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  1. Components or Coaxials in pillars?

    2 words for you Pro Audio
  2. wire crimps

    You can get a hydraulic crimp at harbor freight for like $40. I have one works great.
  3. New to forum, Plan my build.

  4. i think i messed something up

    On my oscilloscope my Alpine CDS-117 didn't clip 35/35 with the sub level at 15, turn that shit up.
  5. SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    Come on man! No secrets. He might be up in that number range now where he might want to keep some things close to the vest, or should I say Dickes. Better wear protection if you are putting strange stuff near your Dickie! Spill it Steve! Secrets are the ghey, anticipation is the win.

    Nice score Buddy, should be dumb when your done, speaking of.......... Get your ass back to work.
  7. 4 channel amp bridged to run components

    Put the switch to 2ch and plug in your RCA in 1&2.
  8. Might have to turn the SRT8 into a drift car

    Motorboat'n son of a bitch.
  9. Happy Birthday Porkchop

    Ah, a day late but Happy Birthday Brotha!
  10. Trip to Dominican Republic

    you have some dirt on your lip. lol JK Bro, nice photos. Looks like fun.
  11. Yep, that is what I need to do. Work warning yummy titties are shown! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXpO2wKTzws
  12. New "SQL" system for a metalhead - Right direction?

    I ran the B&C8ndl51 and thought it was an excellent mid and can say it sounded sexy on metal. Midbass was not terrible considering the bad Rep PA speakers get and I personally thought it had very good midbass with some EQ. Vocals and guitars you can feel in your chest!!!! Loved the B&C drivers. Curious where M5 is going to go with the tweeter to match.
  13. SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    Looking damn fine Bro! I can't wait to see what it do with more power!
  14. Interest inquiry: Real Carbon Fiber Dust Caps

    Sexy time!!!! I love them