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  1. I just picked up a pair of polarized Oakley gascans on eBay for around 60. I seen a few pairs going cheaper, but I had to have the gray ones once I saw them. Was bummed I lost my last pair in the lake a few weeks ago paddle boarding. Time for a floaty thingy to hook on them.
  2. 3m Super 77 works well. If it's really being finicky try 3m 08008, shit is insane.
  3. Challenge excepted.
  4. You would hate my job... requires the patience of a saint to deal with some of the people.
  5. I'm thinking tomorrow is going to be horsepower therapy day...the 'Stang is feeling neglected.
  6. I've been teaching one of the girls I work with how to weld this week. She is a natural.
  7. Couldn't agree more. I miss my log building days. I ran my Stihl 046 WOT all day long scribing log copes. Oh the good old days.
  8. My back gets sore just looking at it.
  9. Hard to say with today's crazy marketing, all in the wording. I am a gambling man myself. So personally would probably buy it, IF their feedback from others checks out. i.e. Reputable seller
  10. People claim refurb is better than new sometimes, as it's been went over an extra time. Don't know if I agree with that thought personally. Other than that what do you have to lose if they are a certified dealer?
  11. Just playing with you homie...I got no problem being old and shit. I will the big 4-0 this year. I work hard to not let my health slip as I know It's hard ground to gain back.
  12. The manufacturers frequency response graph will tell you how the top end will perform.
  13. Did I miss something? Which model?
  14. YIKES! Why you have to talk about me like that? I prefer to call it aging gracefully.
  15. A watt is a watt is a watt. A cheaper amp may or may not handle hard use/abuse as well. Even that is questionable now a days though. Otherwise you will never hear a difference.