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dem beats

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  1. If I was Darth Vader, this would have been my imperial march.
  2. I want a power hammer that isn't already in my pants.*
  3. I really want a power hammer.... :-(
  4. I noticed that later. Im frazled. Need some booze in my life so i can think str8.
  5. I have no idea the difference but i asume they are variations on a theme.
  6. Also, its a landcruiser. Lol Im an idiot.
  7. Its a nice vehicle! Its a 2000 but still awesome.
  8. Nice tires!
  9. Ill have him check that out!
  10. My co worker purchased a 2000 yota land cruiser 4.7 litre. It came with a compustar 2W900FMW-3A. Right now it seems to only handle the lock unlock functions. Do any of you know where we could find the info to get the remote start and alarm set up? any tips in the right direction will help.
  11. I love vodka, champagne, and life.
  12. Nice pewpew!!
  13. Im not loud with my suits, but im not plain. I havent worn a black suit since i got married in fact. A fun tie or shirt is much better at making a statement though.
  14. I really want a Porsche.
  15. Boy oh boy, i would love to not have insomnia tonight.