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    Just got back from a short trip to Wyoming. Man, is it fucking GORGEOUS out there.
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    Fun story, we ended up with a 2019 Expedition Limited for a crazy low price ($30,000). I knew the cam phasers were probably wearing out, but at that price I could eat $4000 in repairs and still be ahead. 1 week later the check engine light comes on. Cam codes and cat converter. I take to the dealer (who had a 3 month 3K mile warranty on it). Turns out it needs the cam phasers and the catalytic converter replaced. Total price is about 5K. They are currently sending it down to there Ford dealer to perform the work. So it looks like it’s all going to work out. Only downside is I’m paying on a vehicle I can’t actually use at the moment.
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    The only driver I could personally recommend would be the Gcon. There are hundreds on the market, but I like to stick with SSA.
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    So I've heard. Waiting word back on a position in Montana and moving on to the next step. They make it sound like they want to fly me out there for a visit, so I'm awaiting the decision, and hopeful. I'd love to visit out there, and possibly relocate myself. Getting insane down here. J
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    Some daytime pictures of the new voltmeter placement
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    This is how it looks now after the work I did earlier, I'm happy with the outcome.
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    These next photos were before I put some work into the car because of my OCD, hated the excess wire I had goin into my DSP. So I untaped it and cut the three excess wires for a cleaner install. I also made the Sundown Salt-4k remote wire smaller since it the connectors on these Audio Control doesn't accept big gauge speaker wire well, especially with thick wire jackets.
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    We are potentially looking at a Navigator. Drove a 2019 and it is absolutely insane how nice and smooth they are.
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    The shop sent me out the door with the wiring management looking sub par and a too small fuse on the alternator (200a fuse for a 250ho alternator). I bought some ceramic fuses for my under hood distribution block and fixed the wire management because it was an eye sore even though the hood is closed 99.9% of the time
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    Insane for real and it still needs to be tuned and set up, just got done detailing the whole interior of the car. Sweated my ass off in this 95 degree plus night. Some pictures from earlier before I detailed her. When I get time and it dialed in, I'll post some videos of the front stage. I'm already planning on upgrading the subwoofer amp and maybe go to two beastly 12s. Need to meet up with my box builder and talk numbers. But the sub decision might not be till next year though. Stay tuned
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    The parts are easy to find as well. Used in high end office situations where people sit for a lot of hours. Even the janky one is better than almost every other chair I’ve used.
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    https://www.steelcase.com/products/office-chairs/leap/ I have an older version. I found them at a place that sells office 2nd hand office furniture. I got a GREAT deal. I was able to get a tall piston for one of them to accommodate my architect desk. You will find these office furniture resellers in almost every city. Check local and find something dope. The place I went hires people who are rehabilitating. Felt good supporting them. HumanScale chairs are pretty fantastic as well last time I checked. Herman Miller makes one that’s really amazing if your not a giant. It’s a step up from the aeron. I feel the Aeron is a bit over rated.
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    Picked her up today, car is dusty as hell. Just took some quick pictures but I will get better ones in the daylight once the car has been detailed. So glad to see over 14.xx volts during hot days, start up is 15.0 volts. This Brand X Alt seems bad ass so far. Haven't really got on the bass or anything so can't comment on all that just yet.
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    I was in Sheridan and Big Horn National Forest.
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    I'll be headed up to Colorado for a week, on the south side of Denver. Looking forward to escaping the heat and getting in some hikes!
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    4Th of July Sale: Get Your Red, White, and Blue On! Before you get out there and celebrate this great nation's birthday Monday, scoop up some American made goodies during our sale. Don't forget to use code FREEDOM15 July 1st through the 6th, 2022 at WWW.SECONDSKINAUDIO.COM
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    When your shop is working on Russell Wilson's Benz AMG truck conversion and has my favorite Ferrari inside.
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    Figure it's time for something new in here lol I'm doing a lot more writing and editing of photos lately. The computer chair I picked up a few years ago just isn't comfortable 5 years later. What is everyone using and how do ya like it? J
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    So far it seems that I have eliminated the basic rattles inside the car. The rear over head light console should be quiet now. I added one layer of Soundskins speaker foam ring dampening. If you look closely between the black squashed dampening, you will see a black plastic trim piece that is attached the top side of the headliner. That was smacking against the roof of the car. This deadener is about 1 inch thick give or take and thickness is perfect, I had to jam it in there but it works great.
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    Eric Steven Horns new DSP settings
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    I need to have a beer with you and talk. I literally don't have any idea what bitcoin even is. I am a bit tongue in cheek there, but I can't invest in something I don't understand.