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  1. Thats what Im thinking. Although, I can't get winsd to show the excursion that Im getting currently. With 4k input into each, its only showing just under 23 mm of excursion yet I keep having problems with what sounds to me like bottoming out.
  2. UPDATE: The good. New gatorback belt is on and no slipping. Woot! Pac lc-1 around halfway and holding 14+ easy while driving. The bad. I need to get the SDA3's into different boxes. Excursion limit is reached super fast between 34 and 38hz. Thinking of going down to 4 cubes tuned to 32 single chamber, probably using an 8 inch aero. Not sure if I should pursue the trunk wall still or go with something different such as port side subs forward or back. Maybe just subs rear with port rear aswell.
  3. I ordered a gator back thats .5" shorter than the one I have on, so hopefully that does it. I do like the idle pulley on the mount though, Ill have to keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing that, never really thought of it. Part of the problem is a longer than stock belt is needed to fit onto the pulley. The alt is a much larger case and swings a bit further away from the system in order to fit the bracket on the engine. Has to be long enough to even get the belt on at all, but at the same time short enough to keep it from slipping.
  4. Im willing to try a few more belt sizes before I pull the alt out because that requires the removal of almost everything on the drivers side of the engine. Also, a larger pulley would not greatly increase the surface contact that the belt makes or make the belt much tighter and may lead to having essentially no output at idle.
  5. Damien has another batch cooking up along with work being done on some new stuff like 4 inch coil and maybe neo motors too for a 3 inch.
  6. Little Update: PPI 900.4 seems to be doing fine but still am going to move it to the interior. Alt belt continues to slip even at 2k rpm with anything past halfway on the lc1, Ill be ordering a continental elite 39.5" soon hopefully to get it a little tighter. From about 35hz and up I can not tell but and getting concerned for the subs, might be bottoming out but Its hard to tell when I have to keep my foot on the throttle for the belt not to slip at that level. I can smell them slightly after a few minutes but the cones/ dustcaps don't get that warm, Ive had others much much warmer. Received my quad 8awg speaker posts the other day, waiting on more lugs to arrive to get those on.
  7. Aight, got everything in and tested. PPI has been kind of odd for some reason but I'm moving it out of the trunk soon. Wanted to die wiring up that rear batt with 4/0 after the enclosures were in. They had to be in for amp wire measurements. First day had problems with one sub unloading much faster than the other, checked and rewired seems fine now. Need to go back to advance and get yet another belt thats a different size , slips like a mf'r below 1500 rpm, 40" is like barely too long and Im pretty sure the alt is swiveled out all of the way, 39.76" will be the next test size. The amp is surprisingly efficient. No clue how much power I'm getting from it. Gain was set with 50hz sine wave -3dB with subs unhooked, set right before clip light even starts in. Honestly, I haven't turned the lc1 past 1/2 way ( gain was set with it all of the way up). Im still making sure the subs are a little broken in (if you believe in that). Im always looking back at them and listening hard to make sure they don't bottom out but its really hard to tell with the doors and deck flapping around. Not many pics for now. Im honestly embarrassed to show it in its current state. The boxes have no front beauty panel, I haven't made a new trunk floor yet so both boxes are crooked and dip down at the center where they come together. Wiring looks like sht. No rack for the 8k yet so its got foam on the bottom and back and held in place with a sheet of mdf. Door holes cut to fit 6.5's Amp turn on stuff and Xs 31 (that's too deep for the spare tire well Under the hood was extremely tight, but didn't turn out too bad.
  8. Did you ever step up to the 7000 series or are you still using one of the 5000's? Im really leaning towards the 7 right now.
  9. Got a little more work done last night. Power and ground lugs on in the front. SounDrive rca's
  10. Don't know if you mistyped but... its 4/0 Thanks sir! Hopefully it will go well and maybe playable this weekend.
  11. Finally got the firewall drilled out. Ended up having to use a step bit, wanted to die the entire time. Have two power and two ground from front to rear now. Really hoping to get everything in for a test run before the end of the week, will be working on making everything look nice afterwards. Lumpy carpet is cool I suppose. . And knu konceptz 4 awg vs 4/0 welding cable just for fun.
  12. Bought it through sky high car audio and gave them the info on the car. Original inquiry listed the 320 and had no mention of being a "universal". It has a bracket on it but I couldn't get it to mount up on the bottom.
  13. Alrighty, 2001 honda civic sedan ES1. Singer 320 Amp alternator. Came with a black bracket for the bottom and a spacer for the top. Was suggested to get a smaller belt by other people but it won't even go on with the factory size belt. Bottom brackets do not line up at all. Don't really know what to do. Pics Alt with black bottom mounting bracket Alt mounted on top with belt on. Where the black bracket provided does not come close to fitting with the factory adjustable bracket.
  14. Yeah its a Taramps for whatever thats worth. I expect to have rise and am only wiring at 1 ohm so that 8k will quickly be <4k. Thanks, I've been waiting for some time for about two months now. The build is probably one of my favorite parts. Everyone that I've seen and talked to with the soundrive's has been happy with them. Im currently tuned to 30 but might bump up the port area and raise tuning to 32 or so, currently without being sealed up they were getting down well to about 25hz. More updates hopefully later tonight. Thanks guys.
  15. Alrighty, got my hydraulic crimper in the mail but haven't tested it yet. Started tearing out the rear tonight and trying to figure out how to fit group 31's within 1/16" height clearance, probably have to do a cut out of the new floor piece where they are. Pulling enclosure ( everything for this build is made to be relatively easy to remove.) Ideal location for first batt Stopped here for the night, still need to pull all carpet from trunk, rear seats, passenger seat etc.