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  1. A few of my pics

    found rare footage of Eric ...
  2. A few of my pics

    skills on point my man! love your attention to detail in everything you've done so far
  3. Amp imput

    nice work so far
  4. awesome work Jay!
  5. A few of my pics

    are you still on a crop sensor? I am jelly since I don't have the monies for a good lens with that focal range you've got Also my favorite is the Sonata and the bike! awesome shots man
  6. 2016 Mazdarati Hatch

    Thanks for the support fellas... Alas no work really done yet. laziness, overworked, and other BS in the way. Only thing I've done is add CLD sheets all over the hatch area. Need to get some thin liners between the panels. The interiors of these new Mazdas is no joke. Such intricate installation went into these cars. I have some many pieces just for the hatch door its discouraging to go further. lmao I'll start on the wiring soon at least to get the 0awg wiring from engine to hatch, kinda want to go outside underneath with a path made of PVC and plasti-dipped for some weatherproofing/durability
  7. SSA Instagram

    dont forget @ dr.lindsayssa
  8. SSA Instagram

    follow all 4 ssa related IG
  9. Samsung SSDs 512GB

  10. Ssa tweets?

    some sexy tweets
  11. Samsung SSDs 512GB

  12. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I recently went with the Rode mic... nice and compact and used it at a family gathering, sounded great. I got the baby one though, I'm sure you want the heavy duty this is the one I have
  13. 2016 Mazdarati Hatch

    Long time member ... mainly in the Random posts .. and once in a while I have advised or helped a fellow member but this will be my first real build log. Photos will come way later but I'll post up my equipment. Currently own but not installed: PPI DSP88R (might do a mini-dsp instead) Zed mikro4 RF T500-1bd Eric Stevens mini horns SB Acoustics 7" mids (model no. escapes me) 15" Xcon d1 Soon to come: Build a ported box around 4cuft tuned close to 30hz
  14. Why can i no longer post pics

    you shouldn't really be attaching photos... You should be using a hosting site... For example... Imgur, flickr, imageshack... stuff like that, then post those links here
  15. Samsung SSDs 512GB