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  1. Second Skin

    Second Skin West Coast Customs Build

    Chad Utt - Operations Manager world famous West Coast Customs
  2. Second Skin

    Eye Spy With My Eye

    Saleen S7 Number 2 being built...
  3. Second Skin

    Eye Spy With My Eye

    WOWZZERS.....Officially the most expensive vehicle we have ever been a part of the build for. Over a year in the making and coming alive as we speak!!!! Check out that price tag for this 1,300 HP Monster!!! Absolutely honored to know our products are being used on the first 3 (this first one almost finished) being built in Corona, CA at the SALEEN Headquarters. Second Skin For The Win!!!
  4. Second Skin

    Second Skin West Coast Customs Build

    West Coast Customs just released some sweet new pics of the Steampunk VW project we were part of in 2017!!! Check them out...
  5. Second Skin

    Eye Spy With My Eye

    More hours on the road testing...
  6. Second Skin

    Eye Spy With My Eye

    Kenny is a lucky man to take this sweet ride on the town!!!
  7. Second Skin

    Eye Spy With My Eye

    On the streets...
  8. Second Skin

    Eye Spy With My Eye

    Another angle of that 1,300 HP fire breathing dragon under the hood...
  9. Second Skin

    Eye Spy With My Eye

    She is one sexy ride...and hit the streets of Cali this weekend!!!
  10. Second Skin

    Boat Noise? Yep, we got you covered!!!

    Heat Wave Pro
  11. Second Skin

    Boat Noise? Yep, we got you covered!!!

    Damplifier Pro and High Temp Foil Tape
  12. These are the types of builds that make us happy, helping someone achieve goals they didn't think were possible of obtaining. The Second Skin Difference!!! "This is a project that I have researched for about 2 years and not satisfied with the options that I found until I found Second Skin. I called and explained what I have and what I was looking to achieve. Without hesitation from the sales department, they recommended the Damplifier Pro, Heat Wave Pro spray adhesive and the wooden roller applier. I then needed to figure out how much of each product I needed. I called back and was given the best option that met my needs. The product arrived ahead of what I was told, which was ok as I was vacationing in Hawaii. I came back and prepped the engine housing. This took approximately 5 hours. I used an adhesive remover, which took a long time and ended up using a disc sander. Got great results as you can see in the pictures. Final clean before applying the Damplifier Pro was to use denatured alcohol. I was now ready to apply the Damplifier Pro. I placed this product out in the sun for about 10 minutes. This allowed the Damplifier Pro to become much more pliable to cut and place for the installation. I was told to be careful as the product can be sharp. As I continued, this product went on very easy. Just make sure when you place the Damplifier Pro, it's where you want it to go. It is not very forgiving if you need to remove and replace. Getting back to the sharpness, yes, it's like getting a paper cut only worse as it made me bleed. So please use extreme caution when applying this product or wear some sort of glove. Lesson learned. This product looked awesome once applied. I then sealed the seams with HVAC tape. Once this was done, the next step was to install the Heat Wave Pro. I measured 3 times to get the most mileage of the product with minimal waste. Once I figured that out, the cutting began, I started with the largest and flattest piece and continued from there. To apply the Heat Wave Pro, I used the adhesive spray that I purchased. As you can see again from the pictures, the finished project looks awesome. I again sealed all seams wit the HVAC tape. If I had to give you a time frame from start to finish, I would estimate 10 hours. But now that I know what I'm doing, minus the prep, I could do my project in under 2 hours. I have yet to put the boat in the water, but I am very anxious to hear the results as an inboard tournament ski boat can be noisy. If I need to give pros and cons, the pros are easy to install, cons (Not that this is a con, but more user error) would be to watch the sharp edges on the Damplifier Pro. I would highly recommend this product/company to anyone who needs this type of product." Customer: Mike S Vehicle: Master Craft Pro Stat 209 Ski Boat Products: Damplifier Pro, Heat Wave Pro, High Temp Foil Tape Second Skin Insulation #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinUSA #SecondSkinInsulation#SecondSkinAudio #AmericanMadeSoundDeadening #SoundProofing #SoundProof #TeamSecondSkin #SecondSkinForTheWin #Boat #MarineLife #Marine
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    Your 3-day weekend just got better...

    Final hours to save 20%....