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  1. They dig pretty good to my ears. I hope to get Aaron back up to hear them.
  2. I have a set in ported enclosures which Bill did listen to. Mine are tuned around 66-67 hz, I also have a set in my 4runner IB. Both applications sound very good. Also with a little top end eq the evil sounds very good full range to.
  3. He may be the guy who Levi has been emailing about it. I will ask him tonight.
  4. The forging process is pretty awesome. I have a coworker who has bee making knives and other goodies. He has been taking classes on the art and does amazing work by hand. He just recently acquired a Little Giant power hammer that we are rebuilding so he can use it. Similar to these.
  5. Custom forge your hooks! You can make some awesome ones.
  6. Once the rear is done we are going to measure the volume and go from there. We may port it, but want to be sure first. Bill may change his mind again.
  7. The money is going to be well worth the finished product. I want to thank everyone who has commented on this build. We did get the headliner in today which I forgot to take pictures of because another buddy showed up with his new toy. Fully suppressed AR-10 with thermal optics. Needless to say the afternoon was shot after that showed up.
  8. Under carriage shots.
  9. Then we got busy.
  10. Some goodies arrived this week.
  11. I am getting the wife a Roku today.
  12. How close....