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  1. Free WireTape with every Spectrum purchase Now through July 23rd, 2018 Only Always wonder how the pros get their Spectrum lines so clean and straight? Here is your chance to get the tool to get that job done right. With this awesome deal, you get a free roll of Second Skin WireTape with any Spectrum order. When you lay this double sided wire tape down on the line you want the liquid sound deadening to stop, it will be ready to give you that clean and straight finish for all your projects. Once you are done spraying, you just find the end of the wire tape and pull it straight up while it cuts through the thick liquid Spectrum that has been applied. And if you add on our PlastiWrap with pre-taped double sided sticky tape, your project will clean up as easy as it goes on. Check out this video with Spectrum, WireTape, and PlastiWrap being used. Use Coupon Code: WIRETAPE
  2. Final Day to save 20% off all Second Skin products, use code FIREWORKS20

  3. Second Skin Insulation Second Skin's Pre - 4th of July sale starts now! Celebrate America's birthday with 20% off all products on orders over $85. Not only will you save big on American made sound & heat insulation, you’ll also have a little extra in your pocket to get those BBQ goodies for the whole family. Sale valid now through July 2nd, 2018. Use coupon code: FIREWORKS20 Shop Here 1-800-679-8511
  4. 20% Off All Second Skin Products

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    Pre-4th of July Sale From Second Skin

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    Father's Day Sale

    Final Day To Save 25% on All Spectrum products!! Spectrum Used On Spare Tire Sub Box
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    Father's Day Sale

    Brush, Roll, or Spray your way into 25% off savings on all Spectrum & Spectrum Sludge products for Father’s Day!!! June 16th through June 18th, 2018 take 25% off all orders of Spectrum liquid sound deadening products by using the coupon code SPRAYON25 at checkout WWW.SECONDSKINAUDIO.COM Spectrum and Spectrum Sludge are water based acrylic polymers that reduce vibration, thermal transfer, and protect surfaces from rust. Apply 3 (1mm) coats to achieve optimum results. Check out all the options we offer for this product here.
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    Father's Day Sale

    Spectrum sprayed on a 1969 GTO
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    Father's Day Sale

    Spectrum being sprayed on a sub box Spectrum Sprayed on 24 Layer Ported Speaker Box By Steve Meade
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    Pay Over Time At Second Skin

    Second Skin Offers Pay Over Time From KLARNA!!! We have partnered with Klarna to provide you with financing on your purchases - offers start at 0% APR if paid in full within 6 or 12 months!* It's simple and easy... When you pay over time with Klarna, you will know exactly how much you pay each month and in total. You'll get an instant decision on whether you're approved with just simple information - no bank account or credit card required. Here is how it works: Step 1 - At checkout, select Klarna as your payment option and continue. Step 2 - Enter simple information and know instantly if you're approved. Step 3 - Klarna will send you an email confirmation and payment reminders. After that, complete all future pay over time purchases with just a single click! *Interest will be charged to your account from the transaction posting date at 19.99% APR if the purchase balance is not paid in full by the end of the applicable 6 or 12 months promo period. Minimum monthly payment required. Additional payments may be required to pay off purchase before promotion expires. Promotional offers are for qualifying customers. Non-promotional purchases have a standard APR of 19.99% and are subject to a potential $2 monthly minimum interest charge. See terms Financing by Klarna is issued by WebBank, Member FDIC. Subject to credit approval.
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    Stars, Stripes, & Savings

    Day 2 of the sale, also we are doing a giveaway of Damplifier Pro to our Instagram followers and one of their friends...check out the details here INSTAGRAM MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND GIVEAWAY
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    Stars, Stripes, & Savings

    Memorial Day Sale Salute-worthy savings in honor of Memorial Day all weekend long. Take 20% off all Second Skin products on orders over $85. Friday May 25th through Monday May 28th Don't miss out on this great deal. Use Coupon Code: HONOR20 at checkout!!! WWW.SECONDSKINAUDIO.COM
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    Stars, Stripes, & Savings

    Code is live...enjoy your weekend!!!
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    Melamine Foam Sale

