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    We brought the car home and I was not happy with how they detailed it. So the sucker I am I stripped her down and made her look like this. Started at 6pm and finished a little after 12 and did not get the wheels done yet. They will get done next week.
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    Sadly, at this time, our big stuff is on a production hold as our build house for the Icon/Xcon/Zcon/Evil/Team Evil stopped OEM production with out warning/heads up. So we are in adjustment mode. I working with new build houses to get things sorted out as fast as possible. Luckily, the F8L had already been put into production at a different location, and the Icon was put in production there not long ago. So the good news is, we have the F8L and the Icon on the way to us now. I am working on getting the Xcon and Zcon back into production as soon as we can afford to.
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    A moment before screaming, obnoxious kids ripped the peace away... A calm shot at dusk off the pier behind our house. Excuse the image quality.
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    I'll speak for everyone that supports ssa in saying this. Best of luck. Ssa has some amazing products and all of us would hate to lose you guys.
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    To be honest, the online audio industry as a whole, is going through a big transition. This is cyclical, seems to happen every 5 or so years. Many of the smaller brands that shot up very quickly, are fading away. We are being pushed to the brink, but luckily, we didn't take too much risk and should be able to survive this massive shift. We have new products in the works, but always very limited based off of money.
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    Have a safe and happy memorial day.
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    Try this :https://www.amazon.com/Apple-MD0997M-adapter-connector-iPhone/dp/B007WWII3A/ref=sr_1_31?ie=UTF8&qid=1528117781&sr=8-31&keywords=ipod+30+pin+to+usb
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    Same color as my daughters new car. LOL Is a 2014 that only had 6k miles on her. Was some rich persons ski car.
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    WOW !!! That's Insane !!! Thanks for posting Guys !!!
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    Did you want trashy or classy? Awe fuck it, we’ll shot both of ‘em.
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    looks great. hows the bass?
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    I wondered what was happening. A lot of amps have seemed to dissapear. Larger Korean boards anyways. Ascendant seems to be mia. No subs found whatsoever. I'm not in a hurry at this point so I'll just save more cash up in the mean time. The septic situation seems to be fixed after replacing all of my pipe to the inlet side. Fingers crossed. I really don't want a $10k plus bill to replace my septic tank. Much appreciated Aaron
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    Favorite breed. Pussy hound.
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    The newest member of the house. My daughter decided to go buy a french bulldog. Atleast he is a boy!!
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    I do heavy lifting 3x a day. Sometimes more. Depends on how much i drink but lifting tbe dick is a workout.
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    Small Vid Dylan made for the truck.
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    Not sure how I missed your build log. Looking good and I am jealous of your signed mids and loving that sub box. I asked Aaron to sign my amps in blood but he has not do that yet...
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    Dont know why I didn't think of covering my power wire run from front to back under the hood. Looks much better without the red jacket being visible. I did the trunk power wire as well, excuse the wiring mess at the moment. Distribution blocks are only temporary till larger amp with bigger inputs is ordered. Removed zip ties and covered plastic loom with electrical tape, 2 layers of tape for some extra protection. Then reapplied the zip ties to keep it all in tack.
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    I'm designing my own line of subs and amps.