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    Last chance, wrong place to be making insults which include making fun of handicapped children. Maybe you should read your posts before you type and negatively react to every post in response to you. You are not getting your original point across the first time because you do not take the time to proof read, make changes/correct your post/point, and then click the submit reply.
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    Aaron, my apologies in advance Sir ... Billy Jack, It's been fun brother, but You have my vote for the largest fucking troll in the internet. Not to mention ... A stupid one at that. I rarely see someone on a audio forum act like a whiny ass, screaming little bitch like you do when something does not go your way. Grow a pair dude !!! I have NEVER seen anyone carry on like you do on this forum. Honestly, you're a fucking idiot. You best be glad that Aaron and Mark never made me a moderator on this forum. I'd make it my weekly duty to come on here and ban you just so I wouldn't have to read your bull shit over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Fucking ridiculous. I'll probably get a vacation for making this post but Fuck it, this need to be said. Please, leave people alone and start worrying about your own projects and show (not type) that you actually do know something about Car Audio. Mods on here can be jerks here at times, but do have a common goal of helping people educate themselves about car audio. /Rant ... I'm going to bed.
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    As the parent of a child with special needs, I assure you that had you said this in front of me you would have way less teeth. You may or may not beat my ass but regardless you would regret the garbage ever leaving your mouth. Think about what you say before you say it! You are a total disruption not only to this forum but as a human being as well. Good day sir!
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    OH MY FUCKING *** PLEASE END THIS FUCKING TRAIN WRECK This has been like a train wreck with a plane crash on top of it, then out of nowhere a cruise ship comes barreling in only to form a sudden sinkhole to swallow up the created abortion, after the dust settles...... out of the sky slams a meteor to end all life as we know it! PLEASE ??? Otherwise the movie Idiocracy has truely become a documentary instead of a fictional comedy!
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    Calling out other people just to spite them in threads they're not even involved in? Opinions and personal experiences are understandable, but that does not make it scientifically accurate, or true. When you're more concerned with your ego than betterment of the hobby/industry, it does the entire community a disservice. Please, humble yourself and be part of the solution, quit feeding into the bs. I've seen you post useful things, continue to focus on that, but please ask yourself before posting: Is this a biased opinion? Am I responding from ego? Do I have scientific data to back this up? Can what I wrote be taken the wrong way?
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    So there I was ... Tied up to her bed !!! had ................ Awh shit, what forum am i on here ?? Dang audio forum. OK Got these out of the closet the other day to clean them up and kinda ponder some ideas on where to mount them. Those fins take forever to clean !!! Maybe one day I can get these installed in the F-150 !!! As you can see, I had A LOT of cleaning to do on these. Thats, weird. They look blue in these pics. But I assure you, they are PURPLE !!! Maybe it's the lighting on my shitty phone. For those on the other thread looking for small footprint, very dynamic monsters ??? Might want to check these out !!! Little pricey, but WELL worth it when it comes to power, clarity, dynamics, and headroom !!! I wouldn't run anything else. Hopefully I can get back to this project soon !!! Thank you SSA
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    Hey, Neal! Been super busy lately. Things are still far from slowing down. But I had been talking on here about buying a Kimber for a couple years... Figured I'd share it . Add in the new MJs, and I knew I had to at least say hi! Bought a new Subaru and became partners in a local shop since last visit, too. Thanks! I may grab a few grips for it, just to play, but it has all the add ons I wanted. Carry melt, tritium sights, ambi-thumb safety, rosewood grips, front strap checkering, trigger work (crazy 4.5# trigger with near zero creep or reset, best I've felt on a pistol).
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    The fuck you weren't you blazing jackass! Read your bullshit! Do you have any decency at all? I've done my best to give you the benifit of the doubt, but you are truely either arrogantly ignorant or just a piece of shit who likes to start trouble. You are truely an internet troll and have spent more than half of your time being disruptive on here with half truth comments & just simply being a dick! Then you try to play the conspiracy card like people are changing what you type and not allowing you to post things. Did you ever once think for a second maybe you aren't as smart & educated as you think you are? With the tire thing....duh! Larger diameter circle causes the outside of the circle to travel faster and yes would effect any gearing in a rear end. That's why manufacturers & engineering gives you tire size limitations for the gearing provided! Holy shit! We know that! She chose too big of tires for her gear ratio and has problems! Holy shit who would have thought?! Seriously......wtf!?
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    Not lacking horsepower with this baby.
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    Thank you for being a teacher. I know the value of the job as I taught high school for 2 years.
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    Well I finally got a new amp and battery to throw the rebuilt ZCON on. Hopefully this weekend I will get everything in the car.
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    This build is a long time in the making. Car 1969 Pontiac Firebird completely customized. Ready for paint and interior. The car has crazy horsepower and I will post those things at a later time as things get finished. As for the audio we are doing as many SSA products as we can. I have some pictures and will post more as I get them. This is not my car, but a very good friend who I known since he was very little. Currently the equipment is as follows unless Aaron can get the SSA amps in a timely manor for the install. US Acoustics Barbara Ann which will power 4 Evil mids and 2 Evil tweeters. Us Acoustics Mike with will power 10" Icon. Power support will be NVX XCAP10H Headunit is a Retro sound. Here about a year ago.
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    Icon was still the best sub SSA ever designed or built hands down.......Xcon is ok and has more output, but I would never trade output for response. Music is what you listen to, having a pure response is worth it's weight in gold.
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    The money is going to be well worth the finished product. I want to thank everyone who has commented on this build. We did get the headliner in today which I forgot to take pictures of because another buddy showed up with his new toy. Fully suppressed AR-10 with thermal optics. Needless to say the afternoon was shot after that showed up.
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    Then we got busy.
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    Im sure i could pull out a few
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    Boooooooo, we want them now!!!!!!
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    I was out before they started plowing today. Lots of fun before the roads get messy.
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    Pain in the butt! Good news, I got my XS Power Superbanks today These are the distribution blocks that I will be using on each one.
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    In photobucket you can click on the pciture and copy the link. Paste the link here and the pics will show up
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    Engineer? The closest I ever came to being an engineer was the train set I had as a kid!
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    almost shot coffee out of my nose trying not to laugh out loud at that one.
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    You're making WAY too many assumptions about how things are done at SSA or Fi and quite frankly I'm tired of seeing the misinformation and slander that you keep spewing on the subject. There are absolutely never any "pre-orders" with either company. There is no "stuck in port" excuse because each and every motor for each and every sub that is produced is machined from scratch from blank steel on site in Las Vegas Nevada. Then the drivers are hand built to order (custom ordered in the case of Fi) and the motors charged and tested before being packed and shipped out. The Fi build house OEMs for several companies, SSA and Crossfire included, along with the brick and mortar brand Ascendant Audio and those are just the ones that have been made public. They also have their hands in some industrial applications that I have almost no details on as it was only mentioned in passing during a chat conversation I had with Scott years ago. Things do occasionally get slow, they definitely do get backed up, but you are wrong about how they conduct their business, and you are really wrong about anything that is currently being sold still being "in the development phase". They do not pull the same bull that other companies do to try to get the capital together to make an order from some Chinese build house. There are (or at least used to be before the forum software got messed up and some old archived topics got lost) pictures of part of the process of how the build house builds the drivers. From how the blank steel becomes motor halves, to how the pole pieces are machined from raw steel rod, and so on. Nothing horribly detailed but enough to see and get a picture of the process in your mind. Those of us who've been here for awhile really do KNOW what it takes to build these drivers, not just the hearsay found on some random forum, which is why we state that the wait is worth it and why folks like me defend the brands when someone is misrepresenting them.
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    If you truly were trying to say that you didn't time align anything for either person when I typed this: All you had to do was ignore it or just say something like, "yep, was for the center not the passenger or the driver". Both would have yielded no further response. The clarfication I posted wasn't for your dumb ass, but for the OP. Stop thinking threads are for you or me or entertainment, but instead think of how the OP reads them.
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    I didn't change anything. Read the quotes above in my quote. You can't be that reading challenged. I can summarize if it helps: BJ "I set the time alignment for 2 seats at once" M5 "You cannot set time alignment for 2 seats" BJ "You can and I did" Nigel "You were not setting it for 2 seats, you set it for the center" BJ "Yes sir, what I said all along" You are arguing with yourself and it seems only because I replied. The problem is your first statement can lead a poster to believe something is possible when it isn't. Then you try to soften your statement by arguing and changing the direction of the thread. This is thread dumping. You are so eager to argue with whatever I type that you rarely make sense. This needs to stop and now. Argue with me all you like that isn't the problem, but keeping it on topic so that you don't ruin every thread you post in is required.
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    Here is a fun picture. We got the paint booth up today.
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    I will get all the LS1 details and much better pictures with my camera rather than my phone.
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    Suspension and wheels.
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    Retro Sound head unit. Keeps everything looking stock.
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    We were playing around with mid placement tonight. Decided on making pods for the doors that will blend nicely with the roll cage.
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    Factory life has become such. My life and work standards are viewed as out dated. My expectations of people are unattainable in today's world inside and outside of work. Hell I can take a guy from WV who has no experience other than hunting and breeding and teach him how to out perform ( trouble shoot and repairs) other mechanics that have been there for 10+ years. I often get criticized for being way too aggressive for today's people. Hell I am only 42 and I can not fathom what another 5 years will bring. The principals I raised my kids on are even out dared. I taught them to take pride in everything thing they do and most importantly pay yourself. Their friends think I am a strict parent because their raising was very different. I guess what I am getting at is society is in a rapid decline with all the bullshit that has been allowed.
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    I used 2.5 sheets of Damplifier per front door: on the outer skin, doubled just under the medium speaker, and on the inner skin(much smaller metal parts). In the Caribbeans, we have a nice weather : the Damplifier sticks very very well ! I found a wooden roller from a previous order, it was perfect. No bubbles at all First listen with second wood ring for the mid, and the Damplifier on the driver side door : nice, nothing too impressive from the stock door. Then I cut the Luxury Liner Pro just to fit the inner door panel. It's soooo thick and heavy ! I used neoprene glue on the edges, but it's so thick it won't go anywhere. I had to make some little openings/cuts in it, but it still covers everything. First door done, I turned the music on, with no sub : I thought someone had turned the bass down on the stock door ! That was VERY impressive. Great motivation to work on the second door immediately. After the doors, I worked on the trunk lid. I used a few sheets of Damplifier, on every metal panels, or parts. Now the bass seems a lot cleaner without those horrible rattles. I need to tighten the top of the tailgate, and it will be good to go. I am very happy with the final results of this good day of work ! My installer (I was only the helper !!!!!!) wants to buy sheets of Luxury Liner Pro now. He really saw what that did to my sound system !!!! Today is Mardi Gras : it will be hot in the streets of FORT-DE-FRANCE, MARTINIQUE !!!
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    This is what I do / drive now. Her name is Knuckle Buster. Take her a spin around the block and you will know why. LOL What can i cay ?? I love working outdoors and being on the open road !!! Be safe out there drivers !!!
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    This is an interesting year. Moved into a new house in Jan. Lived in our old house 13 years. Company paid for me to travel to Alabama for a week earlier this month to train another office on our system. First time I've flown in literally 10 years. Had never been to 'Bama before eother, so that was interesting. My office finished in the top 10% for performance in the state, so I won an all expenses paid vacation for myself and my wife to San Diego in April. Never been to the west coast before but always wanted to go. Will be the 2nd time I've flown in 2 months, after not flying for 10 years. Sending my daughter to college in August. She will be living on campus. Will be very different without her here. We're pretty close. Just a lot of weird stuff happening this year that I have either never done, or haven't done in a very long time. And we are only 2 months into the year.
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    With out a dedicated (all things considered) center channel setup, you're gonna have a VERY hard time to stage and image driver and passenger. Ask me how I know. Might want to listen to Sean on this one brother.
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    A couple more misc pics: ...and that's about all I could find. For now. Thank you!
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    I decided to remove the carpet on the trunk. The type of carpet that I used was very difficult to clean. I also ran 4 runs of 1/0 wire to the trunk. You can see the wire on the left side of the picture. I carpeted the external section of the port. I was not able to take a good picture of it. From a previous build log and currently installed, the h/u and H800 controller....
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    The port isnt close to being done. I'd explain but you'll have to wait and see! I got SUBS TODAY!!! Woot woot!!!
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    This: versus Reason being there are nearly no small format tweeters that can dig and play nice off axis (hint Aaron ). Opening up the search to large format if they fit is worthwhile. Your doors are HUGELY off axis so you need something with a nice response in that regard. In small format, the standard was the LPG 25nfa (now replaced) but it didn't do jack below 4kHz. The Evil mids will play nice and high, but having a tweeter that can play lower really maximizes what you can do setup wise with the processing to optimize the sound.
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    Your old sub was mine in the begining and was well loosened up, give your new one some time to loosen up.
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    Perhaps not, but you ARE a representative of the company and all we've heard from all of you is one excuse after another, and that's all they are no matter what you say or do. Next time, just say, I don't have access to the check book. Don't post anything about any of your other problems. People don't want to hear it. The simple answer is, you guys could not provide this customer what he ordered. Let's get the man his money back so we can close this thread and everyone can go on their merry ways.
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    But you can't even get this handled so why would I trust any amount of my money with you? How's this, I need a large alt for my van, send me one, I will verify it works properly has proper output and it durable. Then I will send you the money, would you do that? Why shouldn't you? We have thousands of happy customers, why shouldn't you be one of them? Not trying to be crass, but there has never, ever been any question about what our alternators are capable.. If you want the best, we have it.. If you want something big, we have that too.. Durable, last time I checked our return rate was hovering around .05% (5/1000) which is unheard of for even stock alternators. If you want an alternator, call us, order it and ask that we don't charge until we ship. Pretty simple.. But you can't even get this handled so why would I trust any amount of my money with you? It sounds to me like this was an intricate one-off piece that DC Power wanted to ensure would be perfect for the customer the first time it was installed by the customer, so it would make sense that it takes some time and reworking to get it perfect. It's a shame to see the consistent fail in DC's suppliers and outside shops and, while that is out of their control, I think damage control could have been done sooner by apologizing for their inability to fill the order due to these shortcomings in their third-party affiliates. The fact that DC kept the customer believing the order would be filled in a timely manner is really what made a bad situation a horrible one. Pretty much you hit that on the head.. Yes, we took our time on this because something this specialized cant be the only thing you work on, so it has to be worked on at certain times.. All in all, between waiting on outside parties, there was probably 2 months time lost in here once we started working in earnest on it.. Other than parts that disappeared and the 16v issue, this was probably the single best engineered bracket I ever did. And when I get it back, I'm going to frame the MF'r and put it on my wall in my office! In a nutshell, trying to do something no sane human would try to do in the first place usually ends up being problematic, and this one ended very disasterously for us, lesson learned, trust me.. But you can't even get this handled so why would I trust any amount of my money with you? It sounds to me like this was an intricate one-off piece that DC Power wanted to ensure would be perfect for the customer the first time it was installed by the customer, so it would make sense that it takes some time and reworking to get it perfect. It's a shame to see the consistent fail in DC's suppliers and outside shops and, while that is out of their control, I think damage control could have been done sooner by apologizing for their inability to fill the order due to these shortcomings in their third-party affiliates. The fact that DC kept the customer believing the order would be filled in a timely manner is really what made a bad situation a horrible one.Agreed Again, hit on the head... Personally, I always judge a company on how they react when something goes wrong. The way DC Power handled this insured that they will never see my business.
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    carpeted and installed re apolstered the door pannel turned out good
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    Some pictures will let me bare with me trying to get a bunch rockford t265 components for front stage did all the work my self on pods and panels
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    It is just to prevent backfeeding voltage. I've never seen a h/u or 12v device fail because one wasn't there...but am sure now that I type that I will. Easy enough to add a diode.
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    Product Brand & Model: Pioneer 8100NEX Pioneer's AVIC-8100NEX DVD/navigation receiver brings even more smartphone friendliness to the table. Not only does it boast Apple CarPlay™ compatibility for iPhone users, it also offers Android Auto™, an intuitive platform for using Android smartphones directly through the receiver's interface. On top of that, Pioneer's smorgasbord of entertainment options and road-ready guidance makes this receiver a smart choice for travelers who enjoy great tunes and staying connected as they drive. General Features: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/AVIC-8100NEX Condition of all items: Excellent used condition. No scratches or dents. Works 100% Total Price: : $535 shipped! Paypal payment only Shipping Terms: : Will ship within 48 hours of payment. Pictures:
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    Got a new computer. Thing kicks ass. 3lbs, 13" 1080p, tablet mode, i7, 16gb, 1tb ssd and rips. I've always hated HP's but they won. And yes J, even this pc which has a wimpy display has more PPI than the retina...barely, but more than plenty. It actually comes in a 4k option as well, but I didn't want it. Screen is small enough that it isn't necessary and the extra pixels just waste the battery. This beast ran installing software and all sorts of stuff ALL day and still had 30% left Should be a good 10+ hours anytime I need it.