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  2. Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend! Use the following codes at checkout:Orders $75 And Up Use: FREEDOM10 Orders $200 And Up Use: HONOR15 Orders $350 And Up Use: AMERICA20 WWW.SECONDSKININSULATION.COM
  3. Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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  7. Get those orders in for the Flat Rate Box sale....ends Saturday, don't miss out.
  8. Thank you M5 for keeping the thread alive sir, your involvement in this convo sparked an SSA forum member to take notice and call us for a huge order today. And what do you know, he ordered 10 gallons of Spectrum.......... So thank you for the exposure on this forum (which is usually dead as far as sound deadening goes). 10 gallons of Spectrum, 10 sheets of Luxury Liner Pro, and 4 sheets of Mega Zorbe #SecondSkinForTheWin #SpectrumLiquidSoundDeadening #17YearsOfSatisfiedCustomers Customer Ryan H. Order
  9. Day 1, time to get your orders in to save money and get your products within 2-3 business days.
  10. Cymbal Demo Without Db Meter Showing Cymbal Demo With Db Meter Showing This test is not scientific but clearly shows that Spectrum deadens just fine. There is about 18 Db difference in peak noise from the 87 Db non treated Cymbal to the 70 Db treated cymbal. But I am sure you will say I didn't hit the other one as hard or some other Bill Nye type diagnosis. But I am still sitting here waiting for you to show one slice of evidence that Spectrum itself is "useless" as you stated. But all you have is your opinion, which you are free to have, the other forum members will have to decide to take your biased opinion over 17 years of satisfied customers and dealers (just like SSA who sells this product on their website successfully for years). PS Next time you are inside of an elevator look at the tag and see if it is a Wright Elevator, if it is you should be able to hear all the horrible structure borne noises, because like you said Spectrum is useless. I've been inside of them, they are dead quiet. Please bring just one unsatisfied customer to our attention sir. Until then, your words are 100% opinion, backed by zero facts.
  11. Is the testing data sheet not visible to you above? It is also located on the product page, just go to the link your forum website has it listed under and check it out yourself. I'll wait here for your proof that it doesn't work. We would love to hear from just one person that has used it and not had amazing results. M5 are you really suggesting that SSA lists and sells its forum members products that are known to "not work" ? SSA has sold Spectrum for over a decade without any complaints.
  12. Also sir, if it is so useless you may want to talk to the forum owners you admin for and tell them they shouldn't sell the product on the website any more SSA Spectrum Listing
  13. Do you have any real world data to support this statement? Spectrum has been used in vehicles that are hitting 150 DB plus and almost every customer who uses it has had great results. We also have a huge elevator company that uses it on every elevator they build because it kills the vibration noise so well and is so easy to apply. Spectrum will kill vibration waves and structure borne noises as well as any CLD on the market when applied in the proper thickness.