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    Here's pics as promised. Can see a bin I stared for my for my compost pile with scrap plywood. Also can see chickens fuck up a lawn. But they are great mulchers.
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    100 shitake plugs getting seeded as well. Trying to amp up my supplied from home game. Figure if I have herbs, tomatoes, & lettuce we are pretty golden. Of course, squash, rhubarb, corn, green beans, apples, plums we get from the farm along with beef. Pork from a local pig farm. Makes me feel a bit more independent of our food supply. Doesn't hurt that Matt has me baking now. Some killer breads change your diet completely. Had to change up my storage Because of this
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    Spent the day stripping this turd. I'm beat.
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    A little more whitled in. All the specialty wood pieces installed to sculpt to the seat bottom, and pieces to support the inner edges of the side panels. Decided it should have drink holders like the other. THen ready for a second coat of paint. Thats where I'm at this morning.
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    Crappy pic, but my dog and a deer in the yard this afternoon, just chillin.
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    Where Im at this morning.
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    Not quite finished. But figured I post up some pics. Still debating on doing some pin-striping.
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    Also, got my official letter today. Orientation Monday, and officially to work Tuesday morning. J
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    VA called me this afternoon to offer me the position. I'll get the email to confirm Monday. Not the GS7 I wanted, but the GS6 slot. Still damn solid. J
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    I started on a second Mustang couch this week. Worked out the quirks I don't like about the first one. Got the seat a little more raked out for us taller peeps too. THe initial framework assembled... Seat and side panels installed! This one's getting a little something extra. Using these trim off of a 50's Ranchero bed top to cap the edge. Corner shot.
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    On a lighter note, speakers have made it in the house! Had to give the wife a couple days to acclimate to them, so haven't hooked them up yet. Being as she didn't even know I was building them until over half way through. I pretty much knew the only caveat would be that she could place plants on them. lol
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    The TMM's coming along! Baffles cut, shellacked and sanded... and some primer... and finally the black! Feet carved to shape! A drill jig to keep things even. Awe and black for the feetsies too. Punching holes for the terminal cups. And on to the acoustic treatment!
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    I'm building a set of passive crossovers to do justice for the SSA Evil midwoofers and silk dome tweeters. This is a no compromise design that uses 48 (!) parts per set. They will be potted in epoxy resin inside ABS enclosures and hard wired with direct connection to the drivers. I have been working with these drivers for a while now and really like them. Install will be in a 1978 F-150 a good friend and I built. The rest of the system will be a SSA 150.4 and a 10" custom built PSI sub.
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    I Finally found time to get my compost barrel built! Came in clutch AF on materials!! Almost all free and recycled. Less than $50 spent, including the wooden bin. Houston WE have lift-off!!! Still need to stain the wood and line the bin with corrugated roof metal. Also complete the last corner of the stone patio. All diamonds in the rough... as with everything I have. LOL Cleo dog giving her approval.
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    Just pulled this out of my oven...5 min ago. And I know nothing of this high gluten flour you speak of. Lol. Just flour, sugar, dried legumes, dried peppers, asian noodles and rice. Have some smaller containers of stuff that fit in those categories, but am in the middle of re-organizing my pantry and everything.
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    ...so I am going to go nuts on outdoor mushrooms. They love the shade And yes, I have found morels right in my yard.
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    Speaking of projects. Neighbor and I went in on 2 non-running kiddo toys.
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    Happy Easter to all who celebrate the occasion.
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    His are prettier than mine, but holy shit yummy.
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    My wife made pizza’s with homemade dough last night. Extra good with the bread flour. Wish I could try some of your sourdough. Yes you should definitely send me pictures. I was having a pretty manic off week when you guys were here. I was bummed I didn’t get any myself. My wife got laid off a week before me but at least gets Job attached unemployment. Not that that comes close to covering everything, but is a start. She is super stressed out. I have a few ventures in the works. Wish me luck.
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    Lucky you get to work. They are really sticking it to small businesses.
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    The TMM's are finally complete!! Short of testing anyways. Getting ready to haul them in the house! woot woot! Decided to fill the waveguides with epoxy. I'd already purchased it, just was undecided. After seeing just about anyone that used that particular one do it and a knuckle test I had to commit.
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    All those wipes and hand squirt shit are just the lowest form of antibacterial. Barely useful. Nothing for viruses at all. So many people are using them thinking it's keeping them safe from COVID19, it's not. At all. Proper handwashing, keeping a safe distance from others. Don't touch your face, ever. These are things that'll work. Remember, if you can smell their fart move apart.
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    I forgot to post pics of the acoustic treatment. More of yesterdays fun! I know you guys are picture whores. I put 2" foam on the back wall behind the upper driver that's pulling the midrange duty. The thick egg crate top and bottom for the standing waves. Then 1" everywhere else. The inside wrapped in 4 layers of some super thin polyfil. Will most likely add some more just loosely placed.