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  1. It does eveyrthing I need and more though. Front stage is where I am critical.
  2. If I build something in house, it'll be a 15 or larger. In car, I am done with sub bass almost. Running a stealthbox in the Escalade, lol
  3. Nobody wants my Soundsplinters locally. I don't either. Have a 12 and an 8, but don't want to deal with shipping either.
  4. Brahma or Mag...NICE choices As always, my recommendation is something used that someone on here has lying in their overly stuffed audio closet lol
  5. I will be there 2x before then, lol. Just got back from there as well. Only 4 trips this year I hope. 6 last. Ugh.
  6. Damnit, just got the opportunity to buy pre-release tickets to Tommy Emmanuel & David Grisman...and realized I have be in Germany that day.
  7. I wasn't saying you intentionally want them. I surely don't want a battered beyotch
  8. I somehow find battered women. Don't know what the fuck is up with that. The list of victims that love me is long.
  9. It is in your nature to want a slut meaning that is what you will find.
  10. New

  11. Arbitrary no?
  12. Just as an fyi it isn't unusual to spend as much if not more on the crossovers than the drivers. The full rangers in my office have nearly $250 in crossovers for two $35 drivers and no tweeter.
  13. The Dayton boxes are nice. If you want those drivers I am sure that kit is fine. There are tons of upgrades....but they all require budget increases.
  14. MLV you need to buy locally. Dampener you don't need all that much.
  15. The zapco DC amps are just as easy as the minidsp.