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    Here’s a pic of the truck
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    I will say more when closer and all details finalized, but simply my goal was to improve on the Gcon. Well, that is not quite what happened. As I believe it was @altoncustomtech who figured out early on that the previous Gcon was a different take on the original Icon. It was essentially a 90% Gen 1 Icon, just with a different name, keeping in mind our last Icon was about a 150% Gen 1 Icon. That being said, the Gcon was one of our all time best selling subs as it sat right in the sweet spot of performance and price and that people really just loved it, it was a perfect pairing to the Icon at the time and had a great run. a very straight forward design that landed just right. Sadly, we didn't make profit off of the Gcon. It was a break even effort at best. Many who have not run a business don't realize how much is taken out of a mark up on a product when it comes to shipping, taxes, fees, materials, overhead, customer service, marketing, monthly expenses just to keep the websites running, in addition to all the fees taken from each order for transactions etc. etc. No one really knew, but all this time the Gcon (and Dcon for that matter) were kind of a labor of love. We held on to both models here in the USA as long as we could. We were very lucky to have that level of subwoofer still made in the USA. But sadly, it was a poor money move to keep the Dcon and Gcon made in the USA. The market is in a massive race to zero and too many people who have no real background in audio, or experience in it, or have any respect for it, and are seeing it as a quick money opportunity. I just deleted a long rant, but the race to zero is responsible for the downturn in the USA production, which effectively put an end to the Dcon, Gcon, and... well.... Each one of these models you become attached to as they have been apart of your life for a long time and they start to feel like players on my soccer teams I coach. It's very tough to lose one. Again, I have rambled on too much. Back on point, the goal was to build upon the much loved Gcon and make it be a smart business move for once. As I said above, that is not quite what happened. The pile of missed on prototypes at my place is getting nuts, and no, not selling them. Anyway, on paper and by ear, prototyping started out ok. Wasn't super happy with the low end extension and it was missing that warmth and smoothness across the range that has always been a signature to our subs (including the little brute F8L). But wow, did that one peak so much harder than planned, if I was ever to go back and do a modestly priced numbers sub that can play daily, I have one in the kitty. Moving on, a few parts changed, motor design changed, coil adjustments etc. Didn't like the specs. Got some outside help from an ole friend in VA who has had a long history with us and built a lot of our stuff, and things changed again. Motor really gained some size, surround larger, different cooling, longer coil. I am sure you can gather by now what had happened. All the while my goal was to remake and release a Gcon replacement. This had surpassed that somewhere in the middle of the process as I think I got a little carried away. As we have been running with this alphanumeric system of naming (outside of the Evil of course), and I felt it had gone well past the "G" slot in the line up. So "H" names started getting tossed around, my favorite was Hades (greek mythology, god of the underworld, from the depths below, riches from the soil, also called Pluto (my pups name)), this thing is a stout 3" coil sub, 12-spoke etc. all traits shared with Gcon and Icon for example, so you can see how fitting the Hades name is, we also considered putting it in the F8L line, but it just doesn't fit and is not related to the F8L at all. It was some work to launch a new model name in the F8L, luckily the name was just right and people have loved it right from the get go. (More are on the way before anyone asks). While all of this was happening, we held out hope for another missing model to return made here in the USA. After a long lay off of production of subwoofers when at one time, we only had the F8L available (very scary to think about looking back), the Xcon, Zcon, Evil were all overhauled and a new halo sub was introduced, the Team Evil. I am sure, based on the sheer amount of questions I continue to get, that many have noticed the Icon didn't return with its bigger brothers. During this time, there was a little effort to try to redesign the Icon to build upon the existing model while still being an Icon and still making it worth the time for both us and our build house. When I was just out at CES, I spent some time at our build house and tried to hash out a feasible option to make the Icon work here in the USA. No luck. With the capabilities of the build house and the money we don't have, it was looking not so good. With my internal designation of "Gcon replacement" (ala Porsche 996, and knowing it couldn't be called Gcon due to so many changes), we decided to award this with the SSA Icon name! Our longest running model name, 11 years now. I could not let the Icon go away, it is a fixture of SSA and has been the heart of the line up since day 1. What we have in production now is a very stout, heavy abuse tested, smooth response, warm low end sub that takes rated power with great ease. I prefers slightly smaller boxes than that of the older versions, in addition it is a pinch more numbers friendly. We are keeping the rating at 1250w rms. If you want an easy way to get to know this new model, think of it as a slightly smaller version of the NEW Xcon, more so than a tuned up older Icon. As for my comment above about merging two model lines, well, that might be confusing. The internal designation of Dcon replacement had a similar road. But, I think it will possibly be the merging of what was the Dcon and Gcon slots, but we will see. I will get more into that later, as the prototyping stage is done, now it is onto get the funding. I do apologize for not releasing more info sooner, but so much was influx and impossible to give concrete news until now and I have so many projects in the works at once. Due to funding limitations, the Icon is returning in a 12" size first, then followed by 10's and 15's depending on demand and funding. Hopefully that all makes sense and is good news.
