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  1. This, of course, was pre-"good camera" so I didn't have a good system setup.
  2. So my wife and I have taken a photo on our anniversary every year with a picture of the previous year (on our first was our wedding day). I can't find last year's picture anywhere. I can't even find pictures taken around that time frame....
  3. Mobile garage lights Something I could shine on the car to spot imperfections and something I could easily use to shine into an engine bay/ work on something in the backyard in the middle of the night.
  4. We drive a Hyundai Santa Fe but.....
  5. I'm also taking suggestions for mobile lighting to help check spots on the Swagger Wagon while polishing and other general work usage.
  6. Garage lighting ideas? I'm really looking LED, because I've LED'ed the rest of my house (Cree LED bulbs FTW) I'd like plenty of light to be able to polish the Swagger Wagon in the garage. I need some light on the edges for working.
  7. Finally listened to that video. Taylor hands down.
  8. Guitars don't go low enough in the frequency domain
  9. I use M105 M205, and Blackfire Wet Diamond sealant for polishing. The M105 though can 80-90% of what I need though. May just go M105 and sealant on my truck.
  10. And don't get a speck of wax on them or your screwed.
  11. Any tips on cleaning "porous" black panels? The rockers on my wife's santa Fe and my bumpers are that type of surface and I can never get those rockers to look super clean.
  12. I've been using 303 aerospace on my interior and I freaking love the finish it gives. Clean and not glossy or slick. I'll have to give that a look
  13. Trying out Optum No Rinse. I probably will Rinse but after all the glowing reviews I had to try it. It will also be my clay bar lube as well. Now I'm in the market for a "quick detailer" spray.
  14. I'm glad you have had good experiences. My dad had a blowout that will keep me away from them. We switched to Hancook Dynapro ATM and I got over 60K out of the last set on my truck.
  15. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/6737786? Curious what you Minny boys think of this...