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  1. 2015 F150 Platinum Build (Amps, Subs, Tweeters Upgrade) SSA Style.

    What is the tuning of the enclosure?
  2. Audiofrog GB 10D4 test box

    Very nice !
  3. Sundown ev3 10 problem

    Sure looks like a phone - deck problem, this is why I always use a cd when testing and tuning.
  4. 2015 F150 Platinum Build (Amps, Subs, Tweeters Upgrade) SSA Style.

    Nice, tuned in.
  5. Evil 15" Review

    Looking forward to see more, looks interesting from lil peak.
  6. Ssa ic150.4

    That heat sink is thick and solid, looks like the ones from the older style industrial drives.
  7. Boom sonic

  8. Hello

  9. Bought a dcon 12 on the last batch and love it, wish I had bought 1 more or a gcon.
  10. New icon..bit worried

    Had an annoying sound on my dcon on certain freq , turned out the felt pad was becoming loose, I glued it on back properly and all was fine, this was a new dcon, it wasnt the tinsle, it was the felt pad partailly removed and flapping on the cone.
  11. 4th of July Sale @ SSA!

    Good deals!
  12. 4th of July Sale @ SSA!

    Damn, I just miss out on this sale lol ....
  13. SSA Evil 1 (first SSA tweeter)

    Shipment arrived, the tweets and the mids looks solid and of quality
  14. hey fellas