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  1. jcottier55

    my DSS ethos

    Can't wait till this tax return gets back!!! Super hype for these sexy ladies!!!
  2. jcottier55

    my DSS ethos

    I was reffered to this thread because I was considering some SQ HDC312s and I would have to say after reading almost every single reply about your product I'm completely convinced that Quentin has some of the best customer service and honesty about your product that when my taxes come back I'm going to be ordering a pair of your Etho 12s they are absolute beasts and love how sexy they look. I am looking forward to doing business with you hands down! Major and the utmost respect for your honesty and the pure performance and appearance of your drivers. This is the exact reason I am turning this hobby into a life style! These have definitely inspired me. Once again I can not wait to do business with you Quentin!!! Jaime
  3. jcottier55

    New subwoofers, or no?

    Why not just keep what you have now since you will.be buying a vehicle that's got a ton more air space you can use up. Then once you have it you can decide weather or not you want to keep all the seating rows or take them out. Because when transferring from such a small space to a pretty big space you might not be happy with the way they sound or hit. Then you will be rebuying or building a new enclosure yourself. This way you can save money for the next vehicle build and go all out on it
  4. jcottier55

    good budget build

    With the explorer I'm going to want to take up evert last cm I can lol I'm going to be removing the rear seating (its only got two rows) so I will maximize the air space. Either a wall or big ass box. Not very experienced with doing walls tho that's the only problem I see with doing it that way.
  5. jcottier55

    2 or 4 channel amp for midbass and tweeters?

    That's a toss up there lol maybe a couple bills. Don't want to go too cheap and lose out on quality and get something that won't last really long. Definitely something better than Boss lol
  6. jcottier55

    2 or 4 channel amp for midbass and tweeters?

    Oh no not saying kicker is bad by any means people around here just talk it up to be the best of the best in every category lol but its just an off brand California 2400 MOSFET. Don't even know when or where I got it to be honest lol think back when I was just a youngster at a lot auction it was in with numerous things. But it does work put power to it earlier and everything seemed to be in working order
  7. jcottier55

    2 or 4 channel amp for midbass and tweeters?

    Yeah we have like 2 good shops around here that aren't kicker nut huggers lol I don't believe we have any that carry top shelf brands like sundown etc...
  8. jcottier55

    2 or 4 channel amp for midbass and tweeters?

    What comp set on a budget would you recommend?
  9. jcottier55

    F/S 2 Sundown X 12s D4

    Mmmm bro those look suuuuuper sexy. If I wasn't getting OB 18s I just might have to consider these bad boys
  10. jcottier55

    Port flares for sale, 8" and 10" diameter pipe

    I have seen more and more ports like this. What exactly is the advantage of doing these and what is the difference in these rather than regular squared port? Never am able to get a straight answer out of anyone in this matter or everyone rights over it lol am looking to maybe do this with obsidian audios 18s once they get here. Recommended is a 6 inch by OBA themselves inputs?
  11. jcottier55

    2 or 4 channel amp for midbass and tweeters?

    Alls I have is the amp right now to be honest in just found it in my old closest when moving things out if my dads house lol what would you suggest?
  12. I am wondering which amp setup would be better to run on some.mid range bass door speakers and tweeters? I see a lot of people running 4 channel ones but wanted to know everyone's input on them considering I have a 2 channel just sitting here at home that hasn't seen any power yet.
  13. jcottier55

    obsidian audio?

    Good post man I am also looking into getting two 18s myself I had 2 12s in a prefab 15s box with 12 cutout over the 15s cut out on an audiopipe 1800.1d and they were louder than when I had 2 15in CVR and 2 12in cvrs at the same time. So I was pushing 900 rms to each sub wired at 1ohm they knock for the price for sure but the only down side with them is the 2.5 inch voice coil so they can't handle as much as you think thermally. I think if they upgraded the voice coil to a 3 or 4in they would be a hell of a lot better. But for the price you really can't beat them. I'm still debating on which 18s I would like to run in my 99 Explorer myself. Hopefully everyone can help us both out in the category
  14. jcottier55

    THE BIG 3

    It's not hard at all. I'm going to be doing mine within 2 weeks I can walk you through it. Very easy. I was 16 and did it on my car with no prior experience of car's engines.That would be fantastic bro would be much appreciated