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  1. IA 40.1 Used

    I want this but kind of did some black Friday shopping so I won't have funds til 2 more weeks. GLWS unless it's meant to be and it'll be me to buy
  2. 2017 ZCON Free Air Video

    The line up have a lot in common. I'm interested in the zcon (need a refresh), is there a huge difference in how it will perform compared to before?
  3. 2017 ZCON Free Air Video

    Evil lurks in back huh lol
  4. Amp imput

    That's one beefy sub, me like!
  5. Yeah ported does have more output, but your limited to space so the game changes a little. Possible you can fit 2 10s in a ported box- this will probably have the best results. When I had my single cab 95 Chevy, I had a pair of 12s slim mb quart subs in a sealed enclosure and for what it was, it sounded very clean and tight and got loud "enough". It was just limited to playing tons of bass because I knew I would blow them if I kept a bass song on for too long.
  6. Why not find another same 12 and build a sealed box? Or buy 2 12 of some other type with a sealed box? After all your not chasing the low
  7. So does the box stretch across the cab or just behind the driver seat?
  8. (1) 10" D2 & (1) 12" D4 SSA GCON's for Sale

    How much for both? wats your PayPal?
  9. 4th of July Sale @ SSA!

    The evil 6.5 and tweets will come in 8ohm config?
  10. 2016 build,, looks real good! how's it performing ? Got any pics with some subs in?
  11. Bangin' Music Thread

    Kendrick Lamar - humble , xxx ft. U2 Future - Lil one, I serve the base, blood on the money, wicked.. most of his songs have good bass Tee grizzley- straight to it
  12. Hds300 magnet

    What do you mean? Between the hds 200 and hds 300? Or HDC 3.1? Well either way they All have different size magnets according to specs. Hds 200 has a 100 oz , hds 300 has 145oz , and hdc 3.1 has 300oz. If that's what your asking?
  13. Sundown zv5 15"

    How Do you like That zv5? I have never tried any sundown sub.
  14. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    So I was in the shower the other day and I heard a legit knock knock on the door. I said yeah , no response? Then called the wife no response . I hoped out and opened the door. Lights were off , wife and the boys were in bed (not yet asleep). I yelled out to my wife but I guess she didn't hear me. I closed the door and went on with my business.. I asked my wife if she was the one who knocked and she said no. The only possibility is my boy threw something down on the ground and she wasn't aware of it?.. last night I woke up all sweaty but have no memories of what I was dreaming. a couple weeks ago I couldn't snap out of a dream and was trying to wake up but felt Like something was on top of me . Dammit things are getting weird on me guys..
  15. Hell of a life story there billy lol i ordered from fi last year in January and they took about a month I believe. Also did order some other times and they took about 3 weeks. ssa took under/ about 3 weeks on my evil , zcon , and xcon