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    Surprise visit from Jared ftw!
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    Thank you again for the hospitality and good time guys! Much love.
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    The 3 musketeers were seen meeting in MapleHood. It was an adventure that I didn't know I needed and got to spend my time bitching to good people. Much fun. Porthos left at 11 or so.
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    I've had these speakers sitting around for *literally* a decade, finally decided to actually build them into something MTM using Exodus Anarchy and Seas 27TDFC. Enclosure is 2cuft tune to 35hz. They should dig down to 30hz with ease, so we'll see if I add a sub or not. The baffle will be removable so that I can easily access the crossover, reuse the enclosure with different speakers or reuse these speakers in a new enclosure. I had debated on active vs passive but I'd done active in a car for years. I've never designed passives from scratch since I didnt play too much in HA/HT, so it's an experience I'd like to try. I'm intrigued by the combination of art and science that goes into the design of a passive network. My audio skillz are a bit rusty, so the task is a bit daunting. But I'm relearning pretty quickly...I think? Every DIY project needs a name, right? Decided to call these 7empest. Why? Well, primarily because TOOL is the most badass fucking band ever. If you don't understand the reference GTFO my thread (no, seriously....go). It works because the Anarchys are 7" drivers, and what does a tempest cause? Anarchy. See. It works. My woodworking skills leave a lot to be desired. Right now as long as these are simply functional I'll be happy. Baffles turned out nice though About the only thing that's gone right so far. This is where we're currently at.
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    Agreed completey. Just wish I would have been myself. The past few weeks have sapped me so bad. I should have brought a tent...that would have helped as I could have relaxed better. Driving the big ugly home in doctored state isn't a good idea.
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    I didn't know I needed a visit. Been so sick and tired. Having such good people around really made me feel worthwhile. Wish I was a more prepared host, but boy did we have a good time. Thanks for accepting my makeshift hospitality at the hot mess house. Nice to complain in person! Lol
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    Amp mounted to the box using neoprene vibration pads between amp and amp board. Also have some washer style vibration feet between the amp board and sub enclosure.
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    Some day I will get my Coonan.
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    Never to late. It would be a hoot to go shoot sometime!
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    You work hard all year long. So let's celebrate this Labor Day with an A+ extravaganza on Second Skin materials. Use LABOR20 to get 20% off your order this weekend only! And as always, we’ll cover the shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. Step 1: Snag some Second Skin sound deadening. Step 2: Smile Step 3: Get back to enjoying BBQ and good times with friends and family!! WWW.SECONDSKINAUDIO.COM
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    I thought about ditching the Seas and just going with the Apollo's, but I wanted to try my hand at designing the network. Who knows, this may turn out to be an epic fail and I'll go that route instead Just placed my PE order for my binding post terminals, a couple caps, T nuts and a few other things. Should arrive in just a couple days, so the cabinets should be in a position to start running FR sweeps this weekend or 1st of next week. I may need a bit of help from Sean when I get to that point. It's been a minute LOL I also learned that if you drop some items in your cart @ PE and leave them there without checking out, PE will email you a coupon for 10% off after a day or so
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    So what I'm gathering is the DC looks cooler than the Kenwood? I mean obviously aesthetics play a huge role, so if you simply like one for it's looks and the specs are similar, by all means, go with the one you find more visually appealing. As for the crossovers, I would always choose active over passive if you have both available. Active is done electronically and often before the signal is amplified, so it tends to yield a "better" response. Passive, IMO, I would never mess with in-car because it's far too daunting, and just an art form that takes years to master and that mastery is lost in the automotive environment.
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    There's no such thing as a "competition" amp. It's just marketing jargon. There's not a soul on this forum that will suggest you buy anything from skar. Personally, I would have kept the Kenwood. Damn fine amp. There's nothing wrong with name brand big box stuff. In fact, it's more likely to have a higher resale value. If you mention the name Wolfram, or DC Audio, chances are you will find very few people whom have heard of them before. Not the same can be said for Kenwood. Just my $.02.
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    Love the name, can't wait to hear your reactions.
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    Way to teach the kids about shooting early. The earlier the better.
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    Did I ever share this cover? I love it. I've been on a music kick. From barenaked ladies to Pantera so far. And some soul of course.
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    Yup, it's Gavin. He is on a skeet and trap club for the past two years. That's how I got interested in the sporting clays.