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  1. Bassboylowg

    18" SSA Xcon in a makeshift 6th order - in a bedroom

    It really sounds great inside a house. I've used multiple high-end 18's and the Xcon surpassed all of my test and was the best sounding/well rounded. Never came across a sub that loved low-lows so much lol. I thought so too. In the opposing corner of the room where the waves would stack, the output was tremendous.
  2. This was a build at my old house, decided to go all out before I moved out lol. System consisted of one audiopipe apsm wired @1ohm on the xcon, powered by a couple wet cells and a battery charger. Mids and highs were ran off and Rockford Fosgate 500.2 on some yamaha bookshelf speakers @8ohms. Soundstream 7 band EQ was my main line driver/signal processing unit. Played all the way down to 9hz with authority, but didn't play much above 48hz, not that I'm complaining. I'm going to be doing a rebuild for it fairly soon at my new place, with more power. Going to have strapped APSMs on the xcon, and some new batteries for some powah.
  3. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    No problem guys, and I've always mainly used audacity. It's pretty basic and to the point, but has limited power in some areas. Best free music editor ever I'd say
  4. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    Been forever since I had the chance to update this thread! Just so you guys know, I no longer use .ogg, now I use either 256kbps .mp3, or 320kbps .mp3, and in some instances .flac files. Been doing a lot more music recently, and been making up for lost time. Been working and saving up for my build with some nifty SSA equipment. Here's my third zip I have done, you'll find over 100 different tracks. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=8F8EC70875173780!333&authkey=!AKGyWCTNt-fmrPo&ithint=folder%2cmp3 A quick way to download them is to hit Ctrl + a and then right click, then download. I'll try to update the original post with more updated links and new music as it comes.
  5. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    Sorry for not being online for awhile guys, my internet went down.. Here is a BIG mix of some hard hitting songs, I figure some of you will like it and some won't, regardless it hits hard! http://soundcloud.com/sirbassalot/bassboylowg-guess-whos-back I'll try to keep this thread more updated, just been swamped in editing music ever since I been online again. Cheers fellas!
  6. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    I hate to see three post of myself together, but I thought I'd bump this thread with a DEEP hitter, 26hz, 28hz, 30hz, and 33hz to be exact! http://soundcloud.com/lowg-2/lil-jon-east-side-boys-bme Heres a vid of it getting down on about 40,000 watts:
  7. Bassboylowg

    For The Love of DubStep

    Nice list you got there! Cool to see some other Basshead knows about BASSordeath, those are my bro's right there. Heres another good channel http://www.youtube.com/user/goddamnzebras
  8. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    First off, Thanks Mark for pinning this thread! Second off, sorry for a double-post. Heres a nice deep hitter that does not forgive when it comes to the bassline http://soundcloud.com/lowg-2/game-feat-busta-rhymes-rick And heres a higher bass Dubstep/Hip Hop track http://soundcloud.com/lowg-2/50hz-maksim-bounce-bassboylowg
  9. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    I don't know of any good online ones to use. Most of the ones I used (before I just downloaded a good converter) would always degrade the sound, or make half a whole track disappear with nothing but silence. Also, heres a new track: http://soundcloud.com/lowg-2/21-black-lullaby-the-glitch It's a chill-out dubstep deep hitter.
  10. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    Yea sorry about that.. my pc is unable to save songs as mp3 so I chose the next best thing which is .ogg. Best program to play them would either be VLC or Winamp. Or you can use a converter of course. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    Thanks guys, glad you enjoy them! I'll try to keep up the good uploads.
  12. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    Heres some new bumping with new music. All of which is dubstep and or "electronic" http://soundcloud.co...ksim-resistance http://soundcloud.com/lowg-2/cookie-monsta-r0807-d06-datsik http://soundcloud.com/lowg-2/datsik-annihilate-bassboylowg http://soundcloud.com/lowg-2/dcarls-jump-feat-maksim-bassex http://soundcloud.com/lowg-2/bassmix-5-electrical Enjoy guys, sorry for the double post aswell.
  13. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    This track right here peaks @ 23hz http://soundcloud.com/bassboylowg/bow-wow-your-drinking-too-much Also a lot of my lower stuff usually dips down around the 26hz mark if not lower (sometimes)
  14. Bassboylowg

    Bassboylowg Bass-Pack #1

    If anyone feels like it, they can take a vid of their ride flexing to the music and post it here. I always love to see some monster flex! Tonight sometime I'll probably throw some more tunes up. I'm going to try and work out a color code, or someway to categorize the music by what hz it is.
  15. Bassboylowg

    Lantz on the meter again, LOW FREQUENCY BURPS

    Nice! 141.9 @ 26hz is pretty decent.