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    Welcome to the forum! I think it's to weed out bots, spammers, and to encourage participation.. My opinion.
  2. Not sure if you're referring to the meter or the phone, but to clarify.. the APM-2 meter itself does not have those issues, the phone you were looking at does.
  3. As an Android OS with bluetooth, it should work just fine. Definitely do some reading up on the phone though, seems like a large number of people have bluetooth/wifi/overheating/battery issues.
  4. I remember reading that way back when, I went scouring for that quote right before I bought my XCONs a year ago.. POOF! No trace.
  5. And welcome to the forum!
  6. I run XCON's and love them, but have not owned or heard ICONS. (I've owned DCONS as well though) From my understanding, you will not lose sound quality, but the XCON has a heavier bottom end and gobbles up power. For your application, if I were in your situation, I would probably go ICON - unless you were planning on upgrading in the near future, and wanted a sub that would grow with you.
  7. Thread necro. Check the timestamps. Double check and verify your sources before adding misleading information please, especially when it's derailing another topic.
  8. Damn! Following!
  9. Turned out pretty sweet. I think Aaron should share those pictures.
  10. Helped a friend pick out gear last spring for a '13 Avenger 4 door(trunk, fold down seats), ran into this issue as well. I tried talking him into letting me build the box in the trunk, firing forward and sealed off but no go. We settled on 4.5 cu/ft @32 hz for two ZCon 12's (subs up, port to the side) on a single SQ 2200 (until he finishes upgrading his electrical, then it will be two, strapped) and it's quieter than my two XCon's on a SQ 1200, but still clean and precise. Going to try a different box here soon. Any specific strategies you've used to combat 'Dodge Bass'? Also, I'm not much for Mustangs.. but that's nice.
  11. New goodies. Another set of terminals coming yet. Edit: Imgur having issues, uploaded to SSA.
  12. Calling out other people just to spite them in threads they're not even involved in? Opinions and personal experiences are understandable, but that does not make it scientifically accurate, or true. When you're more concerned with your ego than betterment of the hobby/industry, it does the entire community a disservice. Please, humble yourself and be part of the solution, quit feeding into the bs. I've seen you post useful things, continue to focus on that, but please ask yourself before posting: Is this a biased opinion? Am I responding from ego? Do I have scientific data to back this up? Can what I wrote be taken the wrong way?
  13. Subs nowadays have come a long ways. The biggest contributing factor back then was higher moving mass combined with weak motors and loose suspensions. A lot of "modern" large subs have no problems keeping up. I listen to 90% hard rock/heavy metal/classic rock and my 2 15" SSA Xcons keep up just as well if not better than any of the 10's I used to run back in the day. Keep in mind that the box is a big factor as well.
  14. Welcome!
  15. Highs, lows? How big? How good is your electrical system? What subs? Just enough to add some bump, get loud, or sound quality? What are your goals? Sub amp - SoundQubed 1200 is always a good choice.