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  1. Wife is making me some bourbon pecan cupcakes for my bday soon. Any suggestions on the Bourbon? Will use at least a cup and drink the rest of course.
  2. Wow.
  3. I need to get a new truck, but I really thought a new truck would be more exciting.
  4. So I went and drove a 2011 Ford F150 Lariat and I came away a bit underwhelmed, but I don't think it was the Ford's fault.
  5. I'm not emotionally ready to handle my child playing sports. Not sure if I'll be ready in 5-6 years.
  6. Slow hop this weekend!
  7. I feel like that is one of the problems with USA made. Very specialized labor. Not saying it's not worth it, just a challenge to be dealt with.
  8. I'm thinking with the new truck it may be better to buy a cheaper truck with out the infotainment system and just add a double din and back up cam.
  9. Funny how you say how much German food sucks and then you take a cooking class there!
  10. So I forgot how different the car audio world is outside of SSA. Guess I've been living in the bubble too long. I was telling a guy how I didn't want to just give away my woofer/tweeter combo since it's a great set of speakers and cost me almost $300 and he was like, "$300 isn't that expensive for speakers, I paid over $300 for my Infinity yadda yadda speakers." Sometimes I wish I didn't build the system for me and would have demo'd it more.
  11. Got the whole weekend to myself. I realized how badly I need human interaction.
  12. Wait, shit. I'd need a 5 channel or 4 channel + D
  13. I can't part with my icon, seas and peerless.
  14. Turns out my new HU has a pretty nice 2way + SW setup. Any cheap 2 ways ideas and a 12" sub that likes 2.25 cu ft @ 34Hz?
  15. All hail Google!