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    So I got home and had a package waiting for me. I picked up the 4 channel ssa amp when there was that friends and family sale going on. I was always on the fence about em but once that sale kicked off I just had to pick it up. Loved the pics of it and in. Person this amp is beautiful and has a nice strong solid build feel to it. Im replacing my hifonics Zeus 2000.4 amp so I can't wait to hear the quality this amp puts out. It it will be powering a pair of 8" Rockford pro audio. A pair of Rockford punch 6x9, pair of the ssa evil mids. And evil tweeters. Just thought id share. I don't see much of real hands on experiences with the amps.
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    Short run sale on the SSA amps. $100 off per amp. Just use the coupon code at check out: "SSAFriendsandFamilyamps" SSA IC150.4: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/ssa-ic150-4-600w-4-channel-amplifier.html SSA IC2200.1: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/ssa-ic2200-1-2200w-mono-block-amplifier.html Runs through 9/29/17
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    We are very close to releasing an all new ZCON! #ArriveLoud http://www.SSAudio.com
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    As I want to get some more of these little monsters out there to our #SSAFamily, we are going to do a $25 off coupon code on the SSA F8L through Halloween. To go along with the Halloween theme and play off the name a little, the coupon code is: SSAF8L25HALLOWEEN http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/f8l-8-sound-solutions-audio-8-650w-f8l-series-subwoofer.html Yes, it is D4 only, but D2's are in production now and hope to have them before the end of the year.
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    Trying to decide what color to paint the port . Probley just black
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    Please dont come here and revive a thread from 2013 and then recommend for them to go to another site. We have designers and builders here on SSA. We appreciate you trying to help out but we like to help out our forum members properly and take care of what we can in house.
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    I just purchased a pair of their amps (2200.1/150.4) to add to my SSA collection. Had some issues placing the order on the website but Aaron and Josh took care of me. No one beats SSA's customer service! Thanks again guys!
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    I ran a pair of 10” DCON’s on an Arc XDi2000 at one ohm, 2.5x their rated power in a bad sealed enclosure. Never hurt them thermally but did cause a little trouble mechanically. The prefab sealed enclosure started to come apart. I honestly feel that if the enclosure hadn’t started to leak they would probably have been just fine. Like I said I never hurt them thermally, the coils still look like new. As a result I started designing a ported enclosure around using them on my SAZ-2000 in my Grand Prix. According to the modeling, with 25hz tuning and an enclosure slightly larger than the maximum recommended size they should handle the power mechanically. By manipulating the enclosure size and tuning I managed to put the drivers’ peak impedance right where the xmax peaks allowing them to not exceed their rated xmax even on 2.5x rated power. Of course it’s all theory and modeling so real world results are going to vary to a point but I plan on trying it out at least. My point is that if everything is good with the voltage, clipping, distortion, etc. I wouldn’t be nearly as worried about thermal damage especially if you’re talking a single 8k on the two subs, you’re only 500 watts over with the ratings and that’s never going to even be noticeable.
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    The prototype is still running with channels 3&4 @ 2 ohm stereo since the moment it arrived. Not one hiccup or heat issue.
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    There might be 1 or 2 Dcon coils left for that version. So if you want to order, do it asap. The new Dcon (or what ever we call it) is completed, we are waiting until we have the funds to kick off production.
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    What's the matter? Ten inchers scare you now?
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    16 bucks for the aluminium at a place a few miles away
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    Not perfect but it will get the job done
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    It is always awesome to start a Monday off with emails and phone calls from the great people at West Coast Customs. We have 1,620 sqft of Mass Loaded Vinyl goodness on its way to California for a HUGE project the great guys at the world famous West Coast Customs are starting up. Glad to be a part of this amazing project and like all HUGE projects, we will disclose more when we can. Second Skin USA doing big things with West Coast Customs in 2017.
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    Labyrinth bracing would be ideal. In your case though I would say a combo of both styles previously mentioned would create a similar effect. This is my box^. I will note that the braces are symmetrical, and that is technically a no no. As it will fuck with the waves in the box.. As you see in the guitar pic, the right side is asymmetric, which would be correct way for any bracing.
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    2 runs pos 1 run neg of 4/0 . For now
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    Finished up this project yesterday!! Before^ After!!
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    Been without audio for over a year . Not even a head unit lol
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    Man its coming together. Im getting excited lol
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    Yea it's hard to find real world pics of the amps. Let alone a video on YouTube. So I felt I had to share with my ssa peeps
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    Baffle just sittin there. Just to give you an idea of what it will look like
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    Not without looking hard elsewhere online. The SQ communities are fairly small and hard to find. I swore I’d never recommend going to Facebook instead of this forum but I don’t know of a larger community of SQ folks than the SSQ (Strictly Sound Quality) group. Asking there would probably be a best first shot after the forum here.
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    As for your statement that I always ask about drivers, indeed a good preference is helpful in narrowing things down but you are on a budget, doing a three way, and surely have goals that seem well thought out. As always the install (including tuning) is more important than the driver choice so as long as they have the capability to blend together you are fine. So yes, personally I would spend your money first on the mid, second on the beefiest XBL midbass you can get and then forego spending much on the tweeter.
