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  1. My favorite part
  2. Gotta finish up the house but figured id post some pics of that progress in here.
  3. If you have to rebuild your current icon then yes going to 2 dual 1ohm subs will allow you to end with 1ohm impedance and will not be as harsh on electrical as half ohm would be. I believe what Randall was getting at is that you would be better running 2 suba at 1 ohm eaxh versus you trying to run the amp at half ohm which would cause the amp to pull more because your forcing it to work under nominal inpedance. Now if you have a good sub and dont have to recone then yes i would stick with the d2 subs and just wire at 2 ohm and run that zapco get your power out of it and make the subs move.
  4. Speaking of subs being built...........
  5. I feel like a celeb with you leaking my pics j lol
  6. Woot.
  7. My vote for quick fire answer is no you wouldn't lose much "audible" sq to the point where i would worry. Its obviously not the best of signals to send but it is the best in your situation. You could always add an additional source to clean the signal aswell and being that your son is getting into it sounds like you have a potential buyer of your equipment if you wanted to go back to stock which actually sounds pretty decent in the new Ford vehicles(thats best compliment i can give to Ford and my brother works for them ugh Go Chevy) back to subject. I would say do it.
  8. So found out yesterday there was never a wingwall on the bridge. Old man built it by hand 80 years ago and i guess when he got to that wall he just said eff it. Talked with an engineer here about what to do and now have my plan of attack. I appreciate you guys taking the time to help and look. Thank you SSA.
  9. Nvx makes a nice pair of cheap price 6.5 components. I have two of there x series and if i wasnt doing full active they would be reused. Which im actually putting them in my wifes van.
  10. Hey Hey Hockeytown.
  11. Ive seen 4 sp4 v1 15s on 1 taramps 8k and they got down and played great. If you plan on upgrading later i would say get the sp4 now and it will take the 35.1 and love every bit of it. People always think you need to max the rms on a sub to get it to perform optimal and that is not the case. My vote is for the sp4 and i absolutely love the btl. I just think options later are worth looking into. Btl may or may take full 3500 daily. But the sp4 will no doubt eat it all up.
  12. Ssa evil = sexy time!!!! Oh what uhm sp4 or btl both have eye candy quality 4" coil is nice to throw more power at.
  13. Im not the only one who gets super exicted to see this in the update list with nems logo next to it am i? Prob not because you know its sexy pics time. Sometimes i go outside just to look at em cause i feel like its cheating......on my truck.
  14. I have same issue with my cousins tahoe. I have been through new rca wires and isolators and ground locations. Next step is to remove the alt from the mix and see if it needs new bushings or bearing. The noise he is getting seems like alt whine over ground loop anyway but he was hoping to be a cheap fix. If you need any help we will be glad to help since you are at least taking the time to read the research on here.