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  1. Congrats!
  2. Agreed.
  3. Post build log pictures!
  4. Nice update.
  5. I really wish I could hear this build. Sweet amp, sweet sub, sealed.
  6. Sharing picture on our social media pages.
  7. Sorry to hear about that amp. Yes, Mike is great. Hence why we carry US Acoustics.
  8. There isn't an all SSA install just yet, but we are working towards making that a possibility.
  9. Illusion Audio makes some shallow mount larger cone items. I had wanted a pair for my RX8, but just don't have the budget, or time, or work space to actually work on my own cars. To clear up any possible confusion, this SSA 8, can be easily used to just simply fill out the bottom octaves on a modest system, or can add some strong depth and output to a more advanced set up. Think of it as if we added an 8" to the Gcon model line.
  10. Keep up the progress!!
  11. Yes, the current softparts will work great with a slightly older Xcon. The Xcon has only had minor tweaks over the years, nothing major like a full motor overhaul that the Icon had for example.