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  1. Any more updates on these? I'd like to get a pair (or more) before I deploy.
  2. Thanks for the link! I'm looking for the 4 ohm version but they're out of stock. Anyone have any sitting around collecting dust that they'd want to part with?
  3. I'm looking for some Anarchy mids in good condition. Thanks.
  4. So I loaded this in my wagon this weekend. I have it hooked up to an old school US Amps 200 while I wait for the Kicker ZR600 to get recapped. The enclosure is 1.1 ft^3 sealed. HOLY CRAP...The ICON shook the bolts off my wagon! I have all kinds of new things rattling that I need to fix now. Even with the triple front baffle, double rear baffle, and internal bracing it vibrates all over the place. I'm going to have to bolt it to the car. I can't wait for it to break in. I've already got plans to build a ported enclosure to see the difference in output. This is an awesome sub!
  5. Here are some pics of the box. I still have to insert the t-nuts and fill in the screw holes. I think it'll be pretty sturdy for the ICON.
  6. Good news... I got the Kicker ZR600 today. It looks awesome! The first thing I did was take the bottom cover off and inspected the guts...beautiful! I hooked up the DMM and o-scope and set the gain. I set it to 60V (it didn't start to clip until around 70'ish). I hooked it up to the ICON and did some freeair. WOW!!! This is going to be great. Now for the not great news but I can deal with it news... When the ICON was digging deep, I heard some squeaky/whining noises coming from the amp. I still had the bottom cover off and it was elevated so I could hear it well. It sounded like it was coming from the caps in the center of the board. I emailed a guy that's going to fix my ZR1000 to see if he could verify what the issue/noise is and fix it. I can understand if the caps are going bad. This is an older amp. Anyways, I should have this up and running once the ZR600 gets "touched up". On with the pics...
  7. Well, the USA 2300 was going to be the amp but USPS lost it. Yep! I sent it to Audio Clinic (Mike Nicholls) for refurbishment. He shipped it back to me in the middle of Dec (Mike sent the receipt, tracking number, etc). It never arrived and is not showing scanned in their system. USPS is blaming the military. The Military Postal Service Agency said they never received the item from USPS. It's a nightmare! Mike has been great with communication and going to the post office and trying to get a resolution. I have nothing but good things to say about him. So, I just bought a mint Kicker ZR600 from Japan (They really take care of their stuff!). I can't wait for it to all come together and unleash the ICON!
  8. Very Nice! Just when I'm about to get out you pull me back in. Sign me up for a pair...
  9. I have 4 original DCON 12s (D4) NIB if anyone's interested. I had a build planned but that was a while ago. Besides, I found on original ICON and will be using that now. You gotta love SSA subs!
  10. Life got in the way (daughter got sick and then the wife and then me) and postponed my build until this weekend. Just finished glueing and screwing MDF. I doubled up the rear and front panels and added a third on the front for a flush mount. The cutout diameter in the sketch ups state 11 3/16", which was a little big. I think I should've used the specs on the website (11.150") and sanded it down. I'll remember that for the ported box next time. I have 2 pieces cross-bracing the sides (2 top-to-bottom and 2 left-to-right). I'm going to use T-nuts to secure the ICON. Waiting for glue to dry to finish the enclosure... In the meantime, I hooked up the ICON to the PC1400...I have to say I was a little disappointed. It was not very powerful like I had imagined it would be. I think it was only getting the 400W @4. I think I've narrowed my amp choices down to the US Amps PT-1100, US Acoustics 2300, or Kicker ZR600. I have a ZR1000 but it's getting repaired and think that might be too much of a power drain for a daily driver. The ZR600 should be plenty if I go that route. Any advice on which amp I should run? I'll post some pics once it's all together.
  11. The wood I ordered just came in to make the enclosure. I should have this thing built by the end of this weekend. After talking with Aaron, I'm going to use a double baffle and add some internal bracing. I'll post pics after it's built.
  12. Welcome! I loved the old Kicker Solo Barics, ZR amps, and Resolutions. I've had about 12 Solo Barics, in different sizes, throughout the years. You'll have to show us some pics when it's completed.
  13. Do you still have the Exodus Anarchy mids? Are they 4 or 8 ohm?
  14. That's awesome! Merry Christmas, too! SQUIRREL!!!!!