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  1. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Yeah, as soon as the news girl saw it, it was on. I asked her if she had a tree she needed saved, and she told me, "a forest full." It was awesome and scary at the same time.
  2. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

  3. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I've not had luck with the Rain-X branded ones. Rural King has them for the same price as normal wipers though, so I just toss them at the end of winter.
  4. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    If you have a Harbor Freight near you and want steel, the Daytona jacks are realky nice. I use them at work daily to lift loaded trailers, fork trucks, and skid steers. If you're looking for aluminum, I reccommend the Arcan jacks at Northern Tool. I purchased my first one 13 years ago and I now have 3 total. Absolutely love them! Just make sure you thoroughly grease the wheels before using them. If not, thet'll quickly collect dirt and debris and make an awful noise.
  5. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    day.i'm at the beginning with the cream shirt, navy pants, and black hat. They literally caught me in the middle of washing the trailer and just butted in. They cut my interview and front shot of me because my T-shirt was nit PC.
  6. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Anyone have any experience with air rifles? I have a feral cat problem in my yard.
  7. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    We made the local news. I had an awesome T-shirt on and they edited my parts out. You get to see my back though. https://abc57.com/news/made-in-michiana-grocery-cart-cleaning-system-that-keeps-you-safe
  8. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    And here I was thinking a side by side since you already had a boat.
  9. Good deal then! Have you tried email? I literally emailed them a couple days ago and they responded very quickly.
  10. Why not call them and talk to tech support. Also, $600?????!!!!!!
  11. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I have 2 dual port Battery Tenders at home. Both are 10+ years old and have worked flawlessly. I have 5 individual ones at work that I use for rentals and I've had zero issues with those as well. Make sure your connections are clean and tight.
  12. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Power Stop all day!
  13. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    We've built stuff all over the planet. I have a build for Kuwait right now. Built an awesome rig for a company in Ghana too. They clean petrol storage tanks. IT was a 100HP diesel running 24GPM at 4000PSI. I built a rig to hold thew guns on the back of a Ford Ranger for testing. I fired the thing up, put the truck in neutral and it literally pushed the truck across the lot. It's pretty wicked.
  14. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    We had some 600lb. machines at Aramark we used for mats. Ironically, the largest tumbler they make is a 450. So we'd load 900-1200 (dry) in the washer then that would go into the 450 tumbler. That thing would smoke the belts every other week.
  15. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    That's just a fraction of what we do. The big Rigmat machines are fucking insane!