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  1. Tirefryr

    Evil1 Tweeter Pods

    If it's PVC pipe, you'll be fine until you get close to 250F.
  2. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    The only things I was interested in was the Maggies. I don't recall what else he had other than a servo sub.
  3. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Was this planned or emergency? Glad he's doing well.
  4. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Yeah, he had a crazy setup. He used to run an audio shop, so all his stuff is from trade-ins, so he got it on the cheap.
  5. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Hey, PM me your address. I have something you'll enjoy tinkering with.
  6. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I wish I had a pic, but I'm not about to photo someone's home. He said they were 1.7s? I know nothing of Maggies, so I hope I got that right.
  7. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Went to a co-worker's house today to listen to his Maggies. They were incredible! I found so much detail I was missing in so many songs. I literally got goosebumps listening to these things.
  8. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    So, bought a new(er) truck because the 94 broke in a few key spots and fixing it would cost more than it would ever be worth. Driving home from the dealership and it blew a power steering line. No big deal. Ordered all new lines because, well, I was in there. I've been tearing into this for a week now trying to get one fucking line out the rack to no avail. The only good part about this is I got some nice rims and tire for a steal. I HATE car payments but with the lack of time I have and spending all my free time working on my vehicles, I think it's time to just bite the bullet and buy a new truck. That's hard for me to stomach though. I've had 3 brand new cars in the past 5 years, and I'd much rather be daily driving the 'Bird. I even enjoy the Mustang versus the newer cars I've had. Perhaps it will be different if I stick with just a new truck.
  9. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I seriously need a reset button on life, minus Gavin. I'm tired.
  10. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I've got the 'Bird, two trucks, and the 'vert at my house. One truck has to sit on the street. Now at my parent's well, two Mustangs, two 150s, and my old Exploder.
  11. Tirefryr

    All my Audio friends has settled on down ??

    I've tried the FB groups. I don't understand how they are popular. The information is largely incorrect and idiotic while being nearly impossible to search through. I much prefer the forums.
  12. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I get that feeling sometimes as well. What you have to realize is you are a freak of nature. I guarantee most people, with what you had going on, would be steady in the hospital on a morphine drip.
  13. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Bought another, better truck today. Hopefully I can sell my other three and that should give me enough to restore the T-bird.
  14. Tirefryr

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    That's a plus if so.
  15. Tirefryr

    USAMPS AX 3000DE

    9 years ago?