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    A lot has been said, but don't forget about connections. Poor connections are the number one source of heat due to increased resistance. This can be as simple as a loose screw, poorly crimped terminal, or a bad solder joint. Always use the proper tools and techniques and re-check your connections often. Keep in mind, you have so many dissimilar metals and this is THE recipe for corrosion.
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    Hey guys manzkea back at it again! Lol. Finally got some equipment in. Excited to finally get this project I’ve had in mind for a while rolling . Gonna attempt a blow through in my single cab 2001 ford ranger long bed. Gonna make pods for the doors to house the 6.5s and replace the stock one with a 6.5 or if possible an 8” driver. All powered off the ssa ic150.4. As for subs I’ll be using a 15” sp4 v2 I got from a friend for a deal. A taramps 5k will be used to push it. Unfortunately the evil mids I wanted was unavailable in 4ohms. So I went with these prvs. Well I’ll I’ll be updating this as I get it going. Possibly next week or so, really busy with work at the moment. Well here’s a pic of some goodies the mail man dropped off. Cheee. Btw got something extra special in those two ssa looking boxes behind the ranger gear. But that’s on the back burner at the moment.
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    Deadener came in so I got started on that. Decreased the areas I applied it. I even foamed some of the parts I could lay deadener. Just for some more support I’m sure I’ll get when I install my sub. Also since I removed everything I painted the panels black.
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    When the F8L 8" subwoofer first was announced, I knew I had to try one right away. I asked my good friend Bruce (wrench guy) for some help building this enclosure. We went with the recommendations that SSA lists on the website: 0.55 cubes @ 31hz (after displacement) Mounting Depth: 6.5" The plan was for this box to be able to be moved from vehicle to vehicle for testing purposes. I would also like to bring it inside and hooked up to my home stereo for music purposes. So the boxed had to be light (birch) and is painted with bed liner material for durability.
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    I got the 4 Focals installed ( I'll take pics once the pie plate snow flakes stop falling) if I had a chance to listen to both the Audiofrogs and the Focals before I purchased I would have picked the Focals ...they sound deeper , handle more power , better output and are more ridgid on the note separation .. the cones on the Focals are VERY acoustically dead , they dampen extremely well ... they have a unique sound to them
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    Resistance=Heat The question really is how long? How long will a low note being played at full tilt CONTINUALLY take to overheat the amplifier internals. How long will said amp last in such conditions. Not very, and that's why comp guys are rough on amp's. On the other hand, music is dynamic. The amplifier will not see those conditions. Also you are only moving the hot spot to the next weakest link, which is the alternator. That's why comp guys be running 4+ of them. Heat (resistance) is an electrical device's worst enemy. For every 10 degrees Celsius the life span of the internal components is cut in half. I can only imagine how much you are shortening the lifespan of your amplifiers with the way you have it wired now. If you want to be real technical, the electrician rule of thumb is only run wiring to 80% of its rating. So figure out how long your run of wire is and add 20% to the total amp rating for comfort... If you want to get technical.
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    Working on the tweeter pods for the evil 1s
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    More pictures for fun.
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    The second run of wire allows more amperage/current to pass from one point to the other. Its called ohm's law and is a simple triangulation between volts=amps=watts. 12,000 watts/12 volts= 1000 amps. @14.4 volts you get 833 amps being drawn. As you see more of one unit directly results in less of the other. Same thing that occurs in an amplifier when presented an 8 ohm load instead of a 4 ohm. half the ohms, twice the current available on the same voltage! Now we go to a wire gauge rating chart. 1/0 ga. is rated for 250 amps up to 12' distance. Being you have 2 batteries and the one is hooked directly to the amplifiers, you can cut the amp draw in half. So if your run is 12' or under you should be perfect with a second run of 1/0. If you were competing you would want the alternator to produce the 833 amps @14.4v, and would need wire rated to pass that amount from alternator all the way back. For a daily this is not necessary. Let me put it this way, if your alt is only rated at 250 amp's there is no need to run a bigger than 1/0 wire from it to the battery(s). What you are trying to accomplish is move the alternator + front battery current to the rear.
