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  1. Boom sonic

    Welcome to the forum! Tiny car + hatchback + subwoofers =
  2. robotunderground?

    This post is 8 years old, I'm surprised the guy is still in business...
  3. Valued & VIP Store Customer user groups

  4. Hiya

    I've got a pair, but haven't done the install yet (maybe Thanksgiving week). Welcome to THE forum.
  5. If you have component sets, they come with passive crossovers. You'd run the amps full range into the crossover networks or set the high pass filter at 80 or 100 HZ to protect the component speakers from playing sub frequencies. If you want to run active (i.e. not using the passive crossovers) you've got a lot of work ahead of you...
  6. We are going to need a lot more information... What component set do you have? What amp? Etc.
  7. Yes please, I've had an XCON recone on order for several weeks now.
  8. XCON recone?

    Thanks for the update! I'm using an old Kenwood 10" in a shallow mount truck box so I'm not completely without bass.
  9. XCON recone?

    I placed an order for an XCON 10" recone on August 4th. I originally bought the driver from SSA so I'm well aquatinted with the waiting game, but I haven't heard anything yet. I left a message 2 weeks ago and haven't gotten a reply. Is everything okay at the build house? Can I get some kind of ETA? Love you guys and thanks.
  10. Who does box designs?$$$

    I paid for a box design from the SSA store when I ordered my XCONN. I'm very happy with the decision.
  11. 15 inch Terminator

    I'm guessing that sub will take about 250-300 watts RMS, but you'll need an enclosure (box) in addition to the amp and wires. The box is a huge deal, make sure you do tons of research to build a proper one or it will not sound good.
  12. Battery Isolator

    I was looking at the NVX models, I've never used an isolator but did some basic research. The NVX appear to be a diode based and not solenoid based. I don't mind a .4-.7 drop in voltage, I'm not competing and should be fine with a 160 amp alternator and strong primary battery. Oh, I'll be running the RF at 2 ohms so it won't be putting out more than 1200 watts RMS.
  13. I'm adding a second battery and want/need to get a battery isolator. The battery is an XS XP750 AGM Battery Power Cell and I'm getting it because I have a 160 amp alternator, NVX JAD 800.4 and Rockford Fosgate T-1500bd. That RF amp pulls 180 amps max (I don't typically listen to sine waves) so I need a 200 amp isolator, correct? Would there be any harm getting the 500 amp isolator because (believe it or not) I can find them cheaper (and in stock) than the 200 amp models.
  14. How much CLD/CCF/MLV for my car?

    I come on this site because I want honest information about all things car audio. I am NOT interested in manufacturers pimping their wares, making outrageous claims, and saying anything just to sell more products. I'm sure the owners of BOSS audio tell their customers that their amps CAN do 5000 watts. Thank you M5, no thank you Second Skin.
  15. Decal shipping price

    I bought my fuse holder with the Evil mids and I bought the polo shirt and remote wire when the Evil tweeters were put out for preorder.