    Enjoy your weekend and thanks for picking up some Second Skin Melamine Products
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    Melamine Foam Sale

    Melamine Foam Sale 20% Off All Hydrophobic Melamine Foam Products Use Coupon Code: HMF20 Friday May 11th through Monday May 14th Only!!! Check Out The Melamine Foam Options Here
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    Melamine Foam Sale

    Here are Mega Zorbe's Acoustical Properties which can be found on the product link Please let us know if there are any more questions we can help you with. Have an awesome weekend.
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    Melamine Foam Sale

    All product info can be found on the product description on this link
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    Melamine Foam Sale

    Melamine Foam Insulation for Thermal Management and Noise Reduction Melamine foam is an effective absorber suitable for applications involving noise control and thermal management. Second Skin Audio provides a range of melamine foam insulation for a variety of industries, mainly car audio, construction, rail transportation, heavy truck, aerospace, medical, and marine manufacturing. The foam is widely used because it is a versatile, flame resistant material that is lightweight, semi-rigid yet flexible, and easy to customize. All grades of melamine foam are utilized for thermal and acoustical insulation applications. While standard melamine insulation can absorb water, all of Second Skin’s melamine products are hydrophobic (resistant to moisture and shed water). Sound Reducing Insulation The open cells in melamine foam make it an excellent noise reducing insulation because sound waves can travel deeply into the foam. Once there, the sound waves are converted to low-grade heat in the open cell structure of the foam, stopping noise from reflecting, causing echoes and increasing noise levels. Our foam is a popular sound reducing material for manufacturers as it absorbs mid to high range frequencies while meeting aircraft (FAA, BSS, etc), HVAC, and transportation vehicle’s flame, smoke, and toxicity standards. Thermal Insulation Melamine foam prevents the convection and heat transfer of air, making it an excellent insulator. The foam has a thermal conductivity of 0.25 BTU-in/ft²-hr-°F at 68°F and is often used for heating, ventilation, and air condition duct lining. Due to the rigid cell structure of the foam, it does not settle or fall apart over time, unlike fiberglass, and remains an effective insulator for years.Extremely lightweight, the foam provides exceptional resistance to heat, low-flame, and smoke without adding excessive weight during application. Our foam meets all aircraft (FAA, BSS, etc.), HVAC and transportation (rail) flame, smoke, and toxicity standards. The foam is also available with a 1,000 degree thermal film facing (Mega Block) and pressure-sensitive adhesive backings. Flame Resistant Materials for Safety One of the key properties that sets melamine foam apart from other insulators is its flame resistance. Our foam can withstand temperatures between -300°F to 356°F and has an intermittent temperature range of up to +400°F. The fire-resistant characteristics are a result of the high nitrogen content in the melamine resin used to manufacture the foam. The resin creates an extremely flame-resistant insulation without the need of additional fire-retardant chemicals. Melamine foam does not drip or melt in the presence of open flame and exudes little smoke. Once the ignition and fuel source are removed, the foam will extinguish. Check out Second Skin’s melamine products: Mega Zorbe (self adhesive), Mega Zorbe Standard (non adhesive), and Mega Block (self adhesive & heat shield).
  19. Second Skin being utilized in building construction??? Not everyone understands Second Skin Insulation is designed and used in many more industries then Car Audio. Unfortunately, industrial builds and construction crews rarely share pics with us...but we got these AWESOME pics today from GDV Homes installing 2 big rolls of Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl in one of their current home/office builds. The owner wanted it to be dead quiet inside their room even if the husband was up working. 1/8" thick Mass Loaded Vinyl is one of the best barrier layers available to block out sound. We have industrial clients who use it in elevator shafts, Dr. offices, coin counting machines, and even professional sound recording studios (we are waiting on pics of a very awesome build in Hollywood sometime this year). Keep your eyes on our social media pages and on your TV for an upcoming build showcase from the land of entertainment. So next time you have a noise or heat issue inside your home, office, or garage think outside of the car and try American made Second Skin Insulation for all your construction needs...This ain't your grand daddies sound deadener!!! #SecondSkinUSA #SecondSkinAudio #SecondSkinInsulation #SecondSkinForTheWin