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  1. NDMstang65

    SP4 Recone... FOAD leads?

    If you twist the serpantine belt on your car..it will snap..because it's too short when you twisted it. If you twist a tinsel lead when you tighten it up..it magically becomes shorter, the geometry changes..and it breaks! What do we see in the pictures posted? Twisted leads. They are not straight. This is the paper that goes in the packaging with them. -out.
  2. NDMstang65

    Subwoofer wait time

    Probably the first sub out of a new batch of glue when the temperature dropped in the 20's which is why the glue is grey. It takes a while to get the accelerator to work right accordance to the temperature, humidity, etc. Normally the glue is always black which makes it blend in and you can't see it. It being on the terminals is completely normal as it holds the terminals onto the basket. The 10's don't have hardly any material there to hold the terminal on properly with just the little locking nut, so it is glued on the front and back as well as the bottom side of the terminal cup on the basket. We'll be in contact during business hours tomorrow..i'm going to bed.
  3. NDMstang65

    recone help

    Shim the assembly first to make sure it's snug and centered, pull it back out, apply glue to the spider landing and surround landing and have your gasket close by. Grab the drop in, centering the terminals towards you and the tinsel leads facing you as well, drop the assembly down in the basket with a shim in the inside of the coil to keep it centered. Grab the gasket really quickly and put it around the basket on the surround pinching it down to square the surround up so it is setting in the right spot on the basket, hold down on the assembly a bit and activate the spider landing, then spray backwards underneath the edge of the surround on the back side of it while pinching the gasket together to activate the surround. Let that sit for a while, then peel the gasket off and activate the outside edge of the surround, solder the terminals, remove the shim, install the dustcap.
  4. NDMstang65

    recone help

    Black is the CA glue, the spray clear stuff is the accelerator. You do NOT want to put the accelerator on before you put the glue on..the glue is designed to put together wet and get everything in place and then activate it.
  5. NDMstang65

    Klippel measurements on Fi subwoofers

    6mH isn't high at all.. The problem with inductance is that it goes up with more layers you add..these wonderfully 'educated' people keep adding more and more layers to a coil which does nothing but make it an inductance tank, making people think the speaker is a "low end monster" when in all reality it's nothing but a tank that has no upper end and rolls off at 55Hz. We don't do that..we use a larger diameter wire and less layers which combats the higher inductance. I can't give you an impedance curve..as that's going to change with your application, the same thing with the inductance curve. (You do understand that all of those wonderful graphs are taken with a very very small signal right?) It's far better to have no inductance rings at all than it is to have random bits of copper or aluminum strewn about in places where they shouldn't be. The whole point of inductance is to linearize it, if it is linear it will sound better. If it has a spot that it gets to in the motor where it's way lower it now shifts and creates more distortion than it would have without the inductance rings in place. It's a subwoofer, it will play up to 80Hz fine which is what it is intended to do. They've been used in applications such as the 'electric daisy carnival' and 'burning man festival' which all focuses on very bass heavy electronic music.
  6. NDMstang65

    Design help for adding another XCON 12"

    Lmao, pissed because I couldn't make it on my own? Now it's personal. You asked for it. Go lose a 17 million dollar top fuel funny car deal due to primary sponsors making a bad business investment and then we can talk about not making it on my own. All the machines and white papers in the world will not help you in the real world, go see where that got Orion and Cerwin Vega . Until then, you're still trying to shove your shit down somebody else's throat. On EVERY thread on this forum. But..I guess you actually don't really do anything, so you have plenty of time to banter amongst the internet? Making smoke and mirror promises in this theory land that the vast majority of the time never works out in the real world application? You remind me of a vacuum cleaner salesman in the 1950's, quick to hop on somebody's door step to sell them something way cheaper than anybody else while throwing the other guys under the bus, promise them the moon, and the stars, give them the paperwork to prove the moon and the stars that you printed off previously and then disappear off into the sunset to find the next sucker to banter your smoke and mirrors to. You're annoying, go away.
  7. NDMstang65

    Design help for adding another XCON 12"

    ooo that struck a nerve. air is thin on top of bullshit mountain isn't it?
  8. NDMstang65

    Fi Q issue

    Simply have not had time yet..I haven't sat at a computer since the 5 minutes I emailed you on Monday I think it was. We've had a couple people out sick playing the jump through hoops game right now. We'll get to it and take care of it as soon as we possibly can.
  9. NDMstang65

    which btl?

  10. NDMstang65

    Replace JUST surround?

    negative ghost rider
  11. NDMstang65

    average wait time

    No..we're running 15 business days on new orders. We ran into a TON of supply side issues where we couldn't get our hands on parts. Our terminals are imported simply because they had to be and we just got them back in hand late last week (2 months late). Our cone vendor was really behind on filling our purchase order for the cones and we only got a partial shipment in until the rest of them arrived. Parts are in hand now and rolling out as fast as possible.
  12. NDMstang65

    6500 watt subwoofer rms!

    I can rate something at a million watts if you want to buy it
  13. NDMstang65

    If Fi Car Audio is reading this please have a conversation with me on

    JJ, I'm glad that you are excited about things and very passionate about speakers, I too was once like that at your age, but here's the thing. I've got close to a thousand emails to answer as I've had near next to no time to do any emails in weeks due to people being out sick, hurt, etc. I don't have time to answer hundreds of your questions a day, you have to take some initiative and read around the internet and educate yourself as I have told you numerous times. This is the do it yourself or "DIY" market where many things you have to read and figure out on your own. The information is out there and free for you to consult, you just have to google for it. If you keep sending the same email over, and over, and over, and over, and over it only makes the pile of email that I have to go through next week even bigger provided I'm not out sick with the plague that is going around the shop. My focus is on machining, building, and making things go out the door right now. Whether it be one handed, sick, hurt or whatever it is that has to be done. Filling orders takes priority over answering the hundreds of questions you have, I'm sorry I am not able to do that. Search around the internet...there's tens of thousands of hours of material for you to read.