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  1. bluedreamz

    SSA Evil 18 Help

    low pass 1/4 way up , gain 1/2, bass boost 100% if you have a knob, subsonic off
  2. bluedreamz

    SSA Instagram

    <3 IG no snapchat.
  3. bluedreamz

    Anybody running the new Mayhems?

    more throw right?
  4. bluedreamz

    Wtb amp

    ive gotta kx 800.1 for sale doesnt do 2k doe
  5. bluedreamz

    Soundqubed Earbuds vs Johnathan Price's Bassbuds

    JVC marshmallows from wal-mart $15 you'll thank me later
  6. bluedreamz

    Anybody running the new Mayhems?

    mayhem was a straight beats lotta control and force behind that sub , i herd they're revamping the AA line with TC TI baskets nice
  7. bluedreamz

    SSAwerks 8" sub

    ooo those are sexy i cannot wait to play with one!
  8. bluedreamz

    SSA ICON Series Amplifiers **ALL NEW!!**

    wish the ssa logo was RED
  9. yep, that's ok maybe just keep an eye on running and floating voltage as they will be asking for amperage help from your alt
  10. bluedreamz

    Sp4 v2 or btl help!?

    stick with 3" coils and strap another 3.5 down the road
  11. bluedreamz

    Dcon/Gcon not in-stock

    My new daily driver would LOVE a 12" GCON.
  12. bluedreamz

    XCON Questions

    12 gauge should work excellent. i have 12 gauge running from my twisted sounds 1.8k (2600wrms) to my middle counsel box (solid 5ft) and ive never had a prob. you'll be fine.
  13. bluedreamz

    GP audio

    how does one get - 175 rep? lol. GP is OK they're customer service is OK. I can't speak for them much but Tyler gets alot of crap online. Specifically because he markets welding cable as "special" custom made cable.