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  1. Second Skin

    Welcome to the Owner's Manual

    B.O.A.T. = Bust Out Another Thousand...That's what they say. But it will cost you a lot less than that to replace that old deteriorated insulation in your boats engine bay...check out the newest chapter of the Owner's Manual: Boat Engine Compartment Insulation And check out the newest Boat Kits from Second Skin!!!
  2. Second Skin

    WOW, Free Shipping and 20% Off...

    Final Day To Save
  3. Second Skin

    WOW, Free Shipping and 20% Off...

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!!!
  4. You work hard all year long. So let's celebrate this Labor Day with an A+ extravaganza on Second Skin materials. Use LABOR20 to get 20% off your order this weekend only! And as always, we’ll cover the shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. Step 1: Snag some Second Skin sound deadening. Step 2: Smile Step 3: Get back to enjoying BBQ and good times with friends and family!! WWW.SECONDSKINAUDIO.COM
  5. Second Skin

    All New Season Featuring Second Skin...

    Season 12 Episode 12 The Dodge Charger Daytona is coming to life. Skinned from head to toe with Damplifier Pro by Justin and Alyssa...check it out here or on Motortrend TV streaming.
  6. Tesla Model X Door and Light Show
  7. Chad and Ryan tuning the Tesla Model X sound system
  8. Tesla Model X door panels getting skinned with Damplifier Pro
  9. Tesla Model X door panels getting skinned with Damplifier Pro
  10. The crew at West Coast Custom's at it again with this awesome build for legendary music producer and engineer Mike Dean's brand new Tesla Model X build. Chad Utt of WCC did all of the sound system upgrades from box design to skinning the doors, panels, and trunk with Damplifier Pro from Second Skin. Check out this sweet new Tesla X tuned to perfection and looking damn good. #TeamSecondSkin #JLAudio #WestCoastCustoms #SecondSkinForTheWin
  11. Second Skin

    Car Audio Suggestion

    You can increase speaker performance and also eliminate outside noises from tires/engine/exhaust to give your platform a better environment to work in with CLD treatment and MLV treatment of the vehicle. If you are talking about door speaker performance you can check out this method to increase your midbass:
  12. Second Skin featured in the West Coast Customs 1967 Shelby GT 500E Build
  13. Second Skin

    All New Season Featuring Second Skin...

    Second Skin was featured on last weeks Season 12 Episode 8 1969 1/2 Dodge Super Bee build, skinned with Damplifier Pro, check it out: