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  1. End Of Summer Sale

    End of Summer Savings Save 20% Off All Damplifier Pro USPS Flat Rate Boxes Code Is Live Now through August 19th Second Skin's End Of Summer Sale is in full effect. Get your hands on some sweet 2mm thick American made butyl sound deadener sheets for 20% off all boxes from 10 sqft to 30 sqft. And the best thing about these boxes, is they all ship out to all 50 US states for the same low price of $14.50 each. Use Promo Code: SAVE20USPS WWW.SECONDSKINAUDIO.COM
  2. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Almost time for the Sound Deadening video to be released, footage is being edited now......don't miss it. Take a look at that very nice coverage of the hatch in the 240SX. No tacky billboard effect of logos all over the project, just a nice hint of the SS logo with the black on black ghosted logo view able at the right angle.
  3. B Stock Discounts Damplifier & Damplifier Pro

    Sounds great, that box is an awesome score.
  4. B Stock Discounts Damplifier & Damplifier Pro

    Second Skin Damplifier & Damplifier Pro B-Stock product thicknesses is less consistent than their A-Stock counterparts, but are still made of the same quality materials, and have the same thickness of foil. B-Stock packs will contain factory errors such as uneven edges, wrinkles, and/or thickness variances of +/- 25%. The effectiveness of the product is in no way inferior, it is made with the same great American made butyl rubber and the same 6.5 annealed foil as the A Stock product line, it just isn't as pretty as A Stock. We offer this product when it is available to help the dampers on a budget or just the smart installer who realizes this product gets covered up anyway, so why not save some dough.
  5. Damplifier and Damplifier Pro B Stock shelves are super full once again for you dampers on a budget. Our factory errors are your big discount. And these bad boys are weighing heavy. As you can see in the pics this batch of factory errors for the Damp Pro B Stock is running on the heavy side. Don't miss out on this sweet round of Damplifier butyl goodness offered at 30% off A Stock prices. We currently have the following box sizes available: 32 sqft Damplifier 16 Sheets - 26 Boxes 100 sqft Damplifier 50 Sheets - 6 Boxes 30 sqft Damplifier Pro 18 Sheets - 18 Boxes 90 sqft Damplifier Pro 54 Sheets - 5 Boxes 60-90 sqft Damplifier/Damplifier Pro 40 lb Mixed Piece Box - 19 Boxes You can get your hands on any one of these boxes at the following link SECOND SKIN B STOCK but don't wait too long because the B Stock always goes fast!!!
  6. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Update on the awesome Nissan 240SX Resto Build!!! Check out the interior of this build all torn out in this video were Kyle does the tire/rim swap out. Enjoy the new video, sound/heat insulation coming up next. #TeamSecondSkin Second Skin Insulation
  7. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    The fun is about to begin....Kyle is tearing down and cleaning the inside of the 240SX to begin the awesome process of SOUND DEADENING from head to toe with Second Skin Audio American made materials. #SoundDeadening #AmericanMadeSounDeadening #TeamSecondSkin #SecondSkinForTheWin #SAABKYLE
  8. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Check out the finished rims and tires......great job KYLE!!!
  9. B Stock Damplifier Pro Available

    We also have the very rare B Stock Damplifier Pro Shop Packs 90sqft available this time too...don't miss out!!
  10. B Stock Damplifier Pro shelves are filled again. Get your hands on some awesome American made butyl sound deadener at a 30% discounted B Stock price. Same high quality 2mm butyl rubber and 6.5 mil annealed foil as our A Stock, just a few mostly cosmetic blemishes, thickness variances, wrinkles, or bent edges. Get it before it's gone!!! Current B Stock Box Count is: 7 Boxes of Damplifier/Damplifier Pro 40 lb Mixed Piece Box (60-90 sqft) 12 Boxes of Damplifier (32 sqft) 4 Boxes of Damplifier (100 sqft) 10 Boxes of Damplifier Pro Bulk Packs (30 sqft) Purchase Second Skin Damplifier Pro B Stock Here Video of a B Stock 40 lb Mixed Piece Box
  11. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Update from Kyle: "Chrisfix and I will be filming two separate videos for our channels on doing the 5-lug conversion on my Nissan 240SX! Now that our intros are done, we're about to get started on my video This is going to be awesome!"
  12. Quick Code #3

    One more code use left.......get on it before it is gone!!!!
  13. Quick Code #3

    Quick Code #3 - Rule reminder, first 3 people to use the promo code score the sweet discounts. Code will not be extended for any reason. This code can be used on all Spectrum, Sludge and Tools (i.e. spray gun, wire tape, and plasti-wrap). Quickest 3 customers win, period. Quick Code is SPECTRUM15 for anyone that can not see the image or link. Second Skin Insulation Links for product, that code will work for: SPECTRUM & SLUDGE http://store.secondskinaudio.com/liquid-vibration-coatings/ SPRAY GUN http://store.secondskinaudio.com/spectrum-spray-gun-1/ WIRE TAPE http://store.secondskinaudio.com/spectrum-wire-tape-1-4-x-90-ft/ PLASTI-WRAP http://store.secondskinaudio.com/spectrum-plastiwrap-pre-taped-plastic-cover-5-x-65/
  14. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    And the 240SX tires and rims have been selected by Kyle and ready to install!!! "Here they are! My Volk Racing TE37SLs for the #240SX. I love the timeless look of these wheels. They're forged alloys, super lightweight and have an awesome dark grey finish on the spokes. Took about 2 months to order from Japan 17 X 9" with a +22 offset. They should fit nicely. I have center caps for them too. Will be getting them fitted to the car next week!"