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  1. Just got my 2 18 in Zcons

    Well guys I put in for my vacation to do the Zcon build and due to weather I decided to start on 5-26!!!I can't wait !!! I will have from 5-26 till 6-7 off work to take everything out and install all the stuff I have been collecting this whole winter,it's going to be a doozie!!!I will start the build log to bring everyone one along!!!!Stay tuned Zcons are finally going in!!!!!
  2. Just got my 2 18 in Zcons

  3. WTB: Zed Audio Dreadnought

    The dude I bought the pioneer TS 5102spl,has two 15 sitting in his closet,I'm working on getting them!!!
  4. Just got my 2 18 in Zcons

    Cool dude thanks for letting me Know,I'm going to try and get er done,but I'm just waiting on my 2 nd Xspower D6500 to get here .Man I hope it makes it.But thanks Jason I appreciate that I want to make it to the show bad.
  5. Sub Comparison pics

    Check this 12 out!!I can.e across this 75 lbs 12 in sub off a guy who has a nice collection.I got it for$300 !! Couldn't pass it up.He also has two Dreadnaut 15 in subs and an mmats amp I'm trying to get off him next but yeah the dude had never hooked this sub up!!He developed some health issues and has seizures all the time so he was never able to get a box and hook it up.So man I got real lucky I saw this sub on offer up and low and behold he lived like 5 blocks away from me!!! I don't know when I will use it cus I'm getting ready to install my two 18 in Zcons but I'm sure I will figure something out!!!
  6. Just got my 2 18 in Zcons

    Oh yeah fellas it's almost time, Michigan weather is getting warmer,so I have second skinned my trunk,changed my head unit, and got my door speakers in.Im waiting on my second XS power D 6500 should be here anytime.Then i will take out all my old equipment,and start my build log on here with me taking out all old equipment and installing new!!I have been stocking up all winter with everything for this build.I have custom fuse blocks,amp inputs,and battery terminals from Toolmaker.I have all my 0 awg wire (2 runs) is going to be Knu of,as well as my speaker wire is ofc knu konceptz.So I'm thinking about taking my week off to do everything towards the end of May or sooner but either way just wanted to let you guys know the Zcons and Soundqubed 4.5 k will be going in real soon!!
  7. (FS) 1 SSA 10" Icon---blown

    Damn how did that happen?I may be interested right now I'm sitting on $130 in my car audio fund,so when I get the other$50 I'll check back to see if you still have it.Although I really don't need it cus I just bought two 18 in Zcons but I may grab it.
  8. Wiring suggestions for my 2-18 in Zcons

    Thanks infinite 913 I'll definitely take you up on that and bring my wife and two kids,and bring some food to BBQ.I appreciate that.
  9. Wiring suggestions for my 2-18 in Zcons

    Dude that is awesome to be a part of that man.Thats cool dude.
  10. TeamSSA Old School Mercedes, Old School Sound

    Kick panels looking good!!!!!The weather is great in Mi I started using the second Skin Damplifier Pro on my trunk when I get done I'll post it.
  11. Wiring suggestions for my 2-18 in Zcons

    That land looks nice!!!!
  12. Wiring suggestions for my 2-18 in Zcons

    It truly is a small world!!!The wife and I haven't gone to Frankenmuth in a few years,but last time we were I climbed that mountain and took pictures with the Santa ,it was good times,matter of fact we need to take our 2 kids there but we are just waiting on our son to get a bit older.Hes only 5 months old and our daughter is 5 years old.Birch run is cool with all them outlets you get some good stuff cheap I like the Nike outlet.
  13. Wiring suggestions for my 2-18 in Zcons

    That's cool dude we will have to link up!
  14. Just got my 2 18 in Zcons

    Heck yeah!!!Thanks buddy I can't wait man!!!!Work sucks anyways!!!!
  15. Just got my 2 18 in Zcons

    OK cool S Deyoung,I really appreciate that!!And that would be great. And also thanks for sharing my pic Aaron.Also Jason I appreciate the info on the park and pounds I will definitely make it there.