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Found 22 results

  1. jones82joshua


    Been registered since 2010, inactive on the forums(used mostly for lurking, reading up on things). Only slightly more active on ****. Audio has been my (oft neglected) hobby for the better part of 20 years. Trying to scratch my itch again, after close to a year of happily owning two 15" XCon's on a SQ 1200(.25 ohm) I decided to throw a second 1200 on them, strapped at 1 ohm. Needless to say, they started to come alive, and my itch got worse, so here I am. I mostly listen to metal, occasionally house/techno, a little rap(a guy has to demo once in a while!) Previous setup(last vehicle, about 3 years ago): 2001 Monte Carlo SS (Not measured, guesstimated around 145+) +.5v booster (15.1 charging voltage) XS Power D3400 in trunk Pioneer 80PRS, active Planet Audio BB175.4 @ 4 Ohms CDT HD-M6 6.7", MB Quart tweeters (can't find info) Crescendo Audio BC3500 @ .33 ohm 3x Sundown Audio Zv3 10" ~5 cubes tuned to 37 hz Current setup: (141.0 on single 1200, not measured yet on both) 2005 Cadillac SRX 4.6 Pioneer 80PRS, active Planet Audio BB175.4 @ 2 ohms Infinity 609cs component system 2x Soundqubed Q1-1200.2 strapped @ 1 ohm 2x SSA XCon 15" D1 TL enclosure designed by So Low on **** XS Power D3400 ~1 ft from amps Upgrades planned or considering: Swapping out Infinity components with Silver Flute 6.5(4 ohm) and SB Acoustics SB29RDC Ring Dome tweeter(4 ohm). (Already owned) Swapping out BB175.4 with a different amp(Incriminator IA6.4 or Crescendo C1100.4) Upgrading to 5k+ and possibly a third XCon. Anyways, I would like to say thank you to the community, and SSA, for being so helpful and informative.
  2. Smanleyman

    2 10" SSA Xcon build

    There are two things I have never had since I got "serious" into car audio. A 10" sub, or a decent dual sub setup. So this is my build for two 10" xcons! Im super excited, they should be finished building and arriving soon, I hope. I am fitting the maximum dimensions of my trunk while still being able to fold up the stock floor and access the spare tire. I was left with 3.11 internal cubic feet without sub, bracing, 45s, or port displacement. This is firing into the car, so I also needed the subs and port to be on the same face. The triangle port is unconventional but takes up less volume than a typical slot port inside the box and also has less port wall surface area, so I'm hoping it works out. That angle took some wizardry to figure out, and it still came out a little crooked but oh well. The "45s" are little pine cove trim pieces, figured this is the best I can do without sacrificing internal volume. I used minimal bracing but it should be enough, and undercoated everything with two cans, I honestly dont think it does anything but I like to do it on my boxes. it gives a solid completed look to the inside of the box and its extra leak insurance. Final volume and tuning should be 2.4 cubes at 31 hz with 25 sq in port area. The box is a little too small and the port is a little too small, but its all the space I have. Got some black base down and some custom copper orange pearl, trying my best to match the faceplate of my Crecendo BC3500. All thats left is to carpet it with black felt, wire the drivers in, and go to town!
  3. codester

    Dual 12" Xcon Box

    Hi, Been out of the game for a bit after selling my system, 2x15" SSA Icons in 7.2cubes net 32hz on Crescendo BC2000D. Anyways Im picking up 2 12" SSA Xcons for a crazy price and want to put them in my 03 Dodge 3500. I only want to lose 1 seat so dimensions are a bit tight. 32" tall x21" wide by 25" deep. I think I can get around 5 cubic feet net, (may be able to gain an inch or two on depth) question is how much port area should I aim for? They will be ran on low power, JL JX1000 for now so only 500rms each. Probably wont be adding much more as I dont have the money for electrical or space. if I aim for 70+ and around 5 cubic feet would that be ok? Thanks, Codester
  4. This was a build at my old house, decided to go all out before I moved out lol. System consisted of one audiopipe apsm wired @1ohm on the xcon, powered by a couple wet cells and a battery charger. Mids and highs were ran off and Rockford Fosgate 500.2 on some yamaha bookshelf speakers @8ohms. Soundstream 7 band EQ was my main line driver/signal processing unit. Played all the way down to 9hz with authority, but didn't play much above 48hz, not that I'm complaining. I'm going to be doing a rebuild for it fairly soon at my new place, with more power. Going to have strapped APSMs on the xcon, and some new batteries for some powah.
  5. afearlesshunter

    2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee SSA Xcon

    Hello all! This will be really really slow going since this is a high school build lol. Anyways, I started out 2 years ago with a 92 pontiac sunbird and put a little pioneer 12 in it and its been a steady road ever since. Here i am now with a newer vehicle and bigger plans. Vehicle: 03 Jeep Grand Cherokee Current Gear: Kenwood KDC-X397 4 gauge knu cca Alpine MRV-500 SSA Xcon 18 Future: Crescendo Symphony 1500 (hopefully soon) 1/0 Welding Cable ....maybe two xcons c-pillar wall.... The jeep Kenwood Most recently removed setup Box And its In!!!!
  6. matj1990

    box for a 10" xcon

    2012 focus sedan. currently running a prefab decent but cheap box ..in its current position metered 138 @ 37hz sealed on the windshield. fired the box forward today and noticed it wasn't half as loud this tells me my positioning is right for this car. So my question is do you think this box is working well or should i build a new box different specs i don't compete but i like loud and low this setup is pretty good for a single 10 but i think there is room for improvement would like some opinions/box ideas my max dimensions are going to be around W x H x D 30x14x27 to easily be able to fit through trunk opening which is a must as it needs to be removable when i DJ Also like to mention i prefer aero ports !! specs are as follows (W x H x D): 30" x 13-1/2" x 16" (net. int.): 2.0 cubic feet 1-1/4" Reinforced MDF front baffle 2.0 ft^3 slot-port tuned @ 32Hz
  7. ELDeFontes

    Wanted XCON D2 12

    Title says. Looking for "newest" used xcon d2 12 inch. Prefer if it's local, around MD area. I will drive if the price is right. Contact via email, eldefontes@gmail.Com will be replacing an ICON 12 with the new XCON so it will be up for sale or willing to trade in with purchase
  8. Hey everyone, this post/question is mainly directed toward the big guy. I am wondering which SSA sub you would recommend to me given these limits/stipulations: 2014 Honda Civic Sedan 1500 Watts on tap (Crescendo Symphony 1500) LIMITED SPACE... I am only looking to build and install an enclosure no larger than 1.5 net cubic feet. That being said, I have been considering either a 12" ICON sealed. A 12" XCON sealed (XCON being the most I can afford). Or, one of those two in the 10" variety, ported. This is for a daily driver, and I will need as much trunk space I can get, but still get loud and sound good. What is your input? Anyone else, feel free to chime in.
  9. zZZzzzSnooze2nd

    SSA XCon Recone Virgin!

    I went with direct leads because the push terminals broke off & it was dangling! So I took both off. This XCon is the first generation, it is just under 5 years old. It was reconed before about 2 years ago, and just started using it. it was a bad recone job lucky I ordered 2 recone kits, Dustcap came lose first day out & it was flapping. spider came completely off later. I wanted the job done right, So I did it myself. I think I did it right. I'm proud to say I am no longer a Recone Virgin.
  10. Mr.jaundurfle

    Passat XCON

    This might be a semi slow build, I have most of the equipment, but I do need a few other things to complete it all. I traded my truck in on a 2012 VW Passat about 6 months ago and I've had a stock stereo since. This will be my first time building a ported box, fis\rst experience with a processor (360.3) and my first experience with a 15" sub (SSA X-CON). The X-CON is Dual 1 ohm, so it should be good on the DC 5.0K at 2 ohms (2300 watts nominal). I am keeping the stock head unit, but adding a Rockford Fosgate 360.3 to control everything. The door speakers will be RF T1675's for now powered by a Kicker 350.4. Knuconceptz wire, XS batteries, Dakota Digital volt meter, Second Skin are being used as well.
  11. Tossing up a single 15'' Sundown Zv4 or two 12'' XCON's tuned for lows. I know that the Sundown is built for it but would it be able to offer me the same amount of throw that 24'' of cone area would from two 12's?
  12. Wondering which would get lower and deeper (not necessarily louder) on a daily basis. I listen to strictly Decaf and chopped & screwed music in the high 20Hz range and low 30's
  13. cloud77

    FS: Fi Q 15" Dual 2

    Item for Sale: Fi Q 15" Dual 2 Ohm; Pre-09 Motor structure with newer recone Specs: 1000 RMS, with new recone should be more. Sewn Leads, Extra Spiders, White DC, Copper Coil Description: Have had this sub for a while in my girl's car on 700 watts. Always ran this woofer in a 2.5 cu. Ft sealed enclosure. Great Sounding Sub. The recone in it is about 2 years old, but suspension is still holding strong and woofer is still in great condition. Nothing to hide here, pen marker not even burned off of coil as of yet. Sad to see this go, but trying to fund for an alt and buy my girl a 12 or 10" woofer for her new car. Coils still read 1.6 on both sides. Never abused. Price: 175$ shipped and insured to CONUS Pics:
  14. So I've been using both equipment for a week now. I'll start with the XCON. It is in a 2 cu. ft. Net and tuned to 32 hz. It sounds amazing from higher bass notes to the low notes. Ppl can't believe its one 12 even though they are staring at it. It has a very nice deep tone with very good accuracy. The lows are INCREDIBLE! This subs moves so much air. I haven't listened to any bass so far i didn't like with this speaker. I like a lot of rock and rap. Not to mention it looks great. Didn't seem to take long to loosen up. I love it, just wish I had one more. Now on to the amp. I previously had a mtx thunder elite 1501d running at 2 ohms. All i did was Change the sub, box, and amp. The crescendo has to be more efficient. I have it running at 1 ohm and it seems to draw about the same power at one ohm as the mtx was at 2 ohm. At 2 ohm the mtx has a birth sheet saying 1211 rms and the Crescendo is 2250 rms at 1 ohm. Very happy with that. The bc2000 seems well built. The setting knobs are smooth and the rca's fit snug. It does get almost hot after hours of playing full tilt but not to hot to touch. The pair of sub and amp sound great together. Hopefully this helps someone. Thanks for reading
  15. rustydawwg

