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    2013 Chevy polished up real nice!
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    I HIGHLY recommend the SSA Bassshades! They're miraculous!
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    Finally acquired all part for the Nissan lift!! Stating on the rear hopefull in the next couple dayz! Going to need to break out a bigger table to photo the front end parts. lol
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    I suck at pictures when I get busy.
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    I love dogs, always have. They have never left me, hurt me, lied to me, hit me, only love and licks. (yes some accidents)
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    Part of the reason I don't have a dog is I don't want to see anyone age and fail around me. Sorry mang.
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    I've never been upset at the loss of a pet. I'm not sure I'm capable of being emotionally attached to an animal. Suck for YOUR buddy though. How old is he? Our yard dog at work is a 13-year-old German Shepherd. Up until a couple months ago she was vibrant and loved to play. Now, all she wants to do is sleep. It's odd, but I think she's depressed.
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    Sorry to hear about Jack.
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    On the plus side, decals are slowly selling more by the week. I need to squeek out some time for creating new designs though. J
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    I would like to publicly announce my hatred for MS Project. Aside from not being available for Mac, the usability of it is shit, tutorials are convoluted, and being thrown into using it with no 'training' besides shitty online videos is fucking useless. J
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    There is a lot of knowledge here. I am sure someone can help.
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    I know, but I can pick and choose who I do it for and not feel bad about it. I live in a tough area to get half of what my work is worth.
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    Damn mirrored finish on that. Awesome work sir. The meticulous attention shines! Well done.
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    The owner thought it was black, but after I was done it was more metallic grey.
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    On the other hand got my boss to come through with a sweet work bonus!!
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    Annikya took off for Mexico yesterday. They are driving there. First trip into the world on her own. Dad had to take a few deep breaths.
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    Ha. We booked to Michelin experiences. Good for the boys
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    Love these pictures.
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    Box build has begun.
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    As it goes SSA brings out another speaker and my wife bought me some. She does not realize my audio addiction, but I do have a corner in the garage with lots of goodies. This time around I am going to be running the new Demon sub, 4 to be exact in a sealed box 26"x38"x10.5" for a total after all displacments 4.10 cubes. These will be powered with the SSA IC2200.1 running @ .5 ohm, never have too much power. Here is the line up with an OG Dcon.
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    So I ended up ordering some drivers after talking to an old friend who owned a shop many years ago. I went with SWS 12s from Earthquake. Hopefully I can get an enclosure fabbed up next weekend and give them a thrashing, but pics will have to suffice for now. Here they are next to the Evil mids. identical mounting depths. And next to an OG Gcon12