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    Working out(Cardio running!!!!!) and o yeah car audio ftw got get that thump!
  1. Dictator1992

    Shop Owners/Employees, what's up?!

    All i got to say is i work hard for my money and i havent had one thing go bad online with my electronics!! Get good quality stuff in the first place wont have to worry about problems in the future and 1ohm wont kill your system specially for daily since you will never see 1ohm out of your amp with ohm rise in your box.
  2. Dictator1992

    New to the Forum!

    Welcome **
  3. Dictator1992

    jl w7 vs fi btl

    Didnt want to start a whole in depth arguement just was stating my in depth opinion on the w7. Your right the driver is for diferent type applications not spl which this thread is a fail from a start comparing a 2000rms power monster to a 1000 rms highly rated sub...not a good comparison of drivers!
  4. Dictator1992

    Life Changes?

    Go up to vitamin shoppe and get obnoxius amount of protein and OD on it everyday for 3months and eat alot of steak and protein stuff and workout 5days aweek that a make you a brick house promise you if you push it and stay on a sched! You can join up at my gym Anytime fitness ill help you train if you really want to get fit!
  5. Dictator1992

    Custom Lethal Injection build

    Sorry about the first post didnt mean to be such a ass. Watch out cutting metal though dont want you to make the car unsafe for you or others.
  6. Dictator1992

    DEMO with DR.SUBWOOFER !!!!!!!! EPIC&#

    lol I like how he was so confindent in everything he said!
  7. Dictator1992

    what BTL should i get and how much are they

    When i had my bl's in my trunk it got loud and low.
  8. Dictator1992

    Need help 2 12s

    Build the box to the requirments and face them into the cab of the car. It wont suck ass it will blow his ass away!
  9. Dictator1992


    Thats whats UP!
  10. Dictator1992

    power handling of two bl 12's

    Your bl's should be fine with the aq 2200 had the same setup in my sedan but every enclousure is different on power handling! My old box could of took another 2200 easy but it was a very un-efficient enclousure which was the reason why it could!
  11. Dictator1992

    Xcon 18 in hatchback box build

    You answered your own question "Stupid loud 150+db" thats a ported box if everything you said in your taste is true!
  12. Dictator1992

    SA-8 Box Build

    looks good so far!
  13. Dictator1992

    A new ride

    Throw some 5% on that bad ride! Still tight looking though!
  14. Dictator1992

    Big Daddy Series 12's are in and BANGIN!!!!!&#

    ..Those subs arnt even moving they need more power 1krms per sub more power Looks bad twisted keep banging. If you keep this setup for more then 3mnoths ill believe you, Till then they look like alright subs!
  15. Dictator1992

    jl w7 vs fi btl

    ..w7 overpriced hype definetly got his eye in the mainstream market!