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    I really just wanted you to compare the low frequency roll off of what you could achieve with the 4 vs the 3. That is all you can possibly gain and normally the small dash pod squashes it. If you can gain, then by all means but if not then I wanted you to draw the conclusion that works best in your car. Figure I could have just answered but thought that helping you think about it would be helpful. The FF85 is a great little driver. I run the TB W4-1337 as my near field setup at my desk for nearly the same reason. The W4 though requires a ridiculous passive crossover to tame it full range however (IIRC the crossovers were around $250 in passive components alone). Anything off axis and they would still need a tweeter. The other aspect of the 4" driver is the trade off of higher frequency. I know you see that people blow the little ND's, but IMO that is solely due to complete lack of experience. They can take plenty, but when you are looking at a driver that is only playing 6k+ you shouldn't expect that it makes your ears bleed and of course the beauty of the 3 way is that you can control that. Do realize that most people want loud setups. In fact in any blind testing with almost any quality of product the louder one is chosen. Exactly why blind testing is so hard. Obviously drivers that are horribly different in FR can toss the statement out the window. The second sad fact is that most people don't find loud clean setups to sound loud. In other words most people on any audio forum would want to drive their poor tweeter into oblivion so it sounds good to them. This is how you blow a tweeter. Outside of that the other largest reason for blowing a tweeter is not being diligent in checking your crossover settings before turning them up. How you tune has an effect on this as well. You should tune the mids first and get them to do everything you want. Then add the tweets only for filling in what the mids cannot. Expect it to take 30+ hours of listening and adjusting to really dial it in and then you are in the right mindset.
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    Hard to get good pics of a wall inside the car lol
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    Welcome to the forum! You’re definitely right about the amount of knowledge available here. Best forum there is and the SSA products are all truly great. I’ve used several of the subs and the mids and have had nothing but positive experiences with all them. They sell quite a number of other quality brands in the store as well. Your budget is a great place to start, though I would HIGHLY recommend leaving or making room for sound deadening treatment. The difference it makes is incomparable to any other upgrade you can perform. Read up on it at the best source for such information, www.sounddeadeningshowdown.com SDS has top notch products but even if you decide not to use his products the information he has available there is invaluable.
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    Hey SSA Family. Just checking in to give you guys an update to what I have been up to. Long story short, Valerie computer system got fried during the uninstallation of the previous build back in October. So as of right now, the silver explorer, Valerie, is taking a back seat for a while. The new build, is a 2003 ford excursion. For the 2017 season, I'll be using a street box, then walling it for 2018. Below is a video, let me know if you have any questions! The battery is an High Voltage bank, made of brand new lithium chemistry. Fully saturated voltage is 350v. I use 1 battery, 1 Taramps T 60k wired at .5 ohm on 6 SSA Evils.
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    What you forgot is that said guy has a set of ridiculously ballsy but expensive small format tweeters. My only concern with anything in response to your needs is that your listening habits are at much higher levels than mine. Of course I drove home tonight after dropping off a colleague at near full tilt.... ...listening to 2 acoustic guitarists
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    That is because there are a lot of stupid people. The goal of "over powering" is already dubious adding an enclosure change to rationalize it being okay is downright ridiculous. Larger amp = lower gains if you want your stuff to live. Doing something else is absurd.
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    I think if your not crazy with the volume knob all the time you wont mess the subs up. Most people messing up subs are clipping real bad and a smaller box isnt going to help with that. I would still go with what is recommended for the subs . Friend of mine is running 2 sp4s on 9k with no problems and his enclosure is on the larger side of whats recommended. But has the electrical for the 9k
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    Cant speak to anything but the sound of them, and frankly it's amazing. Very warm and clear sound.
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    So yes, I am a nut in everything I do.
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    Legs alone. Squatting properly means your whole body was involved. Especially if you develop all squat styles. Legs can have their own day. The rest of your body you can rest, but you will still have to walk all week while you recover. Etcetcetc Hit shoulders with chest. Focus on overhead press with perfect posture. You won't need any extra triceps work. For chest concentrate on dips and incline as a bench substitute. Back and biceps are classic and the only thing I could even suggest is a 4 day split where you hit arms and calves on their own day to take off the big muscle groups. I also feel forearms, calves, and core can be hit almost every day within reason. Especially if your trying to push up your big big lifts. I circuit my legs and back every day and do heavy 3 days a week at the moment with a lot of mild to moderate cardio . A lot of that is furniture moving so YMMV. The system I'm talking about is more for health and not focusing on gaining the most muscle or anything. Just not losing any while cutting. It's also postural related to help my back. I stretch before bed too, Yoga is your best bet IMHO.
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    Trying this location right now with some cheap tweeters. There not to bad in this spot
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    Yes they do lol. I guess their like Jordan's of the car audio world
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    I always find soft dome tweeters to be " lacking" in crispness.... they sound flat to me i am running 1" pure titanium domes and they are pin point crisp and crystal clear
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    Just go on Amazon and buy a cheap-o bluetooth one. Last one I bought was 8$ on sale I think.
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    Don't bother with the M. The catastrophe you will have in reliability is just not worth it and the 5.0 is ridiculously effective. 3 stop lights in a row a Lambo couldn't leave me. AWD and torque are awesome. I am a HUGE M fan, but these days the possibility of ridiculous repair bills make them unobtanium. Damn AMG taught me that. ...of course I still really NEED an S8.
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    Another project im working on for someone
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    I would do 4.25-4.5 cubes with an 8" aero port. I was going to use one of these but sold it to use 2 X 12s. Not really sure on sub/port direction. I always do sub/port firing into cabin sealed off. I always get a lot more room and no trunk rattle.