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  1. stick with 3" coils and strap another 3.5 down the road
  2. My new daily driver would LOVE a 12" GCON.
  3. 12 gauge should work excellent. i have 12 gauge running from my twisted sounds 1.8k (2600wrms) to my middle counsel box (solid 5ft) and ive never had a prob. you'll be fine.
  4. how does one get - 175 rep? lol. GP is OK they're customer service is OK. I can't speak for them much but Tyler gets alot of crap online. Specifically because he markets welding cable as "special" custom made cable.
  5. awsome man, good to know.
  6. interesting, i would just order a drop in recone. it looks like there was some kind of adhesive on the back of it there foam doesnt do that
  7. Sold/Closed. Thanks guys.
  8. thank you aaron as i am a naughty boy clearly.
  9. nice wood man.
  10. you will be man - i live in ND and it's already 32 degrees here this morning - most winters are 0 degrees all day so if the fi / ssa / ascendent survives it was probably just exposed to some unknown elements. you'll be alright, the zcons are just straight beasts -
  11. you'll love the xcons. you could place them in a tin can and they'd sound good. nice box man! very interesting.
  12. My gcon was a champ - if it survives in my hands it passes military grade requirements. Put threw it's proper paces and the driver shows no ware. 5* pretty soon i probably run nothing but ssa.
  13. i'll either get the S7 active or take a rainbow up the ass with a iphone
  14. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is the best phone ever made.