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  1. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    Awesome happy to hear you got what you wanted!
  2. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    IA 3.4 and subs sold! DD amp still available
  3. EPerez

    6 18's 60k Yukon

    All those vehicles look sick as hell...especially that caddy!!! Wow that is a lot of sheets of wood haha
  4. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    make me some offer!
  5. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    Anyone wanna buy my stuff?
  6. EPerez

    Happy Birthday Bigjon!!!

    Happy bday man! Hope it was a good one! So did ya get any new stuff for your bday? Like 2 more 15s to wall off? Haha
  7. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    Windows 7 but it was doing it when I had 8 too.
  8. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    Thanks guys. Not sure why it's workin for you but when i do it and try to post it, my whole threat freezes up and cant do anything.
  9. I'm going a different way with my build which means these have to go. They are all used, but not abused. I take care of my stuff and actually don't beat on them that hard or that much. All are 9/10 cosmetic only because they were used/mounted. All are 10/10 working. I forgot to get pics of the 12s but they are dual 1s. I will only sell locally. $550 for both. DD m3b - $620 shipped. IA 3.4 - $220 shipped.
  10. EPerez

    CUSTOM SSA XCON's and BOX (if wanted) FOR SALE

    Yea you're missing something! Your subs are overrated garbage and should be lowered to like $300 shipped. JK haha I honestly thought they would have been picked up wayyyy before! I'm very surprised they are still not sold. Good luck with selling them. Wish I had a use for them.
  11. EPerez


    That's how I feel! Complete different language to me lol But I'm sure many will appreciate this info.
  12. EPerez


    I really don't know, had two banks for a BC5500.Ohh really? Did it hold the voltage good?
  13. EPerez


    How much power will this allow you too run?
  14. EPerez

    Ported box for SA-12.

    2" inch is fine man. 45s aren't necessarily important in your build. Won't make much of a difference since you're not going for deebeezz and need every tenth of a decimal. It will help with bracing though.