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    The Wait is over. Just in time for our annual Black Friday SSALE. https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/soundsolutionsaudio/evil/ When your sub bass goal is nothing but supreme, unrestrained performance without compromise, the choice is the SSA Evil. The capabilities of the SSA Evil put it in very exclusive company at the zenith of the marketplace. This is where you look first for the ultimate 'ground pounder' that will not miss or muddy a note. Crisp and clean across the entire frequency range for those demanding outstanding linear performance thanks to an FEA optimized motor. Employing a massive triple stack motor, five sandwiched 10" progressive Nomex spiders, an anodized vented Aluminum former, a huge 4-layer 4" flat wound Aluminum coil and a towering 'Venturi' solid pole, the SSA Evil has the muscle to handle almost anything you can throw at it. The SSA Evil is also a top pick for extreme level SPL and bass-boxing competitors alike, while still having the composure for the elite home audio projects. A versatile monster that will meet the most critical low frequency demands while achieving extreme output levels when called upon. Sonic performance so vicious, it had to be deemed Evil. #SSAEVIL #EVILSUBWOOFERS #EVILINSIDE #ARRIVELOUD #SSA https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/soundsolutionsaudio/evil/
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    Hit a bench pr this afternoon. Managed 1x5 @ 275 lbs, 1x6 @ 275 lbs, 1x5 @ 280 lbs for my top 3 sets. Felt really good too. Not too shabby for a 5' 10" 195 lbs mid thirties father of 3.
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    Happy Thanksgiving guys! Hope you all are able to spend some time with family and friends!
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    Here are some pictures
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    Happy Thanksgiving fella's
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    Lamar Jackson is a fucking machine
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    Cabinets started!! Have everything sliced and diced. Getting ready to break out the biscuit jointer.
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    Tweeters mounted!! They went together fairly smooth. Only needed to trim slightly.
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    I can't recommend any coaxials, but if you want to do components, I highly suggest the Evil 6.5 mids paired with your favorite tweeter.
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    That is one nice dealership then. Most of them are marking vehicles up left and right. Even better if they contract you to do work. J
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    New ride looks really sharp.
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    Looks great but I don't care for the color.
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    Not working. If it's the Voodoo Blue Yota I saw, damn solid work. J
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    Without welding, you're only options are panel adhesive, or mechanical fastening.
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    You may be able to seal the sunroof with butyl rope/tape.
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    We are adding more and more as we get closer to Black Friday. #crSSAy good prices from the #1source for #authorized online car audio.
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    Upgraded my puddle lights on the front doors, looks pretty cool
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    Keep it up. Lol. Not what I was thinking.
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    Don't miss out on this incredible offer to try our new Dual Lock reclosable adhesion accessory for use with all products, even the heavy mass loaded vinyl. https://www.secondskinaudio.com/accessories/dual-lock-reclosable-fastener #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinUSA #SecondSkinAudio #SecondSkin #DualLock
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    Yes, way better at doing stuff. Eats Alexa's lunch too. Siri also doesn't understand as well...at least not my brothers. We compare and laugh all the time. I use Google assistant all day. It dials my phone most of the time...