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    Things from the heart I love, material items not at all. Obviously a present could be both but societally it becomes an exercise in panick and compromise yielding pressure to give something that is material in place of something heartfelt. I have received gifts from people on here that are more personal and thoughtful than one could imagine. Those are awesome. So it isn't really I don't like gifts, but I don't like the idea that gifts are necessary on certain days. Out of the blue gifts that have meaning are always welcome and by far the best kind to give.
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    Modulating yes. I meant needs some gas control valve. On off would be stupid. I briefly tried to look to see how Wolf monitors temperature on their griddle and then fires the infrared gas burner to adjust it. Ran out of time, but am interested in seeing Matt move this forward. Btw, my 11 year old asked for permission to build a pizza oven outside just two days ago. Told him he makes a plan he can. Obviously I would help with the plan, but would rather piggyback on Matt's efforts.
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    Married a thick white girl this morning.
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    I'm sorry to hear that Mike. If you need an ear, or if I can somehow help, let me know. I haven't been in your shoes, but I've learned a lot from family going through similar things. J
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    Was an awesome father's day as it was also my youngest son's birthday yesterday. Celebrated his 4th birthday with a visit to my parents, then to my wife's parents. Spent some time at my parents out in the field pushing round hay bales around for a quick workout. Got the younger 2 involved and trying their best. Was awesome. Then to the in law's where we had a "birthday party" for the youngest. Just us, the in law's and the brother in law's family. Lot's of fun, water balloon fight, beer drinking and BBQ. Doesn't get any better.
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    Vinyl/stereo setup! Speakers have built in BT Record player is sitting on top of an Adcom amp currently not in use.
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    Ohio power bar. One great quality, all around versatile bar right there. Will last you your whole life. Once you get the bug on home gym stuff, hold on tight, you will never have a positive bank account again... I've got an "equipment fund" jar on top of my fridge in the garage... If I don't have the cash in the jar for it, I don't buy it. Otherwise, I'd be in some serious trouble with what I want to buy.
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    Don't have a pic of the whole setup but here is my sexy new bar.
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    Built a home gym during the pandemic Holy shit that is a more expensive hobby than audio.
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    So I ordered a Vette. Then Covid. Walked from that too. Bought a hot tub instead and a new backyard.
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    4 Runner is Tacoma based. I do not want a full-frame vehicle. I want unibody construction. This has to ride like a car. As of now, I am down to the Edge Sport or MKX if I can find one under $30K, RX350, Highlander, or MDX.
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    My hate is because I can never fulfill my own definitions for everyone. Trying to is self defeating. I'd rather exclude them always, but then when I give or receive it can be truly memorable which is so much better than doing it over and over again and not hitting the mark.
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    Google constructive and destructive interference.
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    This. 100% agree. I would rather someone just spend time with me for holidays, than buy me "something" just for the sake of giving me a gift. I have this argument with my wife around my birthday and Christmas every year. Her family just wants to see me open "gifts" but never take the time really understand who I am so that the gifts have meaning. It's just what they can fit in their budget.
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    Front battery came stock with an AGM but it was approaching 6 years old and getting low. Finally got around to upgrading it. NorthStar 94R
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    Or Rear Battery Position #2. It goes back in the cubby another 1" - 1.5". Excuse the clutter
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    Rear Battery Position #1 Excuse the clutter.
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    You, sir, need to look in the mirror. You joined a forum just to air a grievance you have with another human being. This is not Facebook and we are not in high school. This does not stand around here. If you want to be childish, do it on another platform. Thanks.
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    I finally got around to removing those two pieces of electrical tape that covered the holes from Hyundai emblem.
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    Just picked up my secondary (trunk) battery box from being covered in bed liner. Now I just need to find some room for back there for this and another amplifier.
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    Crazy how Hyundai made all of the lights LED but three of them, these vanity lights were the last ones needing to be swapped out.
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    Trunk light replaced with Festoon LED bulb from Diode Dynamics. Old bulb on the left in the second picture, new LED bulb on the right. I wanted a Blue LED but they were out of stock.