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  1. As far as cleanliness it is a nice upgrade. I cant really speak for the radio itself but from the reviews users seem to love it. Since you have upgraded system my vote is go for it. As far as the 2 channel goes how much power would you want out of it without having to upgrade later?
  2. Looks pretty legit. What are your plans with it? Just as an interface to control audio source and volume or will this be used as amp source as Well? If used as amp you will need adapter to work with factory amp
  3. Quick easy bolts drilled through the back will work fine for some quick terminals and keep that port area free for flowing.
  4. Kinda looks like box is just setting on thr backseat is this temp until further dedication?
  5. Thats because ssa is the bestest forum on the webz!!!
  6. Im excited you kept this build updated through the years.
  7. Ew ohio lol. Michigan all the way.
  8. Looks good. Get that alt in lol.
  9. David y, 3 hours 47minutes 24seconds
  10. Ive seen good results with sub up port up.
  11. To answer in short no because of how many different connection points you would have with different types of metal would start to oxidize creating problems later
  12. I wish BILLY could help decipher this
  13. Ok so what you think he is saying is he will connect the clamp terms and then he wants to run a bar across the threaded parts of the clamp ring he showed us?