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  1. Old vs new xcon

  2. why can't I upload pics here? To check out my build go to my Facebook..

    1. pmureika


      What version of windows are you using?



      ..I'm tryin to upload pics from cell:/

  3. Old vs new xcon

    ..oh shnit:/ lol
  4. Old vs new xcon

    Ethos vs Xcon? Good question.. If an Ethos sub is on par or even better then an Xcon ..then ssa may have to think about there pricing, but I don't think ssa will need to unless there is solid/true facts that proves dif. On a side note.. from what I've been told is that Ethos subs are rebaged Dc lvl 3's, but again that is what I've been told lol. Best of luck to you;) #basshead4life
  5. Old vs new xcon

    ..Xcon's with a vented pole I've heard don't have as much motor force as non-vented & coil gap may differ, but not sure. Also when I reconed my Xcon's about a mnth ago (build is on my facebook) I did notice some changes here & there just from the recones over time, let alone the dif in motors over time. Hopfully Mark or Aaron chimes in & gives you a better answer.
  6. Old vs new xcon

    No, they will not work correctly as they are not the same..
  7. ..165.*db at the port;)

  8. ..165.*db at the port;)

  9. Why I wont buy anywhere else than SSA

  10. Xcon's 148.1db (trunk) ..not a bad start. New #'s soon;)

  11. SSA XCon Recone Virgin!

    ..finished reconing my Xcon's (with boob caps) today & will post #'s/vids soon:)
  12. Finished (Xcon) recones today & will post new #'s/vids soon..

  13. SSA XCon Recone Virgin!

    Not bad with your 1st recone:) I have reconed a few subs in my day, but never an Xcon or any ssa/fi subs. However.. I might be reconing a pair of Xcon 12's this weekend if recones finally arrive after a more than 2 month wait time:( ..ssa said the reason for the "insane" wait for my order was.. >>>build house was waiting for me to send in motors/baskets to do the recones for me:/ lol grrr! Anyways.. Nice job on your Xcon recone. Jc
  14. over 2 months for recones