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    Slight twist in the overall planning. We were so impressed with the end result, we might be merging two model lines and moving to very competitive pricing.
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    Center console is finished.
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    I designed Aaron's sleeve for him, but another gentleman did the work back east. Jordan's doing good. He just got fired for calling a customer a dumb cunt, otherwise good.
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    Best design of the Icon to date. 1000 -1500rms daily on a well designed enclosure. Stay with the 1cf for the 10" net. Actually ran 2300rms on a 15" for over a year with not one issue. Truck engine died and sub still lives on!
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    I just got this beast a few weeks ago.
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    Ten years later, this still stands. Any reviews you guys have from your experience with the products we carry will be a nice help. I am tempted to do a barter system, reviews in trade for a little SSA Store credit.
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    You could have cancellation issues, but you will only be able to find this out via measurements. The issue here is once you load the enclosure and driver into the vehicle, the cabin becomes another air spring on the driver. When you open a window or door, the pressure is reduced or relieved and the driver can move further, which means more air is excited which means more boom boom. Some systems are just so ridiculous, that they overcome this affect with sheer power. It's akin to overcoming speed limited drag by increasing power.
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    Hey Jared snapped some pictures today for ya..Remember my camera on my phone is garbage so probably not the best quality..Was in the area earlier..
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    My astro had no difference with door open or door closed. The 8 18 icons in the 4th order. Thing was a freak of nature.
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    I agree. Sounds like his mind was made up before starting this thread.
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    Forsure should look into an ssa sub. I would never look at a sundown sub if ssa was an option
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    Sick build. And no wonder there’s a back order on the evil mids lol
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    Technically, every enclosure becomes a "bandpass" application when loaded into a vehicle, as you have another air chamber acting on the front of the driver, and if vented, it's also acting on the vent. In the case of the blowthrough, the blowthrough itself, if not large enough, needs to be treat as a vent. You either need measurement equipment, or trial and error to find what will work "best."
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    This mornings fun. I started over with new birch plywood for my .8 cu enclosures. As the last wood was leftover scraps that was deemed unfit. I'm much happier with this batch. Although the Lowes birch was shit, so far from perfect. Good enough for the girls I live with anyways! All the biscuit joints plunged in!! Now time to bust out Mikey!s router and blast some holes!!
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    There is a big explosion of 4th orders and 6th orders as of late. Much of it is coming from cone area needs and the goal of having a hard peak in a small window (or bandpass). Many of these guys are doing it for demos. Some though are doing mega numbers as they are reaching different levels we did when we were doing this 20 years ago. With many magnitudes more motor force and 10x the power with ease, they are pushing limits I wasn't close to reaching. So a few guys I know are doing it also for a physical loading wall to help mechanical handling as thermal capacity of subs today are worlds greater than what they used to be. We had a guy out of Illinois/Florida, do a 6th order with 6 Zcon 15's. I was very impressed by the range of the enclosure. Yes, it was over 157db I think when full tilt, but the sound and smoothness in transition was better than the 4th orders at that same show.
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    "Sorry hon :opens beer: have to wait for the batteries. I'm glad we saved the money on the tools too, more beer money." I see what you did there. Lol
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    Yes it is. That hawaii weather.
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    Got my pods going. Came out larger then I anticipated but oh well. Gotta take a pic of the final product. I’m using a textured coating I got from parts express. I’m liking it.
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    The 15's will be coming down the pipe as funding allows. I try to do some news updates for SSA on our occasional Instagram live that we do from time to time.
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    True that!! Lmao, jamming to stuff we wouldn't even consider today.... Speaking of...might be time for a Funky Pup mention....lol
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    I thought about the $$$ and even said to myself " this is stupid " but I heard the Focal #6 kit with cross block and it was just unreal ... this #7 kit should be Just sick i never would have gone FOCAL subs if it wasn't for the Audiofrogs committing suicide .... it was a domino effect just waiting for the snow to lay off so I can start the pillar pods for the utopia mids and tweets , the enclosure needs cosmetics and the wiring in this system is a cluster fk of colors from my last 3 systems so it's getting a complete re wire The amp rack needs some fiberglassing around the cooling fans
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    Andyz get rid of the sundown. Pick up a zcon and all your problems will diminish. Sundown is made for the ugly scene of low and throw. If you are any kind of an audio head than sundown wont take you there. If you want to hear quality reporduction of your bass and get the most out of your money then zcon or evil will take you there. I have had every subwoofer from ssa and you cant go wrong with any choice. I currently own 4 Fi team 18s so my suggestion for ssa is not a complete bias one. But ill say this I only run Fi or SSA. The quality of both product and customer service is astounding.
