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  1. Aaron Clinton

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I need to wash and wax the RX8. I need to sell it too.
  2. Aaron Clinton

    Help with custom sub enclosure (Dual Sa-12 Ported)

    Nice car. Do you have a set budget? Have you done any sound deadening or electrical system upgrades? Sounds like cone area is the first step.
  3. Aaron Clinton

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    Nice color glow.
  4. Aaron Clinton

    Crypto fun

    DOGE is fun and all, but it is inflationary, (less so than the US dollar which is sad), but still from an investment stand point, DOGE isn't the best one by a long shot.
  5. Aaron Clinton

    Crypto fun

    Bitcoin is the first true digital currency. Some people are actually using it to buy things or services. But it has become so valuable, and there are loads of other less expensive options that are cheaper to use and move much faster than Bitcoin, So people have just been buying and holding bitcoin like gold.
  6. Aaron Clinton

    Crypto fun

    Percentage of a dip can vary much more in crypto than in stocks, so a 3% dip on a stock is very tasty to jump on, where a 3% dip on BTC isn't all that much. To be honest, you could dollar cost average and in the long run be just golden. In addition, with staking rewards (interest/dividends) in crypto now, it helps stabilize the pricing a little and rewards holding the coins for the long term. There are loads of sites with great info and metrics. I can help for sure. My investment account performance has been strong, but the crypto accounts are destroying it in everyway.
  7. Aaron Clinton

    Where to get supliments

    We have been surviving on our home set up, with a rack, small free-weights, and Peloton work outs.
  8. Aaron Clinton

    New and Checking in!

    If you would like a manufactures section, shoot me a PM.
  9. Aaron Clinton

    Crypto fun

    Bitcoin is finite and no more will every be minted (unlike the dollar), so Bitcoin has morphed into a store of value, like the digital gold. Heck, I buy $10 of BTC each dip day.
  10. Aaron Clinton

    New and Checking in!

    Welcome to SSA.
  11. Aaron Clinton

    Crypto fun

    What is your risk comfort level? Asking as there are the big stabilizing ones like BTC and ETH for example, but the majority of the huge percentage gains are coming from actual alt coins (not shit coins) that are strong projects with big following online. Plus, if you can get staking rewards (interest) it can be even more of a positive return. Example, I have Solana (SOL) and started buying pinches when it was around $27. It has since catapulted to over $110, and all the while I am getting over 6% interest. In a matter of less than 2 months, it became my #3 crypto holding. But, Solana is not as typical as most alt coins that are rising. Some of the projects are pretty amazing for what they are working on. If you want to start of safe and simple, I can help get you up and running on BlockFi (has basically become a bank for crypto). Its very simple overall. You transfer in cash, it converts to GUSD. GUSD is a stable coin that matches its value to the dollar and is getting 7.5-8% interest. When you are wanting to buy BTC for example, you use that GUSD that was the transferred in cash. My join code: https://blockfi.com/?ref=e72a96e8 just need to enter e72a96e8 when they ask for the referral code. BlockFi list of coins so far:
  12. Aaron Clinton

    Crypto fun

    I can help with info if you are interested. Been diving into this to diversify even more. Honestly, it is to the point where I think most anyone with substantial savings, needs to consider.
  13. Aaron Clinton

    Crypto fun

    I am still on buying pinched of ETH, I have the BlockFi CC getting 3.5% back in BTC, and buy small amounts of XLM on a semi regular basis.
  14. Aaron Clinton

    Crypto fun

    There are loads of newer great projects that are proof of stake that don't need mining and you can get staking rewards (interest). Projects like Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), VeChain (VET) etc.
  15. Aaron Clinton

    Where to get supliments

    Another small protein order.