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    looking for bass
  1. djteks

    Termlab results + Cops in my yard!

    lol its off right now tho.......lol thats wut it do....... 5-0 be like turn that off......thats when shit gets dirty in dallas lol
  2. djteks

    install finished

    do you know what city they will be in and when? the 3 shops in this town are called midwest audio...snells and ez music.... midwest is the good one i would say...the others...just seem shady...out to get your money... but if you are in my area i would have no problem showing you the setup...what town in nebraska do you live in? and im currently landscaping for the summer....it pays more about 2 dollars more an hour....car audio is a winter job.. but none the less i can do full installs from my shop at my house free of charge at any time during the summer.. im in scottsbluff NE by the way....
  3. djteks

    im just so proud.

    if it aint screwed up i dont wanna hear it!!!!!!!!!!!! get ya grey tapes out feel me then get a stick n a fo'
  4. djteks

    im just so proud.

    trae gettin high beats...really beats slowed up What don't you like about NY rap? You do know the greatest rapper is from NY right
  5. djteks

    im just so proud.

    shit now you talkin my style bruh... when it comes to anything A.B.N or S.U.C i got that....look in my cd case aint nuthin but h town....wossness lil'o zro grace trae botnay fat pat hawk big steve e.s.g Gmaab i own guerilla maab rise and trae losing composure should be both of trae first drops R.I.P screw... hawk.... pat....big steve.....gator texas up
  6. djteks

    install finished

    im all for having it closed....im done with it...will have more videos up later...and thats the bottom line...cause STONE...COLD..said so!!!! **teks hits the thread with the stunner and knocks it out cold****
  7. djteks

    install finished

    guy i sold the optis 2 has them in a tahoe running on a memphis 1000 watt amp......... its really kickin in there.........sounds louder to the ear than it did in my car... nothing wrong with optis at all.......for the price i dont know of a better louder sub... i paid 99 each for my 1234's and sold them for 220 6 months later lol Cool bro, I'm running a couple of opti 15's in one of my rides. I have a wall, 150 termlab is one of my goals, don't know if I'm really there though. I hit a 154.2 sealed on the dash, but that's a coustic rta 33 (og iasca meter)
  8. djteks

    install finished

    this dumb kid is trying to spell check me.... yup i knew it was wrong before i decided to not click spell check.. why???? cuzz i dont care.....im not here to prove how well i can spell like pucking captian spelling bee over here.... im here to help ppl in any way i can...and maybe learn a few things while i do it.... i see he is here to be a hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooe lol here is a word that fits him lol i will even spell it right so he can google it.. floccinaucinihilipilification cheers
  9. djteks

    install finished

    i ran opti 1234 carbon fiber dvc 4 ohm 900w rms i ran each opti on a lanzar mxa282 bridged one amp per sub...amps are trash but they pushed the optis real hard... and they ranged from 135-139 in a prefab box.... honestly a great sub for the price...i sold them and the are still bumping in a buddys suv today
  10. djteks

    install finished

    i was told the db. gain comes from the added air my sub's are able to take in or somthing like that bro guy said with my subs facing the trunk the are hungry for a bit more air...... not my idea to flip them...but i was told to do so and it does in fact give me a boost in number even tho it makes it sound worse to the ear... i was also told most high spl trunk setups do better on the TL with the port facing the driver..
  11. djteks

    install finished

    well no its 2.4 db. and also im pretty sure i said about a 3 db. and that is about 3 db. this is the last time i respond to your pussy ass... you are dead to me bruh Another thing that makes no sense, you claimed a 3 DB INCREASE my turning your box. Dude, 148-150 is only 2db.
  12. djteks

    install finished

    now you slander my intellect........ ok fine i have somthing to say... i stand by my apology to the fi forums and mean disrespect only to bassahaulic when i say this... but fuck you buddy straight up and flat out...fuck you.....you dont know and have no right to judge me.. only god can judge me you phony funny style faggot i dont even care if i get banned flat out you are a bitch bruh... and to hve judged my intellect and never so much as spoke a word to me in person makes you the stupid one... ps fuck you bruh Younger members? Dude more then likely, I am younger then you and him. Fact is, I only believe shit when there is proof. He had and still does not have any good evidence of his number. And the fact that he didn't know peak, and showed no evidence as to how he gained 10db with no work makes me question him. Add to that his clear lack of intelligence, and none of his story makes sense. P.S. You spelled "douche" wrong.
  13. djteks

    install finished

    the box is alot better than it may look.......every option was looked at while making the box for this car.... runing a 6 part box was the only way i could swing what i needed...... but its perfect and exactly what i needed as far as how it functions.. also for a 150 i have to have the box facing the driver not the trunk like this shows in the pic....but i like the sound better facing the trunk it sounds louder to my ear and cleaner i dont understand how... but anyway im running a 148 with the box facing the trunk max so far
  14. djteks

    install finished

    and there is no problem with this...as a matter of fact it is the way it should be... but to call my number magic...is to completely disrespect and disregaurd how much time work and not to mention god only knows how many man hours tweaking things sealing weak spots and getting and working on this install has taken.....just because it is new to you does not me it just started last night...and this you must understand.. i was in the high 130's 137 -139 before started on these forums with prefab boxs optidrive subs running no name amps...im not sure if my car is just an easy db. number... or what is going on but getting more db. has yet to be a big problem for me.....more or less it just depends on how high i am willing to turn my system settings...but with them all the way down i run a 140 with the bls and crescendo.....very easy i might add...my knowlege is limited so why this is i do not know....but i would say it is the size of the car maybe
  15. djteks

    How did you guys find SSA???

    always knew it was here......have had a few buddys tell me to get on here for help with questions i had in the past.... but i signed up when i got fi subs