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  1. Shipping and customs kills me and I am next door, lol.
  2. Awaiting patiently as well, already have the mids in the shopping cart.
  3. OK , so now I have all the drives for my build, waiting to order them , 6.5 evils , tweets and the 8'' .
  4. Might want to secure that box some how, love the idea and intent.
  5. Keep the updates coming , I am also waiting on the SSA tweeters.
  6. Welcome to ssa, great place to be!
  7. I suppose you have done visual and voltage, I would do a load test, requires a meter or if you can hook it up and run it for a while and take it from there.
  8. Welcome to ssa.
  9. Does this happen when the car is parked or driving or both ?
  10. lol thats a good idea.
  11. The port can run from front bottom to the back and up the back wall , if box height permits, maintaining a true shape and length.
  12. You need to specify Height , width and depth.
  13. Looking for a 12 single 2 ohms, any time frame?
  14. NVX is decent, I use some of their stuff.
  15. It really did , lol.