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  1. Florida_Audio

    Estimate of cost for sound deadening top of trunk?

    Yea but why would you deaden the base of trunk? I'm trying to see the benefit to learn.
  2. Florida_Audio

    Estimate of cost for sound deadening top of trunk?

    I can add to cart yea. but didnt place any orders yet. try a different web browser? firefox, chrome, etc... try from different hardware like phone versus laptop or desktop? is Don someone from SDS? thanks for putting the message out for more input :} I dont see the point in deadening the base of my trunk like ive seen people do? like i dont think it rattles or I hear the rattle there? idk? i feel the major points should be the rear wall of trunk by license plate and the top of the trunk?
  3. Florida_Audio

    Estimate of cost for sound deadening top of trunk?

    ok cool thanks. so probably be around 30 bucks. thats pretty reasonable if it can fix the trunk rattle. i don't hear it at high volumes, but at low volumes i do hear the rattle
  4. Florida_Audio

    Estimate of cost for sound deadening top of trunk?

    The CLD tiles good for this? Around how many is approximately needed for trunk? Not too expensive?
  5. Florida_Audio

    New 12" hellion installed

    i thought the LOC should fix this issue though? its LC2i with bass "restore" features, in a way it seems to help, but not perfect
  6. So I think the next thing I want to do is reduce the rattle of my trunk due to my subwoofer. I put some foam and heavy duty tape between my license plate and the trunk, which stopped the rattle there easy enough. But I think most of the rattle in the trunk is from the top of the trunk. Seem to be a common issue? It is my understanding that adding sound deadening materials to the top of the trunk should reduce the rattle quite a bit, and potentially help increase the amount of bass I hear in the front? But also, wondering which sort of sound deadening material is decently priced and would do a good job? Trying to figure out cost of materials and types of things I would need to install it. Only negative to sound deadening I can think of, is that it adds weight to the car? But should help improve bass a bit? Thanks!
  7. Florida_Audio

    New 12" hellion installed

    i made sure to disconnect it under the glove box during installation of subwoofer. okay so it seems to be okay now. the LC2i is very hard to adjust the threshold setting but seems good enough. some songs, like post malone white iverson the bass lowers during some vocals. may just be the song.... idk. but for now its all good i guess. subwoofer is great. just the consistency of bass being played is off a bit. i think its due to the LOC
  8. Florida_Audio

    New 12" hellion installed

    thanks.i just got back from a week cruise. i will hopefully be able to check things tomorrow. LC2i not too sure how to only play the sub? i have factory setup except for the subwoofer. i don't think i can only play the sub, unless i find out how to disconnect the factory speakers inside stock headunit? the guy seemed to know a decent bit, but yea the box rise comments did somewhat make me question things. also how he mentioned i should use a 300 amp fuse for my amp kit, because i was using 0 guage wire, even though i was only using an amplifier capable of 1000 watts. i asked him to use the 100 amp fuse i supplied him with, and was fine with that. overall he was a really nice dude who knew a good amount of stuff, but i feel like its hard to find someone who is extremely knowledgeable about everything. i did raise the LPF to a higher number, but forgot to what, i can check tomorrow. also still not sure how to upload new image, my file size limit is only 1.72 mb now, and most pictures are around 3 to 4 mb
  9. Florida_Audio

    New 12" hellion installed

    Can't remove that image above, tried to flip it . also not letting me upload next image? keeps reducing the file size allowed?
  10. Florida_Audio

    New 12" hellion installed

    More pictures... but i forgot to take pictures of how the LOC is wired. its weird i think. like wired with power and ground into amp. Pics of gains and settings in case it may help to adjust for my issue! thanks for any input.
  11. Florida_Audio

    New 12" hellion installed

    To answer question about the amp, I got the synergy 1k from here. Rated at 1000 Watt RMS at 1 ohm. Wired in parallel with DVC for the 1 ohm. I have not spent a great deal of time listening to it yet. Had work today for most of day. But on drive back home I noticed that with the headunit set to like 5 to 15 on volume knob, which is low to middle, the subwoofer often won't play or if it does, it randomly jumps to a high boom out of no where... I can set my headunit to around 32 before the door speakers start to distort around 35. I think it goes up to 40. But when I play the volume around 30, then the subwoofer sounds great and occasionally will sort of get real deep, but its much more consistent. At mid to lower volume the subwoofer plays very inconsistently and is all over the place. I guess i just noticed this because i didnt play the volume at lower levels much yet, really wanted to listen to nice bass. The shop that installed the sub, amp, and loc tuned it a bit by ear. we also only listened at higher volumes. the LOC has a Maximize light that supposedly shows when the LOC may be clipping? i think thats what it should be for, but doubt its very accurate. Any ideas on what can be causing this issue? Should I adjust the gain settings? If so I believe I set the LOC gain settings first and then the amplifier if needed? I have no idea where to start, and hope its just a simple adjustment for the gain :[ Thanks for any help!
  12. Florida_Audio

    New 12" hellion installed

    Got the 12" hellion installed earlier today. Thought would take around 3 to 4 hours. But ended up taking 7 hours for amp install, LOC, sub into box, and box into trunk, tuned a bit and all good. The installer seems very knowledgable and super chill dude. I feel bad that it took so long... I was there just hanging out and talking with him throughout the whole thing and paying attention to learn some. Will post more pics tomorrow hopefully after work. I was suprised about how long it took to get through the firewall with a grommet. I guess the new acura TLX are not easy to do. Also that the installer tapped into the power and ground wires for the LOC into the amplifier. Will post pics. Also I know the BOOM logo is not visible with how i positioned the box, but its not a big deal. Looks nice with logo and matching colors, but I'd rather face the sub towards back of trunk instead of upwards. One other thing I learned about today was "box rise". The installer told me even though the amp is rated at 1000 W RMS at 1 ohm, and the subwoofer can handle 950 W RMS, that at times I will often not be getting the full power from the amp due to change in ohms from box rise? Any1 care to comment on this? Should I have actually gotten a 1500 W RMS amplifier to account for the change in ohm from box rise? Thanks!
  13. Florida_Audio

    SSA Demon (all new)

    Looks like he ordered 3x 10inch hellions? i think
  14. So I have the LC2i LOC. It says to use a 1 to 2 amp fuse for the power. Is this really needed? Someone I spoke with told me they don't think its required because the fuse on main power should act as fuse. And if an issue occurred then it should pop the fuse on the main power line. Is that correct? Just wondering if I should go find a 1 amp fuses?
  15. Wow thanks a lot for the answer there! Just to clarify, the remote line you are talking about in the beginning is the remote in? Which allows for the LOC to turn on. But what is the remote output switch for then? And you said the remote should come from the headunit if possible. This is the remote output? How would he get this from the headunit? After the wire goes from the stock amplifier thats in the car? Sorry for the questions, after you gave a great answer....