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    these subs are really starting to impress me , very punchy . tight and accurate with the combination of subs and amp this is the best sounding bass I have had in a while... VERY HAPPY my component set showed up this morning....... if they sound as good as the subs I'm in for a treat these things are going to be bi amped with a pair of Soundstream REF2.640's thru the crossblock
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    Man its hitin crazy low . You can feel down to 20 hz pretty hard
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    Update from finals this weekend. Ride went great. Much better than last year. Weather was pucking great. We had 8 or so rigs with us, which, was rad as shit. We got to Reno, just at the mouth of that shitty Donners pass. I sent a text out, saying how great it was all going, and how it dont get much better than this. Guess i fucked it up, because right at the mouth of the canyon, one rig broke. We where already a 3rd the way up when we got the news, and there is like zero turn around points. We all met up top, and talked together, with the man down on the phone as well. I was in a car following the big rigs, so, me being with the easiest rig to drive, drove back down to get him. We got a tow truck to get the broke rig to Sky High headquarters. Jon Rabe, we OWE you big time. He let us drag it there, said "you can leave it as long as you want bro". So choice, and thank god, with out that, i dunno what we woulda done. Anyway, got that all sorted, then met everyone at the hotel late PM. Dragging some serious ass. Got a bite, and pounded a few drinks and hit the hay. No one slept well lol. Nerves where a tad rattled and on edge. We got to the venue, and got set up, got the alt belt on to run all 4, voltage checks, gain double checks, went down our list. Went smooth. We then sat in the corner, and debated running 159.99 bass race. It is a pretty known fact that Steve Mick has that on lock, and has for years. The talk was about losing the window. If the windshield goes, all shots of getting a fine score in psyclone LOW AND LOUD goes right out the window.,, choice was made to bail outta that, and just for fun, do 149.99 knowing that is STACKED as fuck. So,.. we laned up for 499 and qualified with several others at 49.99 .. Right to the hundredth. They use the hundy, to narrow the field. So we are in. Which to be honest, i did not even think we would qualify,.. its such a stacked bracket, and to get in, you normally need a perfect 99 or 98, which, is kinda hard for us, as we havent had to really knob it in 599. We just turn it to full and let it eat, MAYBE turn it down a lil with 2 or 3 seconds to see 599. Normally we can pull a 597 or 598 just letting it eat, and not touch shit. Anyway we are in which did surprise me. That said, we made it ALL the way to the final round LOL, running into a team nemisis guy from back east that we KNOW always does well in bass race. 5,.. YES 5 ties to get by him. Which is roll the dice round. Number was chosen, and he broke out. And like that we made the final round, where we had a tie with Christian (another cali guy, so one and two stayed on the west side ) So a second overall in that, which was all gravy. Window was fine, and the 4 OG drivers that have scared me the entire time seemed OK. Psyclone run up. Running 2 clicks down (thinking we had to save for the next round, we didnt), for first day, on low and loud, we managed a 155.6 at 20hz. Not a bad score at all, but down from what we have done before at other shows. We were sweating the 4 OG drivers pretty bad, well, really bad. 1 driver had a fresh recone we installed the day before, one a month or so old recone, and the other 4 being OG as fuck from 3 years ago. Tripping,.. yes, yes i was. Also, we ran the MIC for the RTA run, probably 20 times while there testing testing testing. With driver temp changes, ambient temp changes, we even drove the rig inside where the lanes where and ran it 3 times, while everyone was eating during break. It worked,.. we put up a perfect 100. so stoked. RTA score is just as important as low and loud, or install. Got a perfect install 100 also. We managed to put up a 415 and change, breaking ALL previous records, and being the highest score ever achieved since psyclone was made a format. Even Gary Killians scores of old. So much respect to that man. So yes. We got a WORLD title. Number one on the planet. Ring paper work was filled out, colors and sizes where chose. Got home around midnight or so last night. So beat, so exhausted and SOOOOOOO proud. Super stoked how everything went. Every one there, all the Cali buddies once again, made us feel welcome, comfortable, and at home. Cant say enough about them all. Fam for sure. Below. Me, Jason (tall guy) Kenny and Christian, And kneeling is Ray and Adam. Among other great friends and fam. I cant say enough to all that have helped and supported and followed. Appreciate all the love and support all. After years YEARS of tears and blood, sweat and some frustration,.. WE GOT IT DONE........ Thanks again all. Till next adventure, all be safe, enjoy yourself at the shows and lanes. Kyle Kenny