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  1. Glad to see you had fun broha.
  2. Denim!!!!!!!! Happy 40th broha.
  3. Goodness its a rebuild during a rebuild while doing the initial build. Keep it coming.
  4. Love it all. Welcome back monte.
  5. That last sentence is my focus of all this sweet talk.
  6. Hoping to make it. Gotta get the truck to stop fighting me amd work with me for once.
  7. We want you to climb under the whip and snap some pics of her under side. Lol nah just happy you got it all situated. Now back on to the audio part of the truck.
  8. Pics or it didnt happen
  9. Went with felt over fleece. Ill lay some resin and then body fill and add the spectrum final coat.
  10. We just ask that you use the history here first to see if the questions you have may already have been answered or addressed. We love to help and share wisdom and knowledge here at SSA and we welcome everyone who wants to participate. But as you mentioned dont be a troll. Other than that welcome to SSA were glad your here.
  11. Ive seen lithium builds in person running 10k with stock alt and dont see below 12.3 full tilt at idle.
  12. My favorite part