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    Still need to install the door and button everything up, but here is with the grout and sealer done! woot woot.
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    I recently came across a steal of a deal for an SSA ICON 12. So I had some free time today and put some goodies in. I just put this in for now as it will change as I get more time. Here is what my current mess looks like. Batcap in a wire mess The $150 ICON powered by the SSA mono block.
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    Finally got around to trying ceramic on the 4runner. Lots of work, but well worth it. Still have the winter sneakers on her.
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    Thanks guys, guess I need to be a cool pap.
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    This is a Father and Son Project called "The Green Dickle" GMT400 Phantom Dually. It's a 1994 Chevy 1500 Series Extended Cab Short Wheel Base GMT400 Truck. Yes, there is nothing wrong with your eye sight, This truck is Florescent Green. We will be installing a conversion kit to make this truck a true "Phantom Dually"
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    Got 340lbs on bench last week. Hit my goal this week of 285lbs 5x5, which puts me in good position to hit 345lbs 1RM this week or at worst next week. So hopefully within the 4 weeks I'll hit my goal of 350lbs
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    Btw, J. Here is the water closet on my main floor. Thought you'd get a kick out of it.
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    Happy Easter SSA fam!
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    Phase one is done. Static 4/6" drop complete. Just needs some frame notch work now. I know, that shitty bumper has got to go !!! No worries, Steel Roll Pan is on the way guys !!! Next step, Dually Fenders !!!
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    Ok. Finally working on the front suspension drop !!! DJM 2" lowered springs and 2" drop spindles for a total 4" drop. In true fashion with these old trucks, cutting of the lower control arms is required. way it goes I guess, My son is doing most of the work ... LOL
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    Was the first concrete I ever poured. The stand is made from 2x4's I cut up.
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    I am definitely ready to be done and back to speaker building. lol Got these little cuties in the mail yesterday!!
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    Dont know why I didn't think of covering my power wire run from front to back under the hood. Looks much better without the red jacket being visible. I did the trunk power wire as well, excuse the wiring mess at the moment. Distribution blocks are only temporary till larger amp with bigger inputs is ordered.
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    3&4 have the HP setting that can be adjusted down to 15hz which easily gets the crossover out of the way. You’re correct on the mono amp though, just adjust it to the top of it’s adjustment and let the DSP do the work. That sub will probably handle 1500wrms without a problem, however due to the dynamic nature of music it won’t really be a concern. As a matter of fact the extra headroom from the few hundred extra watts on tap will only help prevent distortion. That will help it sound better and be easier on the sub in the long run. Headroom is a good thing as long as you can understand what the limitations are and act accordingly when you believe there could be a problem while it’s playing. I’m currently running a rated 300wrms a channel to a set of components that are rated 125wrms. I have a pair of Fountek FR88EX 3” full range drivers rated 15wrms being powered by 75wrms. I also ran a pair of 10” SSA DCON’s (rated 400wrms) on an Arc Audio XDi2000 that had 2.5x their rated power on tap. The only reason I had an issue with the DCON’s is because the enclosure failed and they were mechanically damaged. Those subs were fine thermally. The components and full range are running great still. The headroom on tap allows me to get incredible clean response from the speakers I’m using but I also don’t get stupid with the volume knob. Don’t get me wrong I do push things hard but I’m VERY alert to what’s going on and I have the crossover and EQ settings dialed in to allow me to get by with that kind of power headroom. For what it’s worth another forum member had the same components with 600wrms on tap for each channel. It’s just a matter of setting things up correctly and knowing you’re not using every bit of that power except on the most dynamic (powerful) musical peaks. There’s a thread on the forum related to headroom and the dynamics of music. It’s a great read to get a firm grasp on the subject. I’ll see if I can find a link.
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    Yes, it sure can, and the amp has active capable crossovers so you can control the cutoff frequencies for the tweeters and the mids as well for a truly active setup. The only thing you don’t get in such a setup as you’re looking to do is time alignment, unless your HU has manually adjustable time alignment for each individual output channel. If that’s the case then you’re all set for the best experience of a highs setup you could ask for short of running a DSP.
