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  1. Happy Birthday Neal

  2. SSA Evil 18 Help

    I seen them knobs on the pic and this poor man has the pedal to the metal and wondering why the gears wont change. We will take care of you boss and make sure that the beautiful piece of art you purchased will be playing to its full capability. Please share enclosure specs with us. LxWxH and port length and dimensions aswell. Since you shared pic of amp maybe pic of box aswell? Also your voltage at half ohm is taking a beating. Whats your volts stay steady at while you were playing?
  3. As a side note when i had the 8 18 icons i had two soundstream 6500s that i was running at 16volt and the difference from 14 to 16 was noticeable...... On my pockets. It was such a hassle if its going to be a daily then the KISS method is what to follow. When you mix 14 and 16 and drive it daily it turnz fugly.
  4. No sir i dont run crossfire. Its either Fi or SSA products for me. I have ran every series of the SSA line and i love every single one. But currently im not playing cause motor blew on my way to work in the konvikt. But when its back up it will be 4 Team Fi 18z on 2 soundigital 12k.
  5. Transpo regulator. The blue one. If your only running 1 secondary alt then the transpo will be just fine. My yukon is setup with triple alts. 1 stock and 2 for the system. I still only run it at 14.8 but i love not having my truck and my system on the same lifeline.
  6. F250 Supercab sail pods & Evil tweets

    Well how about a solid written review on the head unit power you were giving it?
  7. Forced adoption of Optical

    Please review because i am interested in this exact model.
  8. High Voltage Lithium

    Turn it on so we can see what it does
  9. Buying First real TV, can haz help?

    Welcome to the forum. Nice post.
  10. Buying First real TV, can haz help?

    Costco and sams are pretty clutch on tv pricing. Do you nuthug any brands(like i do ssa)? I have a 65" lg but opted for no 4k because of rumors i heard on a new "8k" led. 2 years in and no 8k lol. But the screen on mine compared to my brother in laws 4k sony my 1080p craps all over it because of the refresh rate.
  11. Basically what they are saying man is they want to help you do this right and in that case you need a better alt regardless. If you insist on wanting to do it your way i aould recommend charging them every time you use them. We want you to be successful in the cheapest route possible i assure you. Which in this case is us trying to make your spent money last longer. So to simply answer the question you want answered it would be every time you use them charge them to try and prolong what life you can get out of them.
  12. Going Cheap Rarely Works Out

    Second skin for the win. Love my SS products.
  13. 2002 Ford F-150 Super Crew

    I want to see some exhaust pics..... The truck i got stuck buying is 05 f150 supercrew so i believe we have same setup. I plan on doing a blowthrough so ill be glassing my doors and doing pillarz of some sort im sure. So keep up on updates so we can share experience.
  14. Yukonvict XL overhaul!

    Yukon xl is a "work" vehicle. Its my daily driver. I wash cars at the dealership at night and have hour worth of freeway driving so the boom boom is a must. I had a daily driver with 8 18 ICONS doing a 157 at 38hz so this needs to be up there or i rebuild. 60s or bust lol. But the box and everything with the yukon are still intact i havent commited 100 percent to anything yet. Just has me sour right now. I appreciate the support fellas. Pics are older with the c pillar wall but this is for reference.
  15. Yukonvict XL overhaul!

    Bought an 05 f150 off my father. So im going to prob split the system and run 2 vehicles 1 for summer 1 for winter. Tjey are both "work" trucks.