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  1. Cools thanks. Should I email you about the order? I am ready to order :] I asked on support chat phone. Told me to use 0 to 4 guage reducers then. Need 2 of them, 1 for power, and 1 for ground. And should still provide some benefit over just 4 guage amp wiring kit.
  2. Thanks. I would like to order today hopefully. Just trying to finalize my plans. The Synergy EFA 1k can handle 0 guage wire for amp kit? The hellion 12, dual 2 ohm can be wired in parallel to be 1 ohm at the amp? So then I can use synergy efa 1k to do up to 1k rms at 1 ohm? Looking to get hellion 12" sub, Synergy Audio EFA 1k amplifier, and BoomTown BT112 Single 12" Speaker box. Is there a perhaps a combo discount for, subwoofer, subwoofer box, and amplifer? :] Thanks again Aaron!
  3. I am trying to find out if the Synergy Audi EFA 1k amp can take 0 guage wire? To see if I should order 4 guage, or 0 for amp. Prefer to use 0 guage just in case.
  4. Thanks. Considering premade boxes now. Seen 2 ported ones on this sites store, but the khaotik is a bit expensive so not sure. I do like how the khaotik looks though Bit hesitant on the boombox. But seems like a good box?
  5. Ok thanks. Between the sundown and the hellion, which would you suggest? I am thinking the hellion. But afraid to have too powerful amp that messes with my electrical system. But also to help avoid sending a clipped signal to subwoofer, I will get a decent amplifier that can power the sub at its rated rms, but just not use it to send full potential rms? Sound good? But I guess I could still send clipped signal even the amp is rated at similar RMS as sub? If the gain isnt set properly could still clip? So confusing!
  6. Ok maybe not going for the rockford fosgate T1. quite expensive, but also idk... maybe not the best thing to get for the price? Looking at Hellion 12, but higher rms than i think i would ever be able to provide. So also looking at these subwoofers.... but when looking at their specifications the numbers are confusing for abbreviations and such. Just looking for a loud, yet decent sounding subwoofer. I guess I prefer a 2 ohm subwoofer because it requires a lower wattage amp most often. Sundown Audio SA-12 750 W SA Series 2 ohm for $179.00 Tezla Audio 1.0k Series 12" 750w Sub 2 ohm for $279.99 Crystal Audio Solutions 12" 750w CS12 Sub for $253.99 This one has several confusing upgrades? But looks aesthetically pleasing lol
  7. How much space should I be looking to make available? Don't want to take up whole trunk. But I can always go deeper in size and length if needed. But the height can only be around 16 or 17 in. Considering the SSA hellion and the rockford fosgate T1. The T1 is rated at 800 RMS and is bit more within the range for power consumption that I would like to use.
  8. So I measured the space I would prefer to use in my trunk. My old subwoofer enclosure was around 17 inch deep, by 19 inch wide, and 16 inch tall. I could use similar measurements. But to fit my new trunk nicely would be 14 inch deep, by 18 inch wide, and 15 inch tall. I can always go a few inches more for depth, but for the length can go much more. And height maybe just 1 or 2 inch more room if needed. By depth I mean straight ahead when facing trunk and looking towards from of car. And length I mean from left to right when looking into trunk. Any chance a premade box can be used to save on cost? Or would a custom box really benefit that much more? Cause I do not have the tools nor the work area to make my own box.
  9. Thanks. I spoke with Aaron about difference between Icon and Helion. I think he said Icon was warmer and i forgot what word he used to describe helion. I guess then my question is what words can be used to describe the "quality" of a subwoofer? I have not really listened to much else other than the rockford fosgate p1. I do know my factory 8 in subwoofer is horrible. almost gives me a headache, cant really describe how it sounds other than just bad. still crazy busy, but want to measure tomorrow I hope. Between work and applications for Doctorate programs been busy
  10. I'll just use a tape measure. Should have time tomorrow I hope. I agree that output is my focus, but what else is there to focus on with a subwoofer? If quality is not a thing? Just curious what else I should consider? Also considering my budget. Prefer to keep all under $1,000. But seems like it may be around $1,400 or so. Would consider higher budget depending on benefits. LOC, amp kit wiring, amplifer itself, sub box, subwoofer itself. Also a bass knob at the front lol! What seems reasonable within this budget? I think under $1000 should be okay.
