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  1. Next purchase is a bass amp, lol. I'll probably use that once a month max. Play the bass through the looper and guitar amp in parallel at the moment which works pretty well for making jam tracks.
  2. Haven't mic'd it yet, but the PA would be a guitar amp anyways so ran it direct. Amazing pickup for an acoustic. Not something you can run into overdrive too far nicely, but clean it is really impressive. Could easily perform with what I have.
  3. And I get to today. Couldn't while the kids were sleeping
  4. Dying to see how the pickup deals with that...on a big fat tube amp.
  5. The dynamic range is INCREDIBLE
  6. The feel on your chest is better with the taylor as well. It is not just a booming big e but the whole a and e strings
  7. Martin is louder too...but I don't need that. It is a couch guitar for me
  8. The Martin's also have some strange harmonic behavior in some locations in the neck which bugs the Chuck out of me
  9. Truss is a bit out of adjustment but he had the guitar at 40% humidity. I keep my house at 33 or so at this point in the year so I will let it settle for a couple weeks then restring clean and adjust. Was used as a weekly lead the congregation piece so it isn't perfect but almost and was well kept. No fret wear and the rest are just nicks in the clear. Saves me from hating myself th the first time I add one lol
  10. I use a few bright ass shop lights. The more light the better. From below and above
  11. It is funny. On almost all guitar forums they like the Martin sound better...but I don't get it. They also play way harder than a Taylor and are made of non tradtional materials which is fine in a sub 1k guitar but in a 3500 beast...no
  12. Fell into my lap. Saved 60% by getting a w yr old one from a guy who ordered a custom and had to sell it by Monday or trade it in. He made $100 more from me than trade but that is robbery. Cheaper than a new 314ce
  13. I should have wiped it down first if it is in the spotlight, but at least