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  1. bluedreamz

    First post. Hello all.

  2. bluedreamz

    Best 15 inch sub for sealed box?

    Low Fs and high qts above .4
  3. Out of the 3 mentioned a zcon will perform best in a smaller enclosure
  4. I’d take that zcon
  5. bluedreamz

    First post. Hello all.

    Welcome and awesome choice let’s see that zcon!
  6. bluedreamz

    System run down

    Killer , post pics!
  7. bluedreamz

    Enclosure Design for SSA Icon 12

    Beautiful box and congrats on the T1500bdcp never sell that amp! I bet the icon is LOUD on that
  8. bluedreamz

    Icon 12 review

    If you want upper end kick try a fully loaded gcon 12 - the icon is just too soft suspension with high motor force and excursion meant for smooth bass. Demon 12s might work too I have a pair I might trade for your icon if we can work out shipping
  9. bluedreamz

    SSA Evil 18 Help

    low pass 1/4 way up , gain 1/2, bass boost 100% if you have a knob, subsonic off
  10. bluedreamz

    SSA Instagram

    <3 IG no snapchat.
  11. bluedreamz

    Anybody running the new Mayhems?

    more throw right?
  12. bluedreamz

    Wtb amp

    ive gotta kx 800.1 for sale doesnt do 2k doe
  13. bluedreamz

    Soundqubed Earbuds vs Johnathan Price's Bassbuds

    JVC marshmallows from wal-mart $15 you'll thank me later
  14. bluedreamz

    Anybody running the new Mayhems?

    mayhem was a straight beats lotta control and force behind that sub , i herd they're revamping the AA line with TC TI baskets nice