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  1. Green and red because the whole interior of the truck is red leather, then the basket is florescent green (which you will see through the windows) -- customer's choice. SPL-man ~ Yep, that's me thanks bro!
  2. Hey guys ~ Haven't posted on here in a little while and figured i'd show you all what I'v been up to. Business has been good and I was fortunate enough to be able to construct this enclosure designed by the owner(s) of Phantom Soundz! This was going under the seat of a 2001 sierra cab, with the subs downfiring. Lot's of work went into this Let me know what you think! Shoot me any PM's if any of you are interested in getting something built! Enjoy! Dustin
  3. bassman3

    4th order band-pass for two SA-10's

    Nice box you got there
  4. bassman3

    Box Build: 2 RLi 8's

  5. bassman3

    Box Build: 2 RLi 8's

    not quite. I rabbet all sides of each "side" panel.
  6. bassman3

    Box Build: 2 RLi 8's

    Pretty straightforward build for a customer. 1.5 cubes @ 35hz. Dustin www.DLdesignz.com
  7. bassman3

    BIG enclosure BIG kerfs!

  8. bassman3

    BIG enclosure BIG kerfs!

    Mark LaFountain or denim (members name on here), shoot them a pm. Thanks!
  9. bassman3

    BIG enclosure BIG kerfs!

    haha, yep. It has around 117 sq. inch. of port and the web address is going to be www.DLdesignz.com Check it out guys and let me know if your interested in an enclosure. I am trying to find out who to talk to to get my own section here on SSA anyone know?
  10. bassman3

    BIG enclosure BIG kerfs!

    You do great work. I'm jealous. Thanks Idiot? lol My website is launching in a couple days too so you can can check out all of my plexi windows, kerfs and everything and of course order from there too.
  11. bassman3

    BIG enclosure BIG kerfs!

    I use trupan light on all of my enclosures, so shipping usually is not too big of a deal. For example, for this 8.5 cubic foot box, its only costing $75 for shipping and its going cross country to VA...
  12. bassman3

    BIG enclosure BIG kerfs!

    All by hand, no shop bot's involved. Customer got a great deal on it too. I'm actually offering kerfed ports for only $20 more than a regular slot right now too.
  13. bassman3

    BIG enclosure BIG kerfs!

    Here are some final pictures for a build I did for a customer. Box is 8.4 cubes @ 35hz for 2 HDC3 15's. Box is not being covered with anything. customer will do what he pleases. Gonna be fun to ship... Enjoy