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  1. You said it's for you, but you keep talking about what your wife wants. . .
  2. A5 or 335.
  3. Are you not already?
  4. I find Nikes on Ebay for $25-40. That's what I buy for work.
  5. The CTS-V since my quote never posted.
  6. Which is what YOU would end up with if YOU were muscle car shopping.
  7. I've been contemplating a dealer's license for years. Only problem is I can't deal with stupid people.
  8. It's all good. I'm busy ATM too. I purchased the car for 21.5 and sold it for 24. Can't really complain.
  9. NO, really, I'm done. I may buy a few cheapies to play with, but nothing new again until I get a home with a garage.
  10. Nothing. I'm done.
  11. Just sold my Mustang.
  12. Okay, i misunderstood. I got you now. You should easily be able to accomplish response up to 90Hz. The simplest way is a sealed enclosure with a crossover (higher) point. Any other alignment would require more specific tuning.
  13. Let's start over. What are your current crossover points for all drivers?
  14. I've never seen a CR-V that low! How did you pull that off?!
  15. You need a dedicated midbass application here, OR change your current application which will suffer on the low end of the spectrum.