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  1. SoundQubed

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    Boone Goosen bringing you the sales for this years Bass Friday and Cyber Monday Bassathon! SOUNDQUBED When: Nov. 26th @ 11:59pm - Nov. 27th @ 12am Nov. 29th 11:59pm - Dec. 30th @ 12am Where: Soundqubed/SSA/Amazon.com
  2. SoundQubed

    Recone available for soundqubedHDC3 ?

    Bonjour Notorious! We are currently out of spiders to rebuild HDC3's, however we should have them within this next week. If you need we can do the order via email but please confirm which basket you have so we can get you the right one when you go to order. To make sure you get the correct recone follow the steps on the site to verify which basket you have, here's the link: http://www.soundqubed.com/HDC3-Series-Recone-Kits_p_157.html
  3. SoundQubed

    Q1-3500's Two Left

    We have two BNIB Q1-3500's on our eBay for $700 Shipped per amp! If you are needing one to strap with your other Q1-3500 this would be the time! . http://www.ebay.com/itm/SoundQubed-Q1-3500-/251872700966
  4. SoundQubed

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Awesome we saw your order come through too! We will get it converted and hopefully shipped out today! Def share the install once you get it all buttoned up, would love to see it.
  5. SoundQubed

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Do you have other items in cart? This could cause an issue. Try logging out and back in as well. I ran two ghost orders and it is working. Make sure you don't have any spaces B6WXQ86P. For enclosure size we recommend going 5^ft NET per woofer with 16sq" per cubic foot.
  6. SoundQubed

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Just ran them through on Amazon and the code is still working! Copy and Paste: B6WXQ86P
  7. SoundQubed

    Hdc4 too close to the back wall.

    Unfortunately taping on the cone will not tell us if the coil was jigged up incorrectly. However if it is we will/would gladly take care of. Every single woofer is tested before it leaves this facility and we would not intentionally send off an item with poor workmanship or faulty parts. In the instance that this does happen we have a 2-year manufacture defect warranty to help cover you. Our company isn't based off selling you a product and moving on to the next guy. We are in this industry because we love what we do, and who we do it for. Which is you guys.
  8. SoundQubed

    need guidance

    Did you decide which size would be optimal?
  9. SoundQubed

    Hdc4 too close to the back wall.

    ManzKea, Being in correspondence with you through email we have also been trying to figure out what is going on. So far we can only assume it to be playing outside of the tuning frequency since you stated it only happens on certain frequencies. However if it is in fact built out of spec the only way for us to know is to get it back here. Or you can cut down the woofer, send us the soft parts and let us see what is going on with it. Either way lets get this figured out. Please let us know.
  10. SoundQubed

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    You can purchase it off the site here: http://www.soundqubed.com/SQ-Gear-Bundle_p_193.html Or it's $15.00 by itself shipped.
  11. SoundQubed

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Just give us a call when you go to get the cap!
  12. SoundQubed

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    If you'd like give us a call we can do the 50% off and have it installed for you now. 405-600-1936. Yes your order will come with decals.
  13. SoundQubed

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    We are working on getting them on Amazon. You can give us call and we will apply the discount for you over the phone. 405-600-1936.OK I'll call as soon as I get off work. Thanks! I had a aq1200 and a aq2200 I'm sure this will be yet another excellent product and experience with you guys. The Q4-90 is honestly my favorite amp. It's versatile and can be used in many ways and applications. You'll enjoy it for sure. We will be up here until 4:30 Central time. If you can't call before then I am hoping to have the amp on Amazon by Monday.
  14. SoundQubed

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    We are working on getting them on Amazon. You can give us call and we will apply the discount for you over the phone. 405-600-1936.