymore. But besides that glad to see it back to normal.
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    Yes, we have to keep pushing forward.
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    Depends. 2 things it is REALLY useful for. 1) from freezer to stove, no more defrosting woes. This is for any animal. 2) Chicken becomes edible. Cooking it at 145F is SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER than any other way.
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    Black friday they are $80 usually.
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    Alright so details. (Note: I can get on SSA at work again! No more "malware" issues) 1.5" Prime NY Strip; just over 16oz Salt and Pepper just before bagging. Vacuumed Sealed in FoodSaver setup Sous Vide (Monoprice Version) at 130°F (60°C). I did 130°F because the steak has good marbling. I like the texture at around that temperature. Also, while I've gotten my wife to prefer her steaks waayyyyyy less cooked, she still prefers that medium spectrum. Finished on cast iron. Cast iron was in oven at 525°F (273°C) then put on electric burner at highest setting. I seared in Olive Oil (not EVOO, regular OO is more processed and has a higher smoke temp) and finished with some butter on a lower setting. Notes: Texture was spot on inside (hello sous vide). The outside could have been better browned and seasoned. I took it off as soon as I got the browning with the butter. In retrospect I would have left it on longer with out the butter to get some more natural browning. Actually, if it wasn't raining non-stop for the past couple of weeks I would have finished on the egg with the grate practically on top of the coals. It was a really fun first real attempt at sous vide. It couldn't be easier to use. I think I can really get the wife on board because she can pull something out of the freezer and drop it in. I'm exited to try all kinds of things. Bone in skinned chicken breast is high on the list. Some sort of smoked meat is on the list. I am currently converting a cooler I used to hate into a souse vide cooler (more pics later).
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    My Son trying to be a camera dude ... Note to self ... Get that damn front bumper valance back on this truck !!!
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    Hmmm ... No metal to cut to install subs, Nice !!! Been a LONG time since I've ran a large cone area sub bass driver ... possibilities are endless here !!! Ideas have been rushing through my head with this vehicle. Now you see why I've been wanting an Avalanche !!!