    Xcon 15" Review

    I recieved my xcon 15" a week ago, and Wow! where do I begin? After obsessing over craftsmanship (simple yet eye catching) I ended up using a 3.2 cu. ft. enclosure tuned to 30hz. This beast is powered by a 1000/1 (4 ohms) and a nak for the sound source. If there's a way to describe how hard and clean this thing pounds, It's bruce lee kicking you spot on your chest with the music. This is a great subwoofer, I've heard W7's and this one takes the cake especially at its price. Enough talk here's some photos: My ride quick comparison to alpine type r 12" Boxed, carpeted, ready to thump! I would like to thank Aaron, Mark, and the rest of the people at this company for excellent customer service. It was a 2 month stretch but very well worth it for my patient ears.
  16. I have a 15" SSA Xcon I am looking for a box for. I don't have the time or resources to build a box myself. I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a pre made box for this sub, or direct me to someone who can build one for me. Thank you for your time.
  17. Few videos of my XCON 15 in the trunk of my 530, seats up, on an Audiopipe 3000D @ 4ohm. The XCON definitely puts in work. More deadener and better mids & highs are much needed now ha.....ha http://youtu.be/QWFQXvUo3yQ http://youtu.be/AcQjwYm-Grk http://youtu.be/575_mX_2EuY
  18. Shogen

    15" SSA Xcon D1

    Up for grabs is my 15" Xcon...minor scuffs, almost minty.... been running sealed off a Crescendo BC3500D ..... Have to go smaller as my suspension on my Camry cannot handle the extra weight.... sadly need to part with it Price is $325 OBO + actual shipping costs..... sale closed .... sale closed
  19. ok so im designing a box for two 12 inch xcons, ported going into my 2007 scion tc(Hatchback). Right now i have a decent box but its time for a rebuild. My box right now is 40.5 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 17 inches high behind the rear seats. Its tuned at about 29-31 htz(not too sure). It does a 143.7 on the meter sealed up on the glass. No deadening, no beauty panels. But my concern is that my port is an Lport on the drivers side, it only goes halfway across the box so one woofer is above the port and the other is not. Im worried that the sub above the port is loading off of it and the other is not. If it is i want to fix this, so a rebuild is underway. It has been almost a year with this box so i might as well. What i want to know is, what is the best placement of the port and woofer? Sub up/port back? Sub back/ Port back? Sub forward/port forward? sub up/ port sidefiring? Sub forward/ port sidefiring? Sub back/Port sidefiring? Im using winisd to help design it and also using google sketch up. I am going to be putting two 12 inch xcons D1 woofers on about 2400 rms(soon to be ALOT more tho) What amount of port area do i need for the enclosure? will be updating this thread with more info as i go, along with shit loads of questions. Also going to design each enclosure and post a pic from sketchup of it along with specs, so i can get some sense of confirmation. kinda doing this to see if a better design will put up a better number. still with no deadening and no beauty paneling. Then will add beauty panels and test again, then remove it all and deaden the shit out of the car and see what it does. IDK why i wanna do that, jus kinda curious i guess.
  20. So I installed my new 12" xcon last week and I could not get it to seal up against the baffle. Tried 3 times. Upon taking off the gasket i found the gasket had a tear in the seam and after really looking it over I found the basket is warped/bent in the upper right side. I can't seem to find any sort of tech support for SSA, but I don't wanna try to fix it myself unless I know I can't get it fixed under warranty. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  21. codester

    New Member up in BC Canada

    Hi, im new to SSA forms, I do a lot of reading and researching on forms but thought Id post on here because its an awesome form. So amazed with the owners interest and activity on a forum and customer service. I have a 2003 Dakota quad cab and looking to do either one 18" SSA Zcon on a Crescendo BC2000D or 2 15" SSA ICons. Big 3 done and will getting a xs d3100. Thanks, Codester
  22. I have a 1989 chevy caprice i want to build a box in the trunk any ideas of what type of box also i would like to get at least 4 xs batterys any ideas on group size or type xp series or D. (Will get more batterys if needed) 4 12" ssa zcon d2 2 CRESCENDO BC5500D 220AMP ALTENATOR