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    Been stripping this turd all week. Fuck Audi!
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    I am contemplating hiring someone who is nowhere near the location they need to be. Covid changed a bunch of shit.
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    I would purely for negotiation purposes and networking. You never know too. You may end up moving given the proper offer.
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    my best friends dad is a professor of theology and ethics at St. Paul's University. All he does is study of religion. It's amazing to sit down and chat with him, and hear his take on religions and religious viewpoints/teachings. Absolutely wild the world of religion and religious study once you get into it.
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    Merry Christmas fellow SSA forum peeps. Hope tomorrow finds everyone well, and enjoying the festive spirit.
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    Slowly getting these Weather Tech mats installed, backseats done so far.
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    Don’t know if I have enough teeth left for many more rounds of kickboxing though LOL
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    Tis why we get along so well. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. But anyone that knows either of us knows we are both very kind, humble, and speak from the heart. Not to mention about as easy-going as they get. for me it is a pre-programmed technique to deter people I do not want to be around.