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  1. Love this install.
  2. The moving process has begun, two big loads to the storage unit.
  3. The 8" is planned, but will have to wait until it's time to order the 6.5's again. But yes, I badly want to kick off a 3" full range. My favorite personal install ran a pair of 3" FR89's and no tweets. So smooth.
  4. Oh man, when will it be back up and rolling?
  5. Nice mids. I would like SSA to expand into something in that realm.
  6. Had a load of emails and tax stuff to finish last night, so I might have finished a bottle of cab sitting at my laptop and didn't notice until it was empty and I was wondering where my wallet was.
  7. Nice to hear on the progress. I lean on protein as I can increase my intake with out additional carbs or fats. Semi-carb cycling at the moment.
  8. I only add BCAA's to that.
  9. Looks like a very fun install.
  10. SSA Evil 18 would be intense.
  11. We will list them up on the SSA Store asap. I will have word shortly on a hard date. We will offer them as an active component set, no crossover as Sean said, possible combo option with the in-comming IC150.4 too.
  12. I have to have two large protein shakes to sustain over 200 grams a day.
  13. I should TM that.
  14. I'm double checking with the factory if it is anodized or electrocoated. It is buried in my emails at the moment so I am checking to make sure first.