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  1. Mac N Cheese

    Mac's GTI build

    hey guys, I promised pics of the house/garage and here they finally are. Also Built a work bench a month ago.. Now on to the car... here are some pics after the wall was ripped out. Redid the headliner and all pillars.. going for a black/grey theme. soo MUCH ROOM So i need help deciding whether I want to go back to black again... I am going to purchase coilovers this spring so either I think will go good. What do you think? As for audio, I do planning on doing a small build in here again. Once I get more funds I am thinking (2) Sundown X 12s off a Crescendo 3500. Box will be designed by RAM. What is nice is that both amps (3500, 1000.4c) AND my XS XP3000 are all in the rear well. So it will ve very convenient if we go on a trip to remove the box and have cargo room. The audio build won't start till end of February though...
  2. Mac N Cheese

    F/S 2 Sundown X 12s D4

    text message coming...
  3. Mac N Cheese

    SSA VW Beetle

    hmm glad I am keeping up with this thread. Definitely will look into getting one for my car. Good job so far Neal.
  4. Mac N Cheese

    Black Friday sale?

    Interested in this..
  5. Mac N Cheese

    Mac's GTI build

  6. Mac N Cheese

    Mac's GTI build

    wow where have I been? Since last summer after the lvl 5 18s came out of the wall I built the 4th order for 4 Fi N2 15s which were in for two days before coming out. I sold them and ripped out the wall completely because of getting caught up in audio and having no money. I sold everything. Since then I have gone back and fourth whether or not I want a wall again. Since last summer I have had countless woofers like lvl 5 M1 motors Fi Sp4 15 3 DC lvl 4 M1 15s DC lvl 6 12 back to 4 DC lvl 4 motors lol Fi Sp4 18s now... none of these were actually tested... not one was in my gti... I thought about it and it took awhile for me to get my car back in the condition I wanted it to be in after the wall came out. Since the wall has been out I have added a pioneer 4300, re did the headliner, all pillars in black trim, plasti dipped my wheels. The next build will be out of the trunk.. it will be like how I started out with this car... I am going to wait until Fi has some high powered 12s and run them. I recently closed on my house I purchased and will be doing all my building in the garage. I think I did it right, the garage is almost as big as the house lol anyways here are some pics of random shit.. dc lvl 6 motor Next update will be when I move into my home! I will be back posting more pics once I have a place to work on my stuff, oh and have wifi
  7. Mac N Cheese

    ShiZZZoN's Build #2 The Epicness of 2011-2024

  8. Mac N Cheese

    Anyone receive any of their orders yet?

    I ordered two sets of components early December and still waiting. I received tracking for them just have not been sent out yet.
  9. Mac N Cheese

    Crescendo component sets coming soon.

    I got an email stating an issue receiving them from overseas. they extended the preorder to end of February when they are supposed to get them.
  10. Mac N Cheese

    IAK Slamology roll call

    DEFINITELY will be there with Stu this year. Might not have anything in my ride but will be in progress.
  11. Mac N Cheese

    *Swift's Rebuild* 3 SP4 18's, 12k Walled F250

    damn man I have been watching this thread closely and is easily my favorite build on SSA right now. Thanks for convincing me on the SP4s because that is the woofers I will be walling my car back off again!
  12. Mac N Cheese

    Crescendo component sets coming soon.

    The CZs. For the price I thought I would give them a try.
  13. Mac N Cheese

    Crescendo component sets coming soon.

    Just purchased two sets! Can't wait to test them out.
  14. Mac N Cheese

    *Swift's Rebuild* 3 SP4 18's, 12k Walled F250

    Which concerto amp is that? Looks damn good mane
  15. Mac N Cheese

    *Swift's Rebuild* 3 SP4 18's, 12k Walled F250

    Man after seeing this build your making me jealous I sold you the 5500! Good shit bro