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  1. That sounds like an amazing read.
  2. Roommate got some 1080ti's also... Lol Should I pack up and ship you old cards so you can burn electricity??
  3. Jump ship. For me about one week after an LG phone starts getting quirky, it dies.
  4. Egg and flour noodles have been better. I haven't started making my own..... I guess I need to. What flour do you use? Egg and flour only?
  5. Sean, I am having a problem with pasta. WTF. Why is boxed pasta making me sick? If I am starting a gluten problem I'm done with this life. Bread is life.
  6. You know what..... I bet the poly carbs would be just fine. We used those as eye protection on the bikes if it was too hot to have the visor down. I have been wearing MJs since about 2002 as "safety" glasses way before I did as super nice glass.
  7. This fantasy has unlimited budget.
  8. Ring bros
  9. Pantera.
  10. Moves like gymkahana, feels like a rolls when I'm sitting in it. <3
  11. I used the wrong term. Pro touring indeed. Kinda old looking with new shit everywhere. How about that classification. TT engines and engine management systems, but also Italian leather and subwoofers that massage my back. And maybe a Champaign fridge.
  12. Resto mod would be my life too. I get whatever I want in whatever package I want with the electronics and control systems I want. That is boner inducing.
  13. Sounds like you should be in the car selling biz.
  14. Ferrari time?
  15. On the way home, a white camry full of "2016-2017 seniors rule" had a nice young lady pop out of her sunroof topless trying to impress the riced up Nissan who was trying to coax me into a gas pedal war. Interesting end to my night, but feels appropriate. They had already passed me before I noticed what was going on. Oh to be young, dumb, and full of cum again.