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  1. Second Skin

    Welcome to the Owner's Manual

    Another chapter in The Owner's Manual: Sound Deadening Car Doors Whether you’ve got a fully upgraded car audio system that you turn up to 11, or you enjoy playing some smooth jams to relax and de-stress. For a lot of us, our car is our mobile concert hall. But it can be tough to get into the rhythm when unwanted noise is infiltrating your sanctuary from all angles. From wind noise, to road-noise, to rattling sheet metal - most of us wish our car ride was a little quieter.
  2. Second Skin

    Welcome to the Owner's Manual

    This week we bring a new article to The Owner's Manual brought to you by Second Skin Insulation. Quiet Exhaust and Engine Noise Upgrade your exhaust and realize you can't talk on your cell phone anymore? Swapped out the engine to a big diesel upgrade and now you need to tame down that airborne noise? Second Skin has you covered, with the best ways to block out those stubborn drones and irritating airborne noise. Check out our newest article in the Owner's Manual.
  3. Second Skin

    Welcome to the Owner's Manual

    Welcome back to another page in the Second Skin Owner's Manual How To Reduce Road Noise in Your Car If you want to reduce the road noise in your car, you’re not alone. Most drivers experience road noise of some kind, whether it be in an old hot rod or brand new compact car. Since no two cars are constructed or driven the same way, no solution is perfect for every road noise problem. Annoying exhaust drone, diesel engine noise, turbo noise, tire noise, and outside noise can all be a killer on long trips but it does not have to be!!! #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinUSA #SecondSkinInsulation #SecondSkinAudio #AmericanMadeSoundDeadening #LuxuryLinerPro #MLV #MassLoadedVinyl #SoundBarrier #ThermalInsulation #CCF #ClosedCellFoam #TeamSecondSkin #SecondSkinForTheWin
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    Welcome to the Owner's Manual

    This time on the Owner's Manual, we dive into the decisions of sound deadening mat vs liquid sound deadening spray, Sound Deadening Mat or Spray: Which Is For Me? Driving is as much an experience as it is a necessity. You should enjoy how your ride feels, how it looks, and even how it sounds. That last piece can be a challenge, because cars come with a fair share of noise, from structural hums, rattles, and squeaks to airborne sounds like wind, road noise, and horn honking. Fortunately there are some great products to improve your driving experience (and they don’t involve earplugs). They’re called vibration dampers and a question we get all the time is, do you go with the mats or with a sound deadening spray? #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinAudio #SecondSkinUSA #Spectrum #SecondSkinInsulation #Bass #SoundProofing #ThermalInsulation #AmericanMadeSoundDeadening #TeamSecondSkin #SecondSkinForTheWin #MadeInTheUSA #CarAudio #SoundProofing #SoundProof #Automotive #AutomotiveRestoration
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    Welcome to the Owner's Manual

    Another chapter in the world of heat and sound insulation, The Truth About Deadening Sprays and Paints When browsing the vast caverns of the internet, you're going to find a variety of different liquid products advertised as soundproofing solutions. This article will help you decide which types of liquid sound deadeners may be right for your build and which types are better to avoid. #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinAudio #SecondSkinUSA #Spectrum #SecondSkinInsulation #Bass #SoundProofing #ThermalInsulation #AmericanMadeSoundDeadening #TeamSecondSkin #SecondSkinForTheWin #MadeInTheUSA #CarAudio #SoundProofing #SoundProof #Automotive #AutomotiveRestoration
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    Treat yourself this Labor Day weekend

    Final Day To Save 20%
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    Treat yourself this Labor Day weekend

    Final Day
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    Treat yourself this Labor Day weekend

    Good Morning SSA. Don't forget we are always one email (service@secondskinaudio.com) or phone call (1-800-679-8511) away for any questions, product info, sqft help, or concerns. Reach out to us and we will reply most weekdays within a few hours on social media pages too. Have an awesome Labor Day weekend everyone.
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    Welcome to the Owner's Manual

    A Quiet Refuge blog featured Second Skin products in some of its' suggestions
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