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  1. And yes, it's the quietest vehicle we've ever owned, but moar quiet is moar better.
  2. I love the system in my truck, but I had the most fun sound deadening. I really want to deaden our new SUV
  3. Supposedly the Thinkpad x and t lines are mil spec tested as well. They can be had around the 1k mark.
  4. Alright guys, I need to spec out a laptop that will be mounted and used in a vehicle. It needs to be rugged enough to handle those vibrations and a good enough screen to be seen in bright situations (probably no direct sunlight on the screen ever) Do I just need an SSD computer or should I make sure to go fan-less?
  5. It's like 60 bucks a month right? Pretty good deal if you use the stuff
  6. Shut up about computer stuff. I'm not ready to buy yet.
  7. If Mr Hinote (SSH) still frequented the H0P he'd probably have a great idea
  8. The speakers remind me I got to throw another thing on the project list.
  9. So I guess a monitor come with it since I only have a 900 VGA only monitor.
  10. More than a monitor I needed to get a new computer. A $350 5yr old laptop with 768 screen is just not cutting it for Lightroom.
  11. As long as you try to convince me that I actually just need dual twenty-fours and not an Ultra
  12. If you wanted the best then you should have got two 27-inch Thunderbolt displays. Everyone knows that retina displays are the best that money can buy.
  13. Sean, do you mean your option is 2560x1080?
  14. Also, I want to be able to go through a group of pictures and then pick out the ones I modified to export to JPEG. I haven't found a good way to do that other than add every picture to a quick collection.