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  1. The more headroom, the better. 100 or 150 watts per channel would be awesome. If you're going the miniDSP route you can try the NVX amps from the SSA store. They're 150 watts X 4 which will be plenty for Evil Mids and Tweets (when they come out). I bought my NVX second hand and I'm waiting for the evil tweets to come out so I don't have experience with it yet, but it's gotten good reviews and it's priced well. In addition NVX makes a 1200 watt mono amp- I know you wanted matching amps for ascetics. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/nvx-jad800-4-amplifier.html
  2. If you get the 80-PRS, shouldn't going active be a lot easier? Welcome back by the way!
  3. Can you add a second battery and get the 2000 watt amp?
  4. Such a cool car, totally blank canvas. It'd be awesome if you could do some horn loaded compression drivers.
  5. Going from a 1200 watt amp to a 1650 watt amp will not make it noticeably louder. Obviously going from a 12" to a 15" WILL make it noticeably louder provided the 15 is in a properly designed and constructed box. I LOVE my XCON but haven't heard the ICON or ZXON to be able to make a comparison.
  6. I was in the same boat a few years ago with my Challenger. I used the LC2i and was happy enough with the results.
  7. I'd skip the rear speakers and buy a better set for the front.
  8. Awesome, I'll contact them today. Thank you!
  9. I picked up an Orion 2250 SX on OfferUp for $75 (happy birthday to me!). It was advertised as not-working, but it looks good visually and I thought I MIGHT want it repaired. The problem is I can't find anyone who repairs the older stuff. Amp Medics is 40 minutes from my house, but Steve stopped fixing the old ones (parts are impossible to get). DB-R stopped fixed legacy amps back in 2010. So, anyone know anyone who is willing and able to fix my Beast? (I know technically only the Orion XTR 2250 was called the Beast, but I choose to ignore that fact).
  10. It's certainly NOT the best aftermarket HU I've owned (it's probably the worst, actually), but I went with the Raxiom made specifically for the JK. The stock 130 was hot garbage, this unit is infinitely better AND the integration is seamless. NAV, backup camera, 2 rca outputs plus a dedicated sub output, steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, DVD, etc. It does everything, but like all Jack-of-all-Trades, it is a master of none (other than integration). http://www.extremeterrain.com/raxiom-gps-navigation-jk-j101300.html J=just E=empty E=every P=pocket
  11. These better not come out before the Evil tweeters!!!
  12. Dang It! I saw Aaron posted and was hoping they were ready. Well, all good things come to those who wait.
  13. Other than power handling, what are you looking for? What vehicle and how much room do you have for the box? The enclosure makes all the difference in the world when it comes to how a sub sounds.
  14. I finally got one! $150 on Offer UP (I did spend 3 hours of my Sunday afternoon in my car though). Can't wait to replace that HUMONGOUS PPI Black Ice and put this "little" beauty under the seat.
  15. Hahahahahahaha, that's like asking which brand of amp I should get! Shocks are important, do NOT skimp and buy cheap. I'm running Old Man Emu shocks on my Jeep and I am quite fond of them, BUT certain brands are better for trucks verses Jeeps, AND certain companies cater to different environments. OME tends to be a good blend for on and off road but not "the best" for purely off road. My friend runs Pro Comp on his Chevy (37"s) and has had good results, but went with Blisten on his Jeep. SOOOOOoooo, in conclusion my advice is to join an F150 forum and get advice and opinions from F150 owners who actively off road.