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  1. BigB2202

    AQ 2200d

    well now the amp is fine, i just cant turn up the gain. While i was tuning the amp today i was putting up the gain and thats when it shut off. The red indicator light came on, then the amp completetly shut off. Now all of a sudden my amp turns on and works properly except i cant put up the gain. My voltage with the car off is 13.4, when my car is running its 14.4
  2. BigB2202

    AQ 2200d

    my voltage droped to 11.9
  3. BigB2202

    AQ 2200d

    do you think 1 xs d3100 will be enough?
  4. BigB2202

    AQ 2200d

    i just fixed it. Its a voltage problem. The amp works fine now but i cant turn up the gain. Im going to get an xs d3100 and hopefully that will be enough. what do you guys think?
  5. BigB2202

    AQ 2200d

    my friend wired the subs for me. They are wired down to 1ohm. He is experienced. But he is out of town so he cant help me right now
  6. BigB2202

    AQ 2200d

    i dont kno about the dmm rating on the speaker wire, but i have two fi bl 12's. When i turn on my car the red light just blinks
  7. BigB2202

    AQ 2200d

    i checked my voltage yesterday. it says 13.4 volts
  8. BigB2202

    AQ 2200d

    everything is wired right. I have had it in my car for 3days now, it was bumping pretty hard, until today when i was trying to give it a fine tune. I dident even put up the gain, it was half way. my electrical consists of a xs 1200d and the big 3.
  9. I just got my aq2200d 3days ago. As im tuning it today, it was hitting pretty hard. How come it just shut off. I turned my car off and back on, and there was just a red light saying its in protect mode, and now the amp wont even turn on at all!
  10. BigB2202

    Which is louder? Fi BL 15? JL w713? RF T2 15?

    The 15BL will beet them all as long as you have a proper built ported enclosure and a good amp like a sundown SAZ 1500d or an AQ amp.
  11. BigB2202

    When will i get my BL???

    i ordered my two bl 12's 3 weeks ago. Scott is calling everyone to let them no that the bl's are on a 3 week back order. They will ship around the 1st or 2nd week of April. Again like s omeone on this post said, there extremely busy
  12. BigB2202

    2010 Nissan Altima build log

    sorry fot the delay guys. EVERYTHING is on back order. I wont get my two bl's or my aq 2200d till April 15th!!! thats why i had to put a pause to my build log
  13. get two sundown 2500d's or that AQ 3500d. The aq 3500d is around 700 bucks i think between 7-800 bucks
  14. BigB2202

    And I thought AQ would be good

    AQ are very good amps, its probably your pioneer settings
  15. on power bastards.com i finally found an alternator for my car, 110amps at idle and 220 total amps. will that be good?