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    Went car shopping for my daughter today and came across a 2009 toyota corolla with 62,000 miles. One owner and all service records from day one. The car is as close to new as you can find and garage kept even. Took a little bit, but we got it for $8999.95 out the door with the Fairfield 6 month warranty.
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    Thanks guys! Finally got housing situation straightened out and the rebuild is coming along. Same view from first picture!
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    Happy Easter! He is risen!
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    Not showing your pic to my wife. no way.
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    Enclosure designed and built by a local builder. 3.81 @ 31hz before sub 3.6 @ 32 hz after sub (15" SP4)
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    Mine are dirty as hell compared to that right now. Still 1.5' of snow in my yard though. Looks great.
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    Ceramic on wheels eh... I never thought of that.
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    Slow build, but wanted to get a build log going.
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    That shine is impressive my man. looks like a new car!
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    Naw I ain’t taking it the wrong way. Yea I’d love to sample some 18s. Just had the misconception that it’s slow or something. Idk. How is it on fast notes. And yea 18s need a lot of air space
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    The wheel game has changed so much in twenty years. It used to be cool to just run some 13x7 spokes. Now it's who can be the first to stuff 32's under a chevette. Might get lucky if there's any swap meets near you. There's a couple big ones near me. I'm gonna have to keep my eyes open
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    Neat project. I have seen these trucks, but watching your build will help me understand how they get that look.
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    going to have to see if I can use my old Midwestern luck and get the same deal!
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    Thanks Guys. Back then, I had a Black Single Cab SWB Truck. Converting it to a Phantom would not have looked good. Didn’t get White Lightning until 1997. Not sure why, but thoughts of a Phantom just never came up. She would have been sick as a Phantom. Damn I miss that truck !!! The only reason why we are not working on an Audio System at this time is we want to stay focused on the Phantom setup. This is going to have a lot of metal cutting and fabricating, lowering, and Air Ride (front and rear). Gave serious thoughts about a double diamond tilt bed setup with this. You know, old school purposes !!!
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    Nice looking new set of wheels
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    Tuned in. There's something I've always loved about the phantom dually's. There's actually one that got me into audio into the early 2000's 16 12s in a "Pac man" wall. It's still running around. Same setup as the first time I saw it. I saw it last summer for the first time in 10 years or so. Same owner. Still competing! I know no plans for audio for you yet. But I don't care. I dig the wide meats on the phantoms
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    As the Icon is my fav, I prefer not to push past. Haha.
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    whoop whoop sounding louder today
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    Congrats sir. That is big time news!
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    Holy shit. I read that as a dad again. Almost pooped. Congrats Neal.
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    Looks like you have quite the gun collection going.
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    I do half deadlifts like a baby back bitch. You are kind of my hero in your effort, and output and management of life balance. I'm impressed with how much you manage. Keep lifting bro!
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    I will come tattoo all the honeys!
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    I learned a long time ago that an amplifier gain is not a volume control. If you want more volume and the amplifier you have doesn’t put out without jacking the gains, get a stronger amplifier. Simple.
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    I have put together around 20 different layouts. This one I like best so far. Wood, counter top, and finish work on all furniture are NOWHERE near done. Just playing with layouts.
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    Guys, this Dash Mat has got to be one of my BEST purchases for this vehicle. I recommend to all if applicable !!! Makes the Sound, Stage, and Image AMAZING. You can literally tell the difference with this thing on and off !!! A cheap must have for any Audiophile !!! As for the Smiling Thingy on the mirror ??? Its a dad thing. If you are a father, you will understand.
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    Every Work truck needs a Head Ache Rack. This Rack and Box was bought for the 97 Chevy (White Lightning) back when it was new. Was taken off for the Bed Cover / Audio upgrades. Seems to be a perfect Fit on this old Ford. Now I need some Hyper Lights action here !!! Coming Soon guys !!!
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    Just some speaker wire being ran, driver side done the exact same way. No after pictures, I still need to find a way through the molex connectors.
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    Temporary subwoofer amplifier installed, still waiting on other pieces to get here.
