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  1. Battery Isolator

    I was looking at the NVX models, I've never used an isolator but did some basic research. The NVX appear to be a diode based and not solenoid based. I don't mind a .4-.7 drop in voltage, I'm not competing and should be fine with a 160 amp alternator and strong primary battery. Oh, I'll be running the RF at 2 ohms so it won't be putting out more than 1200 watts RMS.
  2. I'm adding a second battery and want/need to get a battery isolator. The battery is an XS XP750 AGM Battery Power Cell and I'm getting it because I have a 160 amp alternator, NVX JAD 800.4 and Rockford