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    They boys have an ATV too. I picked up a pair of chinese Polaris knockoffs with 100cc 2 strokes for $200. One has 50psi compression the other I got running. The low compression one I will fix here soon. They love that shit. My little mechanic fixing the steering bushing And then getting it muddy
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    How to get in trouble: Following an off-road route downloaded from the internet, the whole day was a leisurely drive on dirt roads and ended up with a 4-foot deep ravine. I spent almost an hour trying to get out of that.
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    Mila's first fishing trip. At a local pond they stock for the kids.
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    I got a $600 tip today too!
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    Precook and freeze your proteins. Can even do this with the eggs. Will take the necessary stove requirements down to almost nothing. I managed to eat gourmet meals in the woods for a week this way using just my camp stove. When I say camp stove, I mean a stove that fits into a small pan and runs on white gas. ie, here I am making some donuts in the woods for the family Heating up sous vide chicken tacos Making pancakes with wild picked berries 3 minute fry on sous vide breakfast sausage It was SUPER easy. Before the sous vide I did it all fresh. Now I sous vide and freeze our meals and just have to flash fry them. I do a lot with a pan in the fire as well. As for what you should do, again it needs to come down to exactly what you plan to make and then I can tell you what I'd do.
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    Did a bit of work on the garage layout to make sure all the stuff fits and I can ask the architect for spots for the lift and the work ditch. That stove looking thing should be the drill press
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    Icon 12 2.25 cuft @ 35 Hz
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    We have 3 boys. Ages 4, 9, 12. Boat can get really busy. Generally try to take them out one at a time if I can, so there aren't arguments. Lucky for us, my in-laws camp same place as us, so Nana can babysit... Here's the youngest, oldest, and the wife all enjoying some good fishing.
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    Hey Sean, here's my 9 year old with one he reeled in this past summer.
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    I was too busy catching that day to take pictures. Was insane. Put more than 100 bass in the boat in less than 2 hours.
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    Yeah, as soon as the news girl saw it, it was on. I asked her if she had a tree she needed saved, and she told me, "a forest full." It was awesome and scary at the same time.
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    Trunk is done, rear deck and doors next.
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    Got a little chilly last night so I let the sheets sit in the sun this morning.
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    Looks like Ill be busy this weekend
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    He needs to stay in his wheelhouse. As a bar athlete doing his calisthenics, he's impressive. That said, I quite dislike him too. But that's my personal opinion, and in no way meant to influence anyone else. As with any "fitness YouTuber/celebrity" you get good and bad. Take the good from the ones you like, but leave the bad. No one's perfect. I personally like and follow Steve Shaw - Bend the Bar Man. But also realize, he's not for everyone. Do I agree with everything he preaches? No, but I take what I like and can use.
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    The one in the fron tof the canoe with my wife is 9. Other 11. Hands are full now ... but considering what is going on in the world we are good.
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    Rip them lips! NICE!! Nothing better than seeing a kid enjoy fishing!!
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    I already have an atv. My boys hate the wakeboard boat. Our lake is big and nasty though. Lots of 50'ers throwing monster waves. They finally got excited about fishing this year up in the BWCA so I figured it's time to revert to my roots and take them fishing. I haven't been so excited to do something in a really long time. The connection to my past with my friends and the ffuture with my boys is nearly over whelming.
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    The best way to be ready is to be prepared. Saturday is going to be a long day, steps one and two are complete. Most of the trunks interior has been removed and wiped down with denatured alcohol, it should be dry after another wipe down on Saturday morning. All the interior sheet metal is prepped and clean.
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    Welp, as usual this shit is taking way longer than I anticipated. Didnt help I had to spend all day Sat fixing my dryer instead of working on my speaker project But, progress was made. Got my binding post plates installed, baffle mounting bracket pieces put on, holes drilled and countersunk, T nuts installed and started on the cabinet damping. Also realized I forgot about needing to measure the impedance curve....really wish I'd thought about that when I placed my order at PE >:(