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    Hi guys I’m back to show you a few pics of my install. Focal es100k in front doors Focal subs under the front seats Soon to be replaced by a pair of midbass. Audison AP 8.9 bit : hard to set up but easy to install in this car. 2 Demons 10” in a 2.6 ft3 ported box. non an Ampere Audio 1200.
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    Basically my Pixel and Google photos has replaced 99% of my SLR shots and Lightroom nearly completely.
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    Bench rest and just pull the trigger. Instant release.
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    That's NOT what she said.
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    It fits....with less than 1.5" to spare
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    What a damn day. Looks like the job shift is happening faster than anticipated. J
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    My wife was home today so I backed the boat in and reorganized the garage. Way faster to back it in, but fuck. 1" on both sides for width and this clearance for front and back makes the butt pucker. Way easier to get out when backed in. Like it when she is home
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    I should add that I don't think I've ever watched a video I've shot. Just kids band concerts and other shit like that. More for later in life. I do take a lot of pictures though, but really like the Google photo integration.
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    Ok it's been a minute. Got a set of components ordered (critical mass) . Got a JL audio mini dsp ordered (86 I believe?) And no clue how to set it up but its ordered through my buddys shop and he knows what hes doing But I'm gonna learn. Still torn on what sub to run. Thinking a single 12 or 15, possibly even a set of beefy 8's? And no amps as of yet. Waiting on synergy to drop their 5 channel. Specs are supposed to be 150x4 and 1500x1
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    My builder was at finals this weekend so the box progress slowed down some towards the middle of last week. Today it received body work and was sanded so it's prepared for bed liner. Enclosure will be covered in bed liner to match the battery box already in the trunk. The port will be painted white and hopefully it will pop with the blue LED trunk light.
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    A little shot at both of the horns installed.
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    Driver's side is now complete as well.
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    One Eric Stevens HLCD mounted and installed. Still some small things to do but 95% done. Excuse the dirty floor mats.
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    Brand new, only taken out of the box for pictures. $200 shipped UPS ground to your door in the Continental US. If you are out of this area please contact me for a shipping quote.
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    It would just need to be called iPixel and they'd love it.
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    Speaking of new toys. I'm taking on a new form of transportation and I'm stoked. I'm jumping into the developing world of electric unicycles. A couple of my friends have them and use them like crazy. Huge learning curve but after you get it, as my friend puts it, anything you can do standing up, you can do on your ewheel. Riding it feels like you are in the future. Pretty cool technology too. Essentially, the gyroscope senses wheel when you move front and back and the motor powers up to catch you. My particular model is capable of 30 mph and 60 mi range. Some models can go 45 mph!?!?
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    That's a fucking rough one man. Normally I would advocate for things to make any other entry point painful as hell; but here prevention is the key solution. Got any out of work buddies with more time than cash that you trust? Pay em a bit of cash to be there at times. Might make a nice deterrent. J
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    That's a shitty situation to be in man. Sorry that someone is that hellbent on wrecking your life. Hopefully you can find a solution. And reinforce all of your entry points. I definitely agree with the concept of, make it too noisy and obvious to be worth trying. This is what stops them most of the time. If they think it's too likely they'll be caught they move on. Although it sounds like in your situation it's very directed and not random. Have you looked at bowley locks? https://www.bowleylockcompany.com/store/p11/Bowley_Lock_Grade_3.html These are designed to prevent bumping/picking/raking.
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    Extremely... Good thing I made a sheet metal brake when fixing the Miata. I had to fabricate and replace: sill corner, small section of the floor, inner braces and inner sill and by hand they would've ended up looking like shit. Excellent activities to pair with the sleeping schedule of a newborn
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    Borrow an attack dog.
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    Exactly why a luxury variant of the Mazda would be the bomb. I am getting soft as I get older. Buy something disposable. Headlamps are as exciting to me as camp stoves. The only two times I ever use one are cooking in the dark and fileting fish in the dark. Other than that learn to let your eyes adjust. That being said I camp where RV's can't go so that there are no extraneous lights as that ruins the camping experience IMO. One critical feature of all headlamps is a red light mode. It is huge at keeping your eyes in tune with nature. Blue white SUCKS donkey dick.
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    Your question is too vague and impossible to answer. Actually, I bet I could get both hooked up back to back and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two. Both are superb drivers, and I personally would choose the Gcon, but my opinion is biased. The Gcon also has a displacement advantage.
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    For as cheap as their cars are, the interiors are stupid nice! I miss my 6.