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  1. R3dt34rz

    SSA Evil vs Fi SP4

    Both drivers look bad a$$. It really comes down to just picking one and rolling with it. If you're wanting to try something different than the rest, I'd throw in the Tantric HDD or SHD. That should add a lil' fun to the party.
  2. R3dt34rz

    Help us welcome Flatline Audio to the forum!

    Saw them on Facebook. Amps look very good. They even do payments on the larger amps.
  3. R3dt34rz

    DC Power Moving Forward?

    +1 with them taking their time, but you do receive a great product. I was impressed with my buddy's 250 alt for sure.
  4. I use the Ctek 7002, which has the AGM Mode, Can charge multiple batts at once which is nice. http://www.amazon.com/CTEK-Multi-7002-Battery-Charger/dp/B000FRLO9Y/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1372701283&sr=8-2&keywords=ctech+charger
  5. Will this work? http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/44519-bl-box-cut-sheets/
  6. R3dt34rz

    2 SSA XCON 18" D1 FS

    Thanks Nem.
  7. R3dt34rz

    2 SSA XCON 18" D1 FS

    PM me if you still have these
  8. R3dt34rz

    2 18's...Crescendo amp?

    Loved the Zcons and the Xcons. The Zcons get really low and have fun doing it. Had the op to play with those and the Xcons, both excellent subs as well. Go for the Crescendo, outstanding amps.
  9. R3dt34rz

    2 18's...Crescendo amp?

    I had my Crescendo 3500ds on two Platform 3s and they got down pretty darn good. Like the others said if you want to with simplicity go for it. The Crescendos will get down , no problem. Very nice amps for sure. How are you liking the Platform subs? I just recently sold mine, and now waiting on a pair of 18" Tantric HDDs with options. I enjoyed the platform 3s though, good subs for sure.
  10. R3dt34rz

    Time for new subs what to get??

    Xcon or Tantric HD's
  11. R3dt34rz

    The wait is over! (sorta)

    Nice enclosure, great home theater set up. Cool looking pup.
  12. R3dt34rz

    EVIL Tahoe | Mark's SSA DEMO MACHINE **new pics p8**

    Congrats and tuned in also. Cleaned up pretty good if you ask me. If you want the interior immaculate I'm sure a detailer could work most of it out via steam clean.
  13. R3dt34rz

    icon 15 mounting position

    Just use one this and you should be good. http://soundsolutionsaudio.com/index.php/product-information/xcon.html