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  1. A.SMALL

    4 15in zcons. In A 1st Gen Dodge Durango

    Sundown or PSI is what his status says under the "Recent Status Updates" column.
  2. A.SMALL

    first etho recones

    Just voted , that would make 20
  3. A.SMALL

    2 12" zcons 4-6k trunk wall

    More details please.
  4. A.SMALL

    SSA Prototype 12....

    Well there you have it lol
  5. A.SMALL

    SSA Prototype 12....

    I'm pretty sure Aaron made mention of awaiting a DCON prototype to arrive a few weeks back in someone's build log. Hmmm
  6. A.SMALL

    I did something wrong with my box. SSD15

    Try moving it around and see. As far as the rear deck goes, cutting out two 8 inch holes in the rear deck and modifying the rear deck cover did increase my output across the board but there was still a dip in frequency response above 40hz +. I don't think modding the rear deck would solve your frequency response problem completely as much as it would give you a little more output. If you decide to mod the rear deck just ask yourself if going through the extra trouble of butchering your car is worth what you might gain.
  7. A.SMALL

    I did something wrong with my box. SSD15

    Moving the box around wouldn't hurt. Maybe it'll improve performance, maybe it won't. You won't know for sure until you try.
  8. A.SMALL

    I did something wrong with my box. SSD15

    The fact that you had the kickers tuned to 40hz, the natural design of the cvr's, and the sub/port orientation is probably what gave you that amount of output at 40hz+. You swapped a setup that was loud above 40hz for one that offered better low end and a better overall sound. Its hard to get the best of both worlds out of a real trunk setup due to the amount of sound that is being trapped inside of the trunk. So its either tune low, tune higher, or find some middle ground between low end and upper end extension. Have you modded the trunk any to allow more sound into the cabin? Also I was able to get a 4.4 cube net enclosure in that trunk with 50 square inches of port for my XCON. Sub up port to the side. Experienced the same situation you're in but, I'd rather have my low end extension than a hefty 40hz+ .
  9. A.SMALL

    I did something wrong with my box. SSD15

    What port and sub orientation did you have with the kicker 12's? Was it the same sub up and port back as your current setup? I've noticed in all of trunk setups I've ran that with the cone facing up there is some funky cancelation of certain frequencies in the 40+ range when compared to having the sub firing at the back of the car.
  10. A.SMALL

    95 Honda Accord Build Crossfire XS-V2 18"

    Mmmmk lol.
  11. A.SMALL

    95 Honda Accord Build Crossfire XS-V2 18"

    What made you change amps?
  12. A.SMALL

    Ethos bandpass option.

    Will you be posting the suggested enclosure specs for the 12 with the bandpass options? Also do you have an idea of the amount of power the bandpass option will take in a vented enclosure?
  13. A.SMALL

    4th order sp4

    The frequency response will be different when using the same tuning and different volumes. You could use wood to make up for the difference in airspace. That's the draw back with using removable ports that take up internal volume vs fully external ports.
  14. A.SMALL

    I did something wrong with my box. SSD15

    What I liked about this enclosure was that it played the upper bass lines better compared to being ported in the trunk and no annoying trunk rattles. Never got to test it's full output against the ported enclosure though but for a permanent system in this car I will probably be running this same enclosure style with 2 12's.
  15. A.SMALL

    I did something wrong with my box. SSD15

    Here's an example of what some of the others are recommending as far as a bandpass enclosure ported through the ski-hole/rear armrest.. Build I did last year in my 2002 530i... It was for experimental purposes and not permanent so don't mind the ugliness..