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  1. Hell I recently gave Matt a ride to bar and am not sure if I even turned it on b3sides ultra low background levels.
  2. I dont have anyone to wow, I built my car for me
  3. I have around 4000 CD's in my basement that i ripped. And yes the hard drive is audio only I don't watch video really.
  4. Set it to sleep when it loses power. No kernel needed. Mine boot from that state in 2 seconds
  5. I have a 2tb drive with over 50000 songs and it works perfect on the new Kenwood. Late 2016 they upgraded their processors big time
  6. A better music player for Android auto would be great, but I will just use the hard drive instead.
  7. Perhaps cortana will change that but I think Android is going to win out in the car world
  8. I would but a head unit. Does everything better regrettably
  9. When I get back from vacation I can test the GPS puck with my Windows 10 tablet. I have Garmin maps on my other win10 machine but think the built in app may prove to be nicer.
  10. Yep
  11. Better off getting a new sub.
  12. Would love indian, middle eastern and Malaysian next. Probably Malaysia first
  13. 90% through a CIA like cookbook for Chinese. Not as detailed but same information for only Chinese food. Awesome read. Would love to find something similar for all cultures. The Japanese version I have is super enlightening as well.
  14. This week lol. Got 1.5m in orders this week so far toom
  15. I love mn.