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    The guys were playing around with some center console ideas.
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    Pre-Order should be open in about two weeks on our all new SSA ICON Series Amplifiers! IC2200.1 & IC150.4 Estimated shipping is middle of May at the moment. #ArriveLoud *We will be adding specs and details in the next few days, please check back for updates. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/categories/amps/shop-by-brand/sound-solutions-audio.html
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    I'm going to be an uncle again!
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    So after a very long hiatus from this site, I wanted to post some updated pics of where Im at currently. Originally I started out with a couple pioneer shallow mounted subs, which were great. But always left me wondering what more I could get, so I found SSA and picked up a single 15" Xcon. I absolutely loved it. Except it was in a huge rear firing ported enclosure. Then I started having kids, and the need for my cargo space forced me back to a shallow mount option using two Sundown SD3 12"s. Again, this left me wondering "what more?". Anyways, after I bought my first Xcon I loved it so much I bought a second. But I just never had the opportunity, until now....8ft^3 Not completely finished and also added some A pillars and was able to fit some 10"s in the doors! (HAT L3v2 & Dynaudio MW182) Initial impressions... Holy Shit. Now I hate my sunroof.
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    I just kicked off production.
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    Then we got busy.
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    Pain in the butt! Good news, I got my XS Power Superbanks today These are the distribution blocks that I will be using on each one.
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    I was concerned that the magnet might hit the bottom of the enclosure. This was a difficult dimension to guessetimate! I was thinking about using 4" coil woofers, I am glad that I didn't because they would not have fit. I had to alter my port. I was going to use a port that was 20x6", now I am using 22x5.5", it fits better. I am also using 1/2" MDF for the port, not 3/4" plywood like the rest of the enclosure. I am almost ready for fiberglass and paint. I have to finish the port and modify the center brace.
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    I am very happy with the swap. They(Evils) don't have as much output from 80hz and down as the Seas, but the xcons play so flat that they blend well enough to hide it. 100hz and up and they start to have noticeably more output, especially above ~500hz. Detail and clarity seems to be on par with the Seas.
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    We would love to earn your business, give us a call with any questions you may have. 443-345-1537 9-5 EST
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    Guess I need to get some bar stools made.
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    Name will be finalized shortly, as will specs, price and availability, so if you ask any of those questions I don't have an answer just yet. This is long over due, as we have needed an 8" sub for a decade now. Those of you who have been along for the ride, might remember we had a Dcon8 built 9 years ago, but production never happened due to cost of making it here in the USA. Production has not been kicked off yet, but we are VERY close. Some minor changes inside (unable to be seen from photos below) are being made to the design before we kick off. I am very pleased from the performance of the prototype and the output is very strong for an 8. It is a lower Qts. sub and really is surprising in a ported enclosure, while still being well behaved sealed. This is moving to an overhung, 2.5" copper coil, with a shorting ring.. Will be available in D2/D4, and an Fs right around 32.1hz. The sonic goal, (sound signature) was to have some of the warmth of the Icon, mixed with the crispness of the current Gcon. I feel, it is very close to that target. Currently, it is getting fed by the SSA prototype IC2200.1 @ 4 ohms mono (roughly 700+ watts). The 8 blends quite well with the Evil6.5's, and is not at all sweating the power being sent. Yes, the market segment that it is going to end up in is currently pretty packed, and this is not a revolutionary design, but it will be an extremely competitive driver in the top of the 8" cone 2.5" coil sub market, that is right on par with our current models and the sound is excellent, even to my picky ears. I am very excited to get these rolling and available by the end of spring. A little TBT link, the original Dcon8, it is on the far right in this photo:
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    Im not the only one who gets super exicted to see this in the update list with nems logo next to it am i? Prob not because you know its sexy pics time. Sometimes i go outside just to look at em cause i feel like its cheating......on my truck.
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    Before polishing begins, a thorough inspection of the paint is performed using various lights and a paint depth gauge to assess the condition of the paint and look for defects. In my opinion, what makes a true professional detailer is someone who has the tools and knowledge to fully assess a vehicles paint, use that info to correct paint defects, and at the same time leave as much clear coat as possible. This paint depth gauge allows me to accurately assess the current condition and history of the paint. These readings will tell me if there are any areas where the clear coat is thin (due to heavy sanding/compounding or even sprayed at the factory) and to be very cautious working that area or avoid alltogether. It will also indicate if a spot or panel has been repaired/repainted which may react differently to the correction process used on the rest of the vehicle. So why am I even bothering using it on a brand new vehicle that the owner has never had detailed? Well, I believe you can never be too cautious and repairs DO happen to brand new vehicles at dealerships. Mark only has one tool box... like a damn mirror!
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    So after a long time of admiring and contemplating the ssa evil, I was pleastly surprised that they offer it in 12" now. Did a lot of question asking, researching and lucky for me the tax sale started , so I finally went ahead and purchased two and a pair of the evil Mids. Because of the build time it gives me time to stack up some money for an amp to push it. Ive tried searching for info on these but there's not that many info I was able to find on the 12s and on the mids. So I'll be sure to get some vids up and post my experience with it to help any future bass heads who wanna know more about these. Can't wait, it was a hard decision between these and the fi sp4v2. But honestly if I didn't show off those sexy magnets, the fi would've lost that wow factor, well atleast for me. Because they seem so similar, that cool magnet is what set them apart in my eyes. But I do hope that I get to experience at least half of the hype people put on ssa products . First ssa product , very excited. **Oh,this is going in a Jeep Wrangler jku if anyone was wondering. Ported to spec. Trying to get loud ,ground pounder, move some air etc etc.
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    Some goodies arrived this week.
