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    A new side project we have had going for a few months now on the side. At this time, they will only come in our SSA Testarossa red and come fully loaded options wise, as these are meant to be premium units. They have Japanese Koyo bearings for super long life, as well as 6 phase hairpin stators. Some will have billet cases, all will have a machined pulley cover. As of now, the SSA Testarossa's have been selling via word of mouth and at a killer intro period pricing. The first SSA Testarossa is in our family RX330 and has been going really strong since day one. 370 amps. Here are two of the first 25 models:
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    Me and My son has finally found some time to get back at this project !!! ... and got the wheels and tires on just in time for the rain ... our one day to work on this truck and it fucking rains ... The Green Dickle is now a Phantom Dually !!! Work in progress !!! Pictures just don't do this bad bitch justice. This is a fun build !!!
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    I can say I've been there there a few times and don't envy you Neal. LOL
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    I did not take many pictures, but here is one I did of the finished look. Before After
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    2016 Harley Road King, full paint correction and ceramic coated.
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    JNR490 will get you 5% off.
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    Guys believe it or not,I have actually past my 1 year 100% clean sobriety date.lol Not one drop of boze or anything period..Exept cigarettes I need to quit those too..My breathing sux I tried dipping today but I can't stand that crap in my teeth.."And yes even though I am from Tennessee I still have teeth" Nicotine has got to be the most addictve thing there is I believe it surpasses caffeine by far.
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    Front half all wire brushed down. Not bad for living in the rust belt. It will look new when I am done.
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    For a 270amp, early SSAFamily pricing is $495, and a 370amp is $595.
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    I absolutely miss my Avalanche. I hate I let it go. Tuned in Randal.
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    These are what I have dried at home: Nuevo Mexicano (what J was referring to) these are really Anaheim's grown in the Hatch valley of NM Guajillo Ancho Japones Puya Hungarian Paprika Pasilla Poblano Serrano Cayenne Arbol Thai birds eye Habanero Jalapeno
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    I'm absolutely loving the build Randal!! Color, stance, the whole package. Keep the pic's a coming!!
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    Not sure what they are called. They are the whole red dried chili's that come in a bag.
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    My favorite badge. Almost as sexy as cheese.
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    SEXY!! Who cares its a sedan?
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    Beautiful bike! When in doubt, chrome it out! looks like a mirror behind it... oh wait, that’s the 4-runner!
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    You are a mad man. I like it!!
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    Please bring back the Recent Topics section, I thought the forum was down for a while. I used to be able to post pictures from my phone and now I cant. Also the pictures in my build log are gone after the update, do I need to use a hosting site for pictures? Emojis for post dont work either.
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    You're a masochist either way.
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    Yikes, I posted a response within minutes of seeing the original post. It has vaporized or my computer faulted out on the send. Sorry for that. The removable portion is actually self defeating. The whole purpose of a constrained layer is to stick like hell so that it can absorb the energy. That being said, I have never seen deadening devalue and vehicle when applied correctly. That isn't some uber light sports coupe where people strip it of things so it would have no valuation change by having it in there. It should also be 100% hidden so it wouldn't be known anyways. Go for the gusto, do it right and don't look back! Love the 66 btw.