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  1. StreetLegal

    New 2 SSA

  2. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15

    Thanks, I can only fit a 12 , I been looking at a lot of other 12's
  3. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15

    I really want to try a 12, waiting for your review.
  4. StreetLegal

    Hello everybody

    to ssa Annabel123.
  5. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15

    Looks awesome !
  6. StreetLegal

    Glad I found SSA

    Welcome to ssa, looking forward to see the full ssa build.
  7. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15

    Looking good
  8. StreetLegal

    Need Recommendation Replacing Factory Sub

    I beleive this is under 5 http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/sundown-audio-sd-3-10-500-watt-sd-series.html
  9. StreetLegal

    Need Recommendation Replacing Factory Sub

  10. StreetLegal

    Melted plastic negative wire

    I see these shyt at work from time to time, poor or loose connection coupled with vibration.
  11. Haha. I designed that box when I was a young designer , and yes, with that amount of power it should have had a bit more port area. .
  12. StreetLegal

    Flatlyne 15

    Would you mind sharing that info with us, so as to help others?