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  1. This!!!!
  2. I loved both my Icon and Xcon... You'll definitely love the Icon man.. Great output even sealed
  3. wrong thread lol
  4. This^^^ ... I've never been on pre-order with either SSA or Fi in my times since back on '09... Now wait times yes and def longer is there are specials or high demand but honestly only time I really see the longest is when these companies are upgrading/updating their driver specs just my $00.01
  5. very nice looking equipment ideas.... def look at single vs dual but honestly if you have the room and money for it just make sure you put that bass knob in a good spot
  6. this is how I feel... I look at it in a way of what is pleasing to me visually. I'm not a pro nor do I claim to know much but if I follow my eye usually I can get some pretty great shots. What I do find to be stinky for my taste is the loss of close focus ... but I don't like getting a specific purpose lens like a macro. So I work with what I have and go from there
  7. it feels that way at times... but soon as I wake up.......
  8. Yes! deviled! Thanks! Thanks! Me too! ... New camera, new lady = new adventures aka cycle some old ones with new lady ...hahahahaha
  9. critique on point there MK ... lmao
  10. Been over 2 years since my last addition to this thread. Lets see if I'm any better. lol
  11. the bacon was very important to me.lol
  12. nice! I'm gonna post a few shots maybe later today
  13. very nice!
  14. awesome pick! started my connection with SSA through the Icon as well. Good luck and post up a build log for sure!