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  1. I just promised to find a shared storage solution for the guy I want to work for in my company. Then i need to edit the video he uploaded for a training video. I dont seem to have editing software. Well, i might be spending more money i shouldn't today. Fml lol
  2. I just saw something how they still do blackface for Christmas. Cooky bastids.
  3. Mingus. Miles is fine. Mingus requires 100% of my focus. I cant listen to complex Jazz in the car. I either get distracted from driving or get a headache trying to push the music into the background. I am 200% positive that is it was just quietly playing, i wouldnt pick up on it.. But if im actively thinking, mingus and other activities = headaches.
  4. Especially in winter.
  5. Jazz and hiphop remind me of the same thing. Its a conversation and sometimes gets funny. Doing this that shouldn't work. Those leftover notes, the things that go against the rules but work. If you ever heard a jazz song asking and answering, you get it. I don't enough about music theory.... The major take away here is don't marry a Kardashian and don't start a war with Russia.
  6. Murs and Tech n9ne are just fine.
  7. I only listen to the good stuff. :-)
  8. Pappa been smooth since days of underoos. <3 Finally someone explained why I love the hip hop.
  9. T? Is that a thing? Sounds like blinker fluid.
  10. I cannot believe how amazing the midbas is. I really want to hear yours side by side Sean. It would be super fun.
  11. Sean i would love to bring them over. Running on a balanced XLR. From the pre out on my integra 5.6. If I can run them straight from the PC then ill be super happy. I will be able to bring the integra into the bedroom and then buy some high WAF speakers and a mini sub.
  12. I need to lift them. It was getting heavy holding them at arms length to ear height for the whole first act of Carmina, but I won't have to invest time in my shoulders this week then. You have yours on armatures?
  13. At this moment, the JBLs win. Accuracy I would bet the alclair wins, But at my desk I can feel the drums. That is something awesome. This is a new experience for me lol. The crazy small sweet spot is like a migical wonderland.
  14. Holy shit.... My computer experience is now almost flawless. Also... I never knew anything could sound this good in a near field experience.
  15. They are larger at home than at the store.