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  1. matj1990

    6th order help

    oh i have read and read and read ... ive been at this since about 5pm its now 2am. Im essentially going for as flat of a response as i can get from 28-40hz ..issue im having is it looks like i will have a huge drop anything above using winlsd .. im getting 4 cubes rear tuned 30hz front 1 cube 45hz --going for a series 6th order this looks to be a pretty decent and flat from 29-45hz only 2db difference at 36hz sorry if this is just rambling lol ive done a ton of reading trying to make sense of it all and im tired.
  2. matj1990

    6th order help

    plus it gives me something to learn and do my current box is net 2.38 31hz.. not metered seems about as loud but lower box before that was 1.78 35hz metered at 138 37hz
  3. matj1990

    6th order help

    never said i need however from my understanding 6th order would allow me to play bass notes louder with a flatter response. a proper 6th order would allow me to have box gain from say 30hz to 45hz where as a regular ported box peaks at 1 note gradually drops off. all dependent on tuning of course
  4. matj1990

    6th order help

    looking at possibly building a 6th order box for my 10" ssa xcon.. first of all i would like to know how you figure port area needed when building such an enclosure. for a standard vented box i show i need around 35" at 30hz more at higher hz obv. if i use this Car Audio - PORT Size Calculations and Formulas for WOOFER and Subwoofer BOXES and use the bandpass option i would need a box the size of my car in order to tune it low enough... clearly theirs something im missing ? i have roughly 4 maybe 5 cubes i can work with would love to hear some input
  5. matj1990

    box for a 10" xcon

    After looking at some response graphs and what not doing some more research I think I have come up with a better box. Same dimensions however 3.25x12 port 40" long giving me 2.38 after port.sub.bracing displacement. And 31hz tuning. Calculating my prefab box it was tuned to about 35hz all said and done so this new box built properly should make a big difference. Anyone got input on specs ?
  6. matj1990

    box for a 10" xcon

    Thanks for the .02 I'll take it so looks like new box it is then anyone have input on the box dimensions above basically going with the same design and firing it the same way just adding more depth more port area and lower tuning.. Also plan to upgrade my amp to something that can run 1700 or so at 2ohm
  7. matj1990

    box for a 10" xcon

    I also have bass box software but i cant get numbers to match up with that of torres when using a box of the same size ?? cubic feet does not match as well as length of port for desired tuning
  8. matj1990

    box for a 10" xcon

    so according to this calculator and my torres calculator my current port that of 2.5x12.25 is yielding me about 30" of port area which is well below the minimum of 37.28 according to this website using this subwoofers xmax http://www.carstereo.com/help2/Articles.cfm?id=31 so in trying to reach optimal port area and i would like to keep it tuned low thinking 28-30hz range this is what i have came up with so far ? obv a little over sized for the sub but i am also under powering it
  9. im currently running a 1000.1d amp at .5 ohm so probably pushing 1300 or so. So your telling me if i get an amp that will push lets say 1300 @ 2ohm its going to draw less current ? 2 ohm load would be higher resistance in my understanding require more current to produce same wattage hence the reason my amp that draws x amount of current can only produce 400watts at 4ohm vs 1300 at .5 Im assuming im overlooking something and just trying to get a better understanding as to what because at 4ohm i had no issues with electrical but now that im at .5 i had to do some upgrades. shouldn't that amp have the same power consumption? obviously not but why.
  10. matj1990

    box for a 10" xcon

    nice box .. not sure what its has to do with my post thought x4 12's big difference from x1 10"
  11. So looking for some info about amplifier and efficiency. I have a xcon dual 1ohm 10" so i can run at either .5ohm or 2ohm What i would like to know is 1500w @ .5ohm or 1500w @ 2ohm the 2ohm amplifier would be drawing more power to make its wattage because of the higher resistance correct ?
  12. want to say ive seen these first hand !! and metered my car as a test Awesome accurate little meters and Lighting fast readings as well
  13. matj1990

    box for a 10" xcon

    2012 focus sedan. currently running a prefab decent but cheap box ..in its current position metered 138 @ 37hz sealed on the windshield. fired the box forward today and noticed it wasn't half as loud this tells me my positioning is right for this car. So my question is do you think this box is working well or should i build a new box different specs i don't compete but i like loud and low this setup is pretty good for a single 10 but i think there is room for improvement would like some opinions/box ideas my max dimensions are going to be around W x H x D 30x14x27 to easily be able to fit through trunk opening which is a must as it needs to be removable when i DJ Also like to mention i prefer aero ports !! specs are as follows (W x H x D): 30" x 13-1/2" x 16" (net. int.): 2.0 cubic feet 1-1/4" Reinforced MDF front baffle 2.0 ft^3 slot-port tuned @ 32Hz
  14. matj1990

    2012 focus with some bump

    metered 138db today 37hz ... building a new box tomorrow to spec as per website
  15. Building a xcon setup for 2012 focus