  11. Thanks. I just assume, in most applications, if a sub is rated at 2500 RMS and another is rated at 500 RMS, then if you run an amp with 500 RMS to each, then the sub rated at 2500 RMS would have a lower output? or the RMS rating of subwoofer should not affect difficulty in driving it? My system does have a factory amplifer within it. But am not sure about where to tap into the signal and such yet. I liked the rockford fosgate P1 yes, but feel like i would want to be able to have more bass in general during certain songs. I was under the assumption that another subwoofer may have better quality as well, but I heard previously here to not focus on quality of low frequencies. So I figure a higher rated subwoofer with RMS should produce more bass, and potentially sound better. I was just using the rockford fosgate loaded enclosure that came with it, made by the company. I'm sure there are better boxes also. I will measure my trunk space and see what I would be okay with dedicating to the subwoofer box when I have free time. Been super busy with work and other chores. Thanks for the help everyone
  12. Ok thanks Armoto, that ssa sub looks nice but also bit concerned about the large RMS rated and how that affects the limited wattage I have. Main reason is I don't want to upgrade my battery or alternator as that would be expensive. M5, when you say start with the box, do you mean the room I have available? Or ported vs sealed? Fair enough about the ohm, makes sense. Just wondering cause I've seen some subwoofers that are exactly the same, yet differ in Ohm rating. I guess just made different ones to match the amp of the customer? So for the box, I only want one subwoofer, not 2. Ported preferred as I have had a ported rockford fosgate sub P1 before and liked it decent enough. I know its quite a low end, entry level subwoofer, only had around 200 to 250 RMS sent to it also. Looking for an upgrade for my new car. Tirefryr, thanks for the info. So you said SQ on subwoofer is not a good way to describe a sub, but better to talk about the driver. what do you mean by the "driver"? like the line or series of subwoofer? I don't know what a "quality driver" is? Also as far as the processing of signal from factory electronics, do you mean the possibility of bass roll off at higher volumes? because i am keeping the headunit, I would like to get a LOC or DSP. Still sorta confused about which one is better for my application. I would like to get one that has enough channels for 1 subwoofer, and 2 front speakers, and 2 rear speakers. just in case i do upgrade speakers later, but just to have that easy upgrade already installed when the time comes if i choose to. i saw several AudioControl items that have bass restoration or Accubase, whatever those do, but seems to help with bass roll off. So many types of these things, hard to tell which is best for my application.
  13. Thanks. I am looking for a 12 inch sub. Not going to use the same spot the car factory subwoofer is in for the 8inch.
  14. So I see theres a subwoofer that comes in a 4 ohm and a 2 ohm version. I believe a 2 ohm version would be easier to run and most D class amps are compatible with lower ohm rated subwoofers? So is the only reason between the versions, based on which amplifier you have? Just trying to understand this. Thanks! Also, yes I did buy an Acura TLX 2017 tech. With the ELS speaker system. It sounds pretty good but is lacking in quality bass. It has an 8 in subwoofer which sound distorted and horrible. I'll first start by getting a decent subwoofer and then speakers later. Edit: also what SSA sub would be comparable to the JL 12w6 and one comparable to the JLw3? I'm pretty sure that JL has good subwoofers with SQ but they are expensive due to the brand name etc... Looking for 12 inch subwoofer that leans towards SQ but still decent loud. thanks The Icon 12" 1250W seems within my price range. except the RMS rating seems a bit much? So if I don't want to run an amp with more than 600 RMS rating, would that mean it won't sound as great?
  15. Not trying to spam, but still curious about this if someone does not mind answering? Thanks again for any input! Also I heard something about needing a DSP or a JL Audio fix 86, or AudioControl LC7i. So these three items, as well as line out converter versus amplifier with speaker level inputs. It seems like a DSP, the JL audiofix 86, or AudioControl LC7i are all different items but they serve similar functions? To allow for a a somewhat more uniform signal to be send to each speaker, and subwoofer? I don't think saying a uniform signal is correct, but I don't know how to word that. And then speaker level input on amp or line out converter, only one would be required, and then one of the 3 items above would be used with either of these? I understand I may not need these items, but just trying to understand the purpose of these items. Thanks!