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    MODEL -- RE-CONE Price -- FRAME Price X-6.5SW -- $40.00 -- NA (Frame Not Available) ** Single 4 ohm Coil ** v.2 soft parts -- fits v.1 or v.2 models X-8 -- $55.00 -- $15.00 (D2 or D4 coil) ** Options from other X series do not apply ** We can add an additional spider layer for $10 extra EACH layer. X v.1 / v.2 Pricing is the Same -- We do need to know which one you have, though: * We will by DEFAULT use the Mega-Roll v.2 & Brown Spider if you do not specify (v.2 Spec). X-10 -- $115.00 -- $42.00 X-12 -- $120.00 -- $48.00 X-15 -- $130.00 -- $72.00 X-18 (6-Spoke) -- $140.00 -- $50.00 X-18 (New Frame) -- $150.00 -- $95.00 (**) * 18" Use the Standard 6-Spoke Frame w/ a 257mm Spider Adapter; the $50 frame price includes this adapter * D2 and D4 Coils Available (CCAW Round Wire) * Add $20.00 for NS v.3 coil option (D1 or D2) * Any X Series (v.1 or v.2) equipped with the Mega-Roll v.2 surround will use a softer spider of 3-layers that is light brownish in color. ** Any X-18 built with the new 18" frame ALSO gets an automatic upgrade to NS v.3 coil. For the Z v.4 we need to know Rev.1 or Rev.2 spec soft parts (Rev.1 has original Mega-Roll / Yellow Spider -- Rev.2 has Mega-Roll v.2 / Black Spider) -- Pricing is the same : * We will by DEFAULT use the Mega-Roll v.2 & Black Spider if you do not specify. Z v.4 or v.5 10 -- $125.00 -- $42.00 Z v.4 or v.5 12 -- $130.00 -- $48.00 Z v.4 or v.5 15 -- $140.00 -- $72.00 Z v.4 18 (6-Spoke) -- $150.00 -- $50.00 Z v.4 or v.5 18 (New Frame) -- $160.00 -- $95.00 * 18" Use the Standard 6-Spoke Frame w/ a 257mm Spider Adapter; the $50 frame price includes this adapter * D1 and D2 Coils Available * Softer X Spider Available - NO EXTRA CHARGE * Add $10.00 for NS v.3 RED Spider * Add $20.00 for NS v.2 Coil (v.3 does NOT work) * Any Z v.4 series (Rev.1 or Rev.2) equipped with the Mega-Roll v.2 surround will use a softer spider of 4-layers that is black in color. Originally the NS v.3 had the Mega-Roll v.1 & Red Spider -- that is no longer default. * All NS v.3 drop-ins will default to Mega-Roll v.2 & Red Spider if you do not specify -- we need you to SPECIFY if you want the old Mega-Roll v.1 surround. STOCK CONFIGURATION NS v.3 10 -- $135.00 -- $42.00 NS v.3 12 -- $140.00 -- $48.00 NS v.3 15 -- $150.00 -- $72.00 NS v.3 18 (New Frame) -- $170 -- $95.00 * D1 or D2 Coils Available * Softer X or Z v.4 spiders available -- NO EXTRA CHARGE * The standard Red spider pack is used for any NS v.3 with Mega-Roll v.1 or v.2 surround. ---------- TEAM 12" -- $170.00 --$48.00 TEAM 15" -- $180.00 -- $72.00 TEAM 18" -- $215.00 -- $95.00 ** Dual 1.4 , 0.7 , and 0.5 DCR Coils Available ** Built stock with Mega-Roll v.2 surround and 4-layer black linear spider pack ---------- ALL NEW PLATFORM SUBS : ** SPL Cone/Surround Option = $0.00 Extra for 10/12/15/18 (18" on 6-spoke) ** SPL Cone/Surround Option = $10.00 Extra for 18" on New Frame ** SPL Surround is MUCH stiffer - we suggest a black or brown spider. ** SPL Spider Option = $20.00 Extra for 3-layer (standard) ** Add $10.00 for each additional spider layer ** The spider OD will be reduced to the next smaller size (12s get 8 3/8", 15s get 9.25", and 18s get 9.25") when using 3 or more layers. ** The 10” models can only be made with up to 2-layers of the 8 3/8” SPL spider pack. *** NEW : You can add a CARBON FIBER dust cap for $60.00 additional on ANY new platform drop-in kit. It will come blank without a logo.