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    Changed the NVX RCA's for the Stinger X2 series
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    Once I carried the box downstairs and put it in the trunk I didn't even wire it up. I just closed the trunk and locked the doors. I'm wore out, sheesh.
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    $3-4K is a lot of money that can also go really quick if you don't have a plan. A few questions to help guide the process. Do you plan on doing the work yourself? Are you willing to learn the details of RMS vs peak power to help build a quality system Are you comfortable with removing panels off your car? Are you comfortable with tools in order to build a quality subwoofer box? If not, do you have a friend that has previously put together systems that would be willing to help? If not, you will probably need to find a reputable shop. Understandably, your $3-4K won't stretch as far due to the cost of labor. What are your real goals? Listen to high quality music? Impressive friends with a rattling trunk? Do you want to maintain trunk space? Reduce road noise to increase your music experience? Just be loud? Any reason why you specifically want 2 12's?
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    Took the day off to get this done, battery is finally mounted. Box is screwed down to car itself and wedged between foam spare tire holder and car's side panel, used a mallet to get this done. Looks damn good if I say so myself. Time to throw the sub enclosure in
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    Got rid of some zip ties and added wire loom for remote start wire and DSP power/ground wire.
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    I'm sorry about the lying part. That can really suck, particularly when both parents aren't on the same page.. I think that COVID has made a lot of people reconsider their priorities in life. I'm personally hoping that it's one of the great things to come out of the pandemic. Heck, I've been doing engineering for 10+ years and just made a complete career change into the IT field. I'm not sure what your financial situation is, but if you can change locations and have a descent income while building something you are passionate in, now is always the time. With a relocation, I would find somewhere that really is underserved in providing support to artists and try to make my mark there. This may be no where close to what you are thinking, but around here, people are really turning on to the idea of repurposing rural housing for a business and consumers are loving the out of the way experience. Examples are a drive through Christmas light place that someone built in the woods of their property; There's a new brewery outside of town that is a ranch style home and a shop. I've also seen some new nice restaurants built a few minutes outside of town. Not sure if there would be the possibility of buying a house out in the woods and making a swanky gallery that people go to particularly because of the mystique of it. Just brainstorming here. My main take away is, if you can keep yourself from starving, branch out and try something that you are really passionate about. It may be a complete failure of a business, but teach you everything you needed to know about where you want to go in life.
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    Trunk 2/0 welding cable grounds are complete and covered with spray paint.
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    Sanded off the paint and I also cut a channel in the foam lining of the spare tire support to allow the ground wires lay flat under the carpet.