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    The girls took forth place!! Is the highest they have ever placed at nationals! Proud dad right here.
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    LOL! That is NOT possible. The computer models are good for small signal response, but it doesn't equate to real world power levels. You can try different drivers, but I guarantee you won't be pleased for the time and money spent versus the small gains, again, if any. I get what you're trying to do, but you're better off just dealing with what you have and saving the money you would spend on new drivers. You can compound this over time and get a proper enclosure and drivers and the seat lift if you prefer. It will cost you less to do it all at once.
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    I pinged the transport company for an update. Very rough pricing will be close to: 10" ~~~ $175ish (no hard set yet) 12" ~~~ $185ish
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    Even though I despise the skarbage, you're not going to gain much, if anything, by simply switching drivers. Your power is staying the same, enclosure the same; the only way you're going to gain anything is with efficiency, and in this application it will be negligible. I can say, that I agree with a change from a psychosis standpoint. If it's new it will be better by default. At least with our feeble brains. I have no experience with any of the drivers you have listed either, but just by name alone, I would only pick Sundown or DD. I don't care for skar, and the others I've never heard of, DOesn't mean they are not quality drivers, but everyone and their mom is calling China and making subs nowadays.
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    Saving my money for this ...  Wish I could throw out the old Visa Like I use to back in the day ... Hoping to get this and have it installed by MECA World Finals. I'm sure I will have no problems qualifying without it.
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    Got this one finished about a month ago! Need to get better pic's though. Now on to the back of the thighs. OUCH!! lol
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    Finally got the Zom-Tiki finished!! I be walkin' funny this week. That top flame is about an inch from my balls.
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    Voltage. Better than drugs. Power Your Passion. http://www.Mechman.com
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    I'm competing in MECA Street SQ class this year. If I am reading the 2019 rules correctly, processors are allowed in all SQ classes. Not Sure, guess it's because of factory integration. To answer your question, No, I'm not upgrading to a processor. I'm just adding a pair of old school crossovers to allow me 4 channels on my 2 way setup. Basically bumping up from 150w per channel on 2 channels passive to 150w on 4 channels active. What should have taken me a few hours took me all weekend to wire all of this up. Everything works according to plan, but my doors being stock is not working. At all. They need to be treated ASAP !!! Only down fall to this for me is I will have no sub bass until my amplifier gets here. Is what it is I guess.
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    The icon was my favorite by far,no complaints with the zcon either though!
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    Thank you for yours as well, it’s always easier/reassuring that others go through the same thing and would do the same. There are days that I wonder did I do the right thing even though in the back of my mind I know I did. It’s hard giving someone a chance to improve their life and they throw it away for no reason. I will never have that mindset and have no idea why people think the way they do.
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    Really contemplating building a ported box for my Icons this spring. Maybe even just a box for one. They are basically sleeping most of the time. But when I do crank the 32hz and wail on them, they quickly run out of excursion.
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    How ‘bout vroom vroom? Nice flying into a bigger airport as the rental car place has more variety. They tried to get me to upgrade to the Jaguar. That v dub had excellent take off from the 60 to 100 mph range.
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    Maybe start making shipments requiring delivery confirmation so there is proof they did receive it.Should be something you could do though,I would think that would be the same as stealing.That is jacked up, any chance it could be a shipping mistake by the delivery people? I would get in contact with them as well.
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    If it doesn't rattle or bother you in any way then don't deaden it but down the road and more power it could rattle. Me personally I'd add a couple tiles while its all ripped up. Do you need it? Probably not but can't hurt. I'm talking a couple tiles on the bottom not the whole thing.
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    Thanks man for the tips, I can now add to cart off OSX but concerned to order 80+ CLD tiles and a bunch of MLV etc. when I can't even get an email back or any contact from SDS... Don is the owner of SDS I believe. I'd personally deaden the trunk base, only gonna take a couple tiles and done, forget about it, thats just me though.
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    Haha. He had a seat by himself next to an older lady. I politely let her know it was his first flight and asked that she hold his hand if needed.
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    Were you able to order from SDS? I'm trying to do the same but either I can't navigate their website or the site isn't working properly. Hope its working for you.
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    We are doing a blowout sale at SSA for the very nice US Acoustics $100 off https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/us-acoustics-cw12d2.html 4" coil and 30mm of Xmax
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    Haha, thanks, but I need to halt my amplifier collecting. I should unload some of the RF's and maybe other random stuff to clear out some space.
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    I disagree with it being any more curative than most forms of homeopathy, or spirit healing situations. More than "kind thoughts" less than acupuncture is where I would put it.
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    Well her following is growing like crazy and people love her. Some a little too much, but either way, bringing traffic our way and I can cover some topics and answer some questions.
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    Small Update. Finished my A-Pillars !!! Got a little work to get back on them later. But for now, I LOVE the way the perform !!! After the holidays, hoping to get back to the doors !!! Thinking metal braces !!!