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  1. . . . And no, it does not shut the unit off. At least mine doesn't. The error only popped up on mine when I tried to play a video.
  2. This is the one I have. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01L6Z1WYA/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1490392157&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=pioneer+bypass+parking+brake&dpPl=1&dpID=41L6Wczy37L&ref=plSrch#
  3. It needs to see a pulsed signal. You can buy a "kit" off amazon for $5-$10. I had to get one for the Lincoln.
  4. My plasma blew up this morning. It was pouring smoke and Gavin got SO scared he jumped up, threw on a coat and was out the door before I knew what was going on. It was hilarious. Best Buy has an LG 49" 1080p I'm picking up for $350 to hold me over for a couple weeks, so I'll ask. . . Anyone have any experience with 70" or larger panels? I have no need for 4K, or even 1080, but the technology is there for what I'm looking at. I'm a Samsung fan, but I've read that the upper echelon LG and Sony offerings are great too. I currently have three 50" and one 32" Samsungs. Well, two 50s now. Lol.
  5. Cleaning that plastic can be a pain. There are so many textures and differing types of plastics. I use mineral spirits if I buy a used car and there's residue on them. You can seal them with a polymer or ceramic and never have to worry about them though, until said sealants wears off of course. Never use an organic wax on it unless you buff it right off immediately. Even then, it will haze over time. If you are retailing often enough this is a non-issue. The BEST solution is clear coat. Unfortunately, it's too costly for auto manufacturers, so we're left with the raw plastic finish. The coatings industry has become so far advanced it's almost hard to find bad paint and care products anymore. It's all about how you use them. When I was learning to cut and polish, you had a big ass polisher with many wheels and compounds. Fast forward 25 years and you use one compound with about 4-5 pads with a nice light orbital polisher and that will get you anywhere you need to be.
  6. BTW, car wash is car wash. Only difference is if they have an additive like wax, or drying agents. Buy cheap and ALWAYS rinse. You'll find in several months the rinse-free wash will need correction unless you've used a ceramic coating.
  7. Meguiars Synthetic Xpress wax. Nothing more versatile. Hell you can use it in direct sunlight, on your glass, leather, plastic; anything but cloth.
  8. I would only be concerned if you're competing. That's the only way you'll benefit.
  9. Oxidation is easily controlled. I'd be more concerned of increased resistance between the multiple conductors.
  10. I believe there are studs on the top if the batteries which would mean you'd have no need for ANY other terminals. You could even cut the top posts flush to make mounting easier.
  11. Tires don't last long on my vehicles. No idea why.
  12. The unfortunate thing here is due to regulatory and insurance issues, you will have to have it inspected and repaired/replaced via local contracting, so it's best to just go that route versus asking us. You'll be amazed at how stupid some of the codes are, especially when a body of water is concerned. I looked at a house with a creek running through it once and I was required to have several inspections in addition to the normal home inspections you get before I could even make an offer. I don't know how it is where you live, but here, the burden is on the buyer, not the seller.
  13. Fucking beautiful!
  14. I need this shit to be done. P-zeros are just scary below 50.
  15. Motivation.