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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I am at a stand still until a few items get taken care of. I keep going back and forth on the subwoofer enclosure. Should I build the enclosure in the spare tire well? or stick the amplifiers in the spare tire are and build a traditional enclosure against the gas tank/rear trunk wall?
  2. Interested in seeing more pics for the evil mid enclosure you posted. It looks like you have a lot of volume if needed. Have you guys considered porting the evil mids?
  3. Waiting on some stuff to be wrapped, some pics from today's detail:
  4. Worked for me, copy the direct link and paste it over here on SSA
  5. Can you post some of the pictures here? Not everyone has facebook.
  6. Last chance, wrong place to be making insults which include making fun of handicapped children. Maybe you should read your posts before you type and negatively react to every post in response to you. You are not getting your original point across the first time because you do not take the time to proof read, make changes/correct your post/point, and then click the submit reply.
  7. Dual one ohm can be wired into .5 ohm or 2 ohm. Dual two ohm can be wired into 1 ohm or 4 ohm.
  8. Nevermind, I found a couple of pictures. It looks like they are mounting in their own enclosures. Here is some motivation, these guys do great work: http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/build-logs-project-install-gallery/256625-departure-our-norm-2016-wrangler-install-af-arc-mosconi-illusion.html
  9. Ah, okay. Can you describe and/or take pictures of what the dash enclosures look like when the mids in the dash are removed?
  10. Are fabricating kick pods an option?
  11. If you ever decided to sell the Mikro IV, let me know. Do those tweeter pods come apart? God is that mid/woofer location terrible.
  12. Try and paste the direct link here. It should work just fine.
  13. Yes send paypal address please