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  1. We can get good avocados here in the land of vampires... Ripe after a couple of days of sitting on the kitchen counter and ready to turn in to guacamole.
  2. Good job Matt!
  3. Damnit, close again...
  4. I have a base model Opel Corsa as a rental, the seats are HORRIBLE. I have no trouble driving 12-14 hrs with minimal breaks in the Jeep. 90 minutes in the Corsa and my back hurts.
  5. NICE!
  6. Bring them with you in Germany and I'll take them
  7. And take it immediately to the crusher
  8. When will you be in Germany? I'm in Paris now, leaving on Sunday but I will be in Paris between 12-23 June
  9. Well, the Crimean peninsula is around 1000km away from me. Pretty close... And after occupying Crimea the russians critique Trump's actions in Syria and the fact that US approved Montenegro's NATO membership. So ironic that they're the ones talking.
  10. There still are a few things to do, I'd love to get the front and rear subframes powdercoated, maybe next winter.
  11. Damn, I want one! But I'm not sure which one I like the most, the RF (targa top, which I believe your AM ordered) or the convertible. Yes indeed. It's almost all done now, I even managed to get the catback exhaust off to make room for the differential replacement. Today I'm puting the wheels on, adjusting ride height and on Friday I will take it in for alignment.
  12. Half the Miata is in one garage, half in the other. Pressed in nuts and rust don't mix.
  13. That ceramic coating sounds interesting. I used abrasives on the Jeep. Trees and bushes and whatever you can find in forests It looks sad when it's clean. At least the street wheels off the newer model are in great condition.
  14. Wow! Can I ship my Miata to him?