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    I decided to remove the carpet on the trunk. The type of carpet that I used was very difficult to clean. I also ran 4 runs of 1/0 wire to the trunk. You can see the wire on the left side of the picture. I carpeted the external section of the port. I was not able to take a good picture of it. From a previous build log and currently installed, the h/u and H800 controller....
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    Checka checka check it out, port is almost ready for paint!
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    They treat me great. Answer my phone calls, texts, and emails. Try this one if you haven't. Support@ficaraudio.com You should get a reply with in 24 hours. Maybe check your junk folder also.
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    Morning RK, If you would like to try/have an JL Audio Clean sweep I have one of those you can have. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-qvIxLKXiJNc/p_136441DSP/JL-Audio-CL441dsp-CleanSweep.html I was going to use it to integrate with my Ford escape so I could retain my steeringwheel controls and sync functions also. Long story short I ended up just installing a double din head unit. I don't mind giving it away as when I was younger car audio peaked my interest and from it I learned all about electrical, like power, AC/DC watts, ohm (resistance), capacity (batteries and caps) and now Im a system integrator all because of car audio! so I wouldn't mind helping out! if you would like it drop me a PM w/ your address and I will send it out soon
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    Welcome ! I would get the Xcon. Or a second Icon 12. Why not? Think about it.
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    Yeah, I will probably leave them alone. The black looks good, but the contrast of beige/black stands out while driving and can be slightly distracting. Definitely took some getting use to. I am using an e3io CarPC via Optical to a Mosconi 6to8v8 dsp.
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    I have not seen an official date yet. Aaron said they should be shipping soon, so definitely plan on a few more weeks until they are available to purchase. Also they will not be offered in a component set with a crossover. They are available as "raw" drivers. You can use your amplifiers crossovers to create the filters needed for each driver.
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    As well as a sign for Neal's Pirate bar.
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    Sky Reflection in the hood.
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    New shocks are in route to replace these on the hinges.
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    2 rear pods done and they dig pretty sweet. As things loosen up they should only sound sweeter. Total sealed volume is just under .5 cubes.
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    Ive ran both. Both in the 15 and 12 inch sizes. Youll be happy with the EVIL. Its no joke. The Evil has WAY more motor force than the SP4 v1 and v2. Great driver, both are, but youll really like the evil. The EVIL 12 with a legit 10" spider, sexy Ti basket (my favorite basket), big, bullet proof 4'' coil,... ya dude, not many on the planet with love like that. Youll dig. I just played around with some 12" EVILS, and SP4 v1's, (identical to the v2 T/S wise) and then ran 2 12" team fi 12's for a season in a trunk build. All on a Ampere Audio TFHE 9.0. Both the evil and team where my favorite 12 ive ever ran. And ive ran a couple, from old school to these. I didnt get much play time with the evil (or sp4) but, trust me, its a fine fine driver. Youll dig. Keep us up to date on progress.
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    Moving forward.... Brakes and Torsen should be here Monday.
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    Box is almost built. After all displacements it will be 1.42 cubes tuned to 32Hz. Only picture I remembered to take. I will get more.
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    Good choice ! You should be loud, and sound good too !
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    I personally would put the amps in the well and the box up against the back seat. Only because it maintains the use of the car in its most natural state...but that is only because of my complex of not wanting to set stuff on my sub box.
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    I have a set in ported enclosures which Bill did listen to. Mine are tuned around 66-67 hz, I also have a set in my 4runner IB. Both applications sound very good. Also with a little top end eq the evil sounds very good full range to.
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    The Evil mids can already do decent midbass duty in IB. However, if they respond in a ported enclosure the same way the woofers for my Bravox CS603CF component set did then I would HIGHLY recommend it! Like the woofers in my component set the Evil mids are xmax limited. When I was testing mine I was able to move them into the realm of over excursion and heard the coil former lightly find the back plate on a few occasions. The ported enclosures are .5cuft and tuned to 65hz. They allow the Bravox woofers to play very solid down to around 45hz (thanks to the DSP and the crossover controls available within) making it so every drum beat, bass guitar riff, and anything else that falls within its frequency range is felt every bit as much as heard. We ran it without a subwoofer for nearly a year because it didn't really need one on most material that we played. I have plans to drop the Evils in the doors to see how they perform in that alignment but I've not been able to get around to that work just yet. I would still highly recommend at least building a quick temporary enclosure just to test them out and see how you/him like them in a ported enclosure.
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    Under carriage shots.
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    Waiting on some stuff to be wrapped, some pics from today's detail:
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    Xcon 10" next to a MTX 10"
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    I remember back when JL was beginning. They were much akin to SSA. A fact that makes it even more impressive is they didn't have the internet back then to grow their business. Everything was word of mouth and the small amount of advertising in magazines. They've always had great products, always will. I would snatch a brand new driver at that price point no matter the opposition. The best thing about the W7 is it's resale value. You can buy that driver, use it for a couple years or more and sell it for the same $400 you paid for it. Simple economics wins here. Now the beauty about SSA is the personal one-on-one support and detail. YOu can't call and talk to Manville anymore, but I can tell you he is just as enthusiastic as Aaron and Mark. The small internet brands allow us to have more of a relationship with our vendors and get some awesome technical support at drastically reduced prices. You never know; one day we could be comparing a mainstream SSA driver to a small internet brand. I can recall a short while ago a company by the name of Resonant Engineering which was a small internet manufacturer.
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    Welcome to the forum ! If you need 25 comments to post, do you think you can sell before that ! Good luck.
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    1400rms @ 2ohm vs 2000rms @ 1ohm, would be splitting hairs. Not to mention the amp would run more efficient at 2ohm, with less chance of any [more] strain on your electrical. You gain the extra 12" cone surface, while not risking electrical. Thats my $.02
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    EVERYTHING HOOKED UP It plays finally, and I love it !
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    I'll get it started, even though it's a repoast: