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    The Wait is over. Just in time for our annual Black Friday SSALE. https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/soundsolutionsaudio/evil/ When your sub bass goal is nothing but supreme, unrestrained performance without compromise, the choice is the SSA Evil. The capabilities of the SSA Evil put it in very exclusive company at the zenith of the marketplace. This is where you look first for the ultimate 'ground pounder' that will not miss or muddy a note. Crisp and clean across the entire frequency range for those demanding outstanding linear performance thanks to an FEA optimized motor. Employing a massive triple stack motor, five sandwiched 10" progressive Nomex spiders, an anodized vented Aluminum former, a huge 4-layer 4" flat wound Aluminum coil and a towering 'Venturi' solid pole, the SSA Evil has the muscle to handle almost anything you can throw at it. The SSA Evil is also a top pick for extreme level SPL and bass-boxing competitors alike, while still having the composure for the elite home audio projects. A versatile monster that will meet the most critical low frequency demands while achieving extreme output levels when called upon. Sonic performance so vicious, it had to be deemed Evil. #SSAEVIL #EVILSUBWOOFERS #EVILINSIDE #ARRIVELOUD #SSA https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/soundsolutionsaudio/evil/
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    Pruned all new members since 7/15, renewed our IBP license which should activate Spam prevention again, and deleted most of the spam topics I saw, should be a clean forum again. Enjoy.
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    They guy was amazed at what I was able to get out. I love doing work like this.
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    Sold the Mustang yesterday. Made a nice chunk.
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    Got a new piece of audio equipment for the first time in a while.
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    Hit a bench pr this afternoon. Managed 1x5 @ 275 lbs, 1x6 @ 275 lbs, 1x5 @ 280 lbs for my top 3 sets. Felt really good too. Not too shabby for a 5' 10" 195 lbs mid thirties father of 3.
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    Another project of the week. I'm building two of these as Christmas gifts for my dad and stepdad. They are both Ford guys for life and obviously hard as fuck to find a gift for. As with any old person, it seems. Pictured is just the preliminary build and test fitting. Working on the patina and other details now.
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    Kudos on the work Neal!!! While not wrestling, I did cover Bare Knuckle #8 this past weekend. While not my article, here's the photos. The top prelim shots are on my IG. https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/knockouts-galore-at-the-bare-knuckle-fighting-championship-8-in-tampa/ J
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    We have finally released our new amp. It is a tiny tiny production run to see how people like them. Meant for the high end, SQ market, without the European price tag. If this model moves as well as I hope, it will help spawn another model in the line up soon. https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/ssa-dm150-2-2-channel-amplifier-150w-x-2-ch-or-500w-x-1-ch/ Introducing the all new SSA DM150.2 amplifier. An old school approach, with updated components, for the most discerning of ears. If your front stage is lacking warmth and clarity, its time to upgrade. Our first amplifier in our high-end, sound quality, Class- A/B - Demon amplifier line. The SSA DM150.2 is the elite choice for that high end active front stage, premium passive components, and especially a sound quality sub (SSA Demon). We've incorporated direct inputs for those competition installs that use an external DSP and want their amp to be a pure gain block. Stellar looks to match the design and components. Don't let your speakers or your ears down, #levelup to the all new SSA DM150.2 amplifier. 150 Watts RMS X 2 @ 4 Ohm 500 Watts RMS X 1 @ 4 Ohm Angled Terminals for show quality installations Full Complimentary low distortion Class AB design Tiffany Style RCA connectorsFull Complimentary low distortion Class AB design Butterworth Crossover Filters for premium level performance An extra pair of input connectors for a direct input that will bypass the crossover so the amp can act as a gain block The op amps featured are TI chips w/BB technology high performance audio grade IC's Docking Pads® to reduce vibration & extend the life the amplifier DC, Short Circuit, Thermal & Overload Protection, on board fusing Diagnostic LEDs Specifications OUTPUT POWER @ 14.4V input RMS per channel at 4 Ohms 150 W x 2 CH RMS per channel at 2 Ohms 250 W x 2 CH RMS Bridged Mono at 4 Ohms 500 W x 1 CH RMS Mono at 1 Ohm N/A INPUT SENSITIVITY 200mV - 6.0V FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10Hz - 30KHz +/- 0.5dB THD LESS THAN 0.01% S/N RATIO > 103 dB CHANNEL SEPARATION > 91 dB DAMPING FACTOR @100Hz 4 ohm > 200 CROSSOVER RANGE High Pass, 12dB/Octave 80-1.2K Hz Low Pass, 24dB/Octave 10Hz - 250Hz Subsonic N/A Variable Bass Boost (0 to +12 dB bass boost at 45 Hz) Yes Phase Shift (0 - 180 degrees) No Fusing 3 x 40A Size (L x W x H) in 16.4 x 8.9 x 2.2
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    The kid landed a sorority! She must have really wanted that mf'er too, as she is paying the dues with her own money. Here I'm learning their gang sign! haha Thank you Neal for offering your help!
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    Ended the day going to a baseball game. Won the championship! Memories for the boys
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    I hope at 99 I can still do this.
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    Last bit of spam for now, covering Train, Goo Goo Dolls, and Allen Stone tonight. 7 years and one day after my first state side concert coverage. What makes this special for me, is that Goo Goo Dolls were my first concert I attended with just friends at 16. J
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    Getting work! Had my Fu Dog and flowers on the back of my leg colored yesterday! One more session to go and that leg should be solid. LOt more area than one would think, to get a body suit.
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    Got the grades in for the presentation. The team as a whole received an 89 with no real feedback on what we did right/wrong in their eyes. However, I looked at my gradebook and I actually received a 94.5 with a note that said 'Jordan, I have increased your score for the presentation. Your individual work was stronger than the team.' Made me damn proud to see that they enjoyed my presentation and the testimonials. I was really surprised nobody else had done that before. J
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    The true reward is how much the kids enjoy the final results. The older kids literally hang out in front all month long. Come Halloween its add some lights and sound efffects and the little ones are literally scared to death. To the point they don't want to walk up to the door. is truly priceless!! What I was adding too... The rest added in!
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    Did my first insurance job today. A car I did last year was in an accident, when the insurance company ran the information they saw it was ceramic coated by and accredited installer and on the carfax. The insurance company requested a quote to do the car again and they paid me. Who would have thought. Guess I am doing something right.
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    Launched our first Class A/B 2 channel. Been wanting it for many years now.
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    Three P3D2-10s Two T252-S One P1000x1bd One P600x4 A bunch of RF branded 1/0 and 4 gauge, An RF hoodie, RF hat, and RF team shirt And a cheap ass box that is surprisingly well constructed. It's been lined with bed liner quite poorly though.
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    Side note; this showed up in my driveway this morning. Another turd. . . . At least this one is slightly polished.
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    Long time no see ya'll! I recently got into MTB and picked myself up a Specialized Pitch and I absolutely love it.
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    Just want to be as cool as Nem