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  1. Billy Jack

    Ideas for my System

    Not if you already have subs that can only be ran at 2 or .5 ohm but yea I wouldn't aim for that.
  2. Billy Jack

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    I wasnt making fun of any child, just men acting like children. And you had no problem when M5 or jcarter called me a pucking retard a dozen times, oh the hypocrisy around here. Lol
  3. Billy Jack

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    No I meant exactly what I said, if you choose to interpret it wrong that's your problem. Tires don't burn up transmissions, wrong gearing, heat, and pressure does, which is exactly what she got with a taller tire and off roading! Let's not be little nit picking bitches here where men, well some of us are anyways. It would be like you saying, he had to small a wire on the amp and the electricity burnt the amp up. Well no it wasn't the electricity, but the lack of implementing it right, in this case it would be lack of a bigger wire. You girls never heard the expression, "making yourself small in the eyes of the world to comfort other smaller people, serves no one, rather we should serve as an example and be a shining light, to light the way for others? Instead of inciting petty arguments and being petty how about lead through example, and be the bigger men.
  4. Billy Jack

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    I'm saying the tires aren't to HEAVY, they are just to tall and change the GEARING, which is the problem. If she had 4.10 gears the tires wouldn't hurt a thing by there self, it's the height of the tire causing a gear change, that's messing shit up. Jesus it's like talking to a mentally handicapped child, you gotta go slowwww and S-p-e-l-l I-t o-u-t for them. Please J-kissass where ever you are put on a helmet and floss M5's ass hairs out of your teeth you are not safe walking around being this stupid. Nothing I hate more then a brown nosing follower, at least grow a pair and stop continuing M5's agenda!
  5. Billy Jack

    New Build with ZCON

    Whoa you may need another recone if you don't go easy with that Sundown 4K but I'm sure you already knew that. Should be plenty of headroom that's for sure.
  6. Billy Jack

    Sundown zv5 15"

    If it smells like anything other then wood glue TURN IT DOWN! I have smelled similar oders right before my subs fried lol. That's a huge amp and at 2ohm the subs are still seeing 1k over recommended RMS. And yes I know sundown under rates there subs but the do the same thing with there amps so best to stay within what Jacob suggest just to be safe. That and if your over driving the sub it's not gonna be but 1-2db's louder then you may burn up a high dollar sub. Or all it could be is the glue on the sub curing and you smelling it through the port. Have you checked the sub or amp for heat? N txt ime you experience this feel of the cone and touch the amp if it's ready to fry eggs on TURN IT DOWN!
  7. Uh, so why has the Evil 12" been up for sale, with a 21+ business day ship date for months, then a week or so ago we see a post "evil 12 finally coming soon" and in this thread it was said there was still some things to work out? That's what led me to assume they where pre-order, that and someone else said "setting here about to preorder and this pops up" in reference to the evil post, and no one corrected him. And I'm not trying to slander anyone, just sharing my observations, like with Fi. I even said I didn't try and call they may have picked right up. But I assure you in November and December nobody was answering email's. And also the guys who said they waited 6 months had ordered sundown subs from SSA, not SSA subs guess I should have specified that. They said they where told the parts where being held up in port. So can you see how someone not knowing the guys personally would believe this all adds up to Pre-order. Actually know for a fact a few places are doing just that one is EMF but at least he tells you up front "no ship date just give me your money and I will get it to you as soon as it's built, if it can be built." Just seemed like the same deal to me maybe I misunderstood or read it wrong.
  8. Through the day I work at my family's restaurant, and in the evening I detail cars. I also started a towing company with my brother and sister. Me and my sister fronted the money to buy the rollbacks, and wreckers and fence in the tow yard, and get the company on the county, and state call list and my brother, and nephew actually run it and do the hands on day to day work. And my grandpa started the restaurant over 40 years ago and he recently passed away, so I stepped in to give them a hand and still take care of my business with some hired help. It's a money maker man always has been. We feed probably a 1/8th of the towns population almost everyday. Many, many corporations have set up shop, and tried to take a cut and we have been under selling and forcing them out for decades. Our secret is we are almost all family, so we keep what we make except running cost of course, so we can sell cheaper and offer delivery where no one else can afford to do that. My granny is a multi millionaire in her 70's but comes to work everyday, and earns her part. And the 4 or 5 non family members we do hire we pay them cash and they draw assistance so we only pay them $5-$6 a hour as self contractors. And my sister is a occupational therapist and she owns a company called southern heritage rehabilitation. She pays her people really well some of her nurses make $50 an hour. But she does some serious driving to seeing all her patients. But a lot of times we get cars we have towed in that no one pays out so we fix them and finish running in the ground. About a month ago we lucked up and got a 07' mustang convertible that had the rear end go out and after the garage fixed it the people couldn't pay it out and the finance company wouldn't pay the storage so we got it for the cost of the repair bill. $450. My sister is using it for a home health car right now. Some we put in the yard Or scrap to get our money. Oh and I also raise English bulldogs I deliver them all over the eastern sea board. And all this is why I don't have time for building boxes or competing like I used to, I wish I could, and I'm sure I will retire soon and begin again.
  9. Yes I caught that to, estimated build time 21+ days is a little misleading in my opinion. The plus is right, but why even include 21 when the subs are still in the development phase, and you know they ain't coming for months. Or maybe they are coming sooner but didn't sound like it anyways. I spoke to a couple of guys who waited 6+ months for their orders. And they where not to happy with the take your money first, quote 21+ days then don't deliver for 6 months. To me it sounds like they just offer up pre-orders, and when they have collected enough capital to build a batch, they build and ship them. I'm thinking when they give the excuse "there stuck in the port" they just haven't sold enough pre-orders to have a batch built and your stuck, you either take a partial refund or wait. I can understand a new company doing this, but when you been in business for a decade, and don't have enough capital, or credit to keep at least some stock on hand something's wrong. Margins are to low or mismanagement or any slew of problems. I face a similar situation everyday, we run a small business 14 employees, 8 being full time and sometimes we have a small problem filling the demand but we have zero room to grow we are at maximum capacity so we just have to hang in there until demand lightens up. Maybe 1-2 times a year we have to take the phone off the hook and stop accepting orders for a hour or so until we can catch up and fill them promptly. We would rather not take a order we can't fill then to leave the customer hanging with there money in are pocket. And if it does happen that way we offer them a full refund and the product for free to earn back there future business and it's kept us on top for 40 years.
  10. Billy Jack

    Tweeter suggestions

    The tires aint necessarily the problem, it's her gearing. The giant tires have changed her already high gearing so bad it's putting way to much strain, pressure, and heat on the tranny. Instead of the engine having 6 tall gears, it only has 3. And that first gear is constantly being stressed and not locking the torque converter up like it should. My jeep is a 6 speed manual and already had 3.73 gears so I'm good on 33"s it didn't change to much.
  11. Billy Jack

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    And just because you read it on Wikipedia, or in a book doesn't mean you know the real world application. And to be fair, I'm right where I want to be in life, everyday I use my extensive knowledge, and experience to make huge piles of cash! Can you really say the same. Better yet, how about we meet at a comp, and let the judges decide if your NVX is as loud, or has as good of sq as what I bring. Saying your this or that on a Internet forum is stupid, and pointless and no one can be proven wrong or right. I let my actions speak for me. Just shoot me a time and date and I will try my best to be there. Your on the east coast right, I'm not driving to California, but anything on the eastern sea board is no problem, I drive 1000's of miles a weak anyways what's a few more for fun!
  12. RMS is just how much heat a sub can take before it burns up it doesn't always indicate which driver will be louder or better sounding. And as for the price I imagine it has something to do with the cost of manufacturing. Something about the BTL probably takes longer to build or is just more expensive in raw materials, I'm not sure which. The BTL is there daily spl dedicated driver, and the sp4 is more geared towards sound quality but can still get loud. Only thing I don't like about FI is there customer service, I myself couldn't reach them after repeated email's. I never actually tried calling and placing a order, who knows they may have picked right up or called me back, if they have a number that is. I just hit the contact us page and sent half a dozen emails and this was way before tax time. I knew I could get sonic to communicate with me and have what ever I wanted on my door in a few days so I ended up going with DC audio lvl 4 12's and a DC 2k. I wanted a BTL or Evil but FI wouldn't get back to me and I didn't want to wait who knows how long for a Evil 12". I drive my work car 7-15 hours a day so I wanted up and running as fast as possible I may still order some evils when they SSA actually gets them and give them a try. Aaron told me they kind of slotted between a SP4 and FI team sub you know if FI carried them instead of being a dedicated SSA driver built by them.
  13. Billy Jack

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    Also I'm not bent out of shape or what ever you called it, your the one cussing, and calling names and changing what I say, and then changing what you said to further your pointless agenda. If I could get the qoatation boxes to do anything but lock up I would point it out but I guess I will just have to type it out for you. You typed BJ: I set time alignment for 2 seats. Which I never said. Then when that didn't work to keep your argument going you now expect me to only type so that the op can misunderstand what I'm saying which is impossible for anyone to do. If they like yourself can't read or comprehend basic English how can I be expected to MAKE them. I don't think that's your real gripe anyways I just think you want to be the king of audio and want to ban any thought not your own and expect everyone to take your word as gospel. And I will let you in on a secret, you do know the science I give you that but sometimes even science can't solve all problems. Some thing can't be quantified or be counted as 1's and 2's there's a art to some of this stuff. Maybe Vincent Van Gouh didn't graduate from a prestiges art school but did that make him any less a artist then the next guy who did. You know how you get to Carnegy hall, practice not degrees, or book smarts. Like my cousin who works at Ford designing proto type engines, he never went to any school a day in his life to be even a mechanic, he was completely self taught and works right along side enginneers with year of higher education, sometimes things can only be learned through experience. Just like if the manufactorers built drivers just to fit T/S peramiters they could end up with badly sounding speakers with great numbers. In my years in this I learned one thing over all else, just because it's wrote in a book or a spec sheet doesn't always make it so.
  14. Billy Jack

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    You said, I tuned for 2 seats that's what you changed, but now of course you leave that out, and point out something else. And for god sake man if you move your head a inch it's slightly off, hence why I said "it was close enough" its music bro not a space ship taking you to the moon, it doesn't have to be scientifically perfect to be enjoyable or correct. Actually when I measured it with a tape measure and set it to Alpine' specs, it was slightly off anyways, it took 1-2 clicks to bring in front and center. Also there is a way to set up a 2 way active for 2 seat time alignment, it's not ideal but it's been done, but the tweeter and mid must be mounted together they can't be separated, and there was more to it but I can't remember exactly how they done it, but it did work. And I'm not saying I did it, or even know how, but the manufacturer did list it as a second option, and advised it to only be used as a secondary setting for passengers. Maybe it wasn't technally 2 way active but it was active time alignment for 2 seats that I know.
  15. Billy Jack

    Tweeter suggestions

    I found before, and after me detailing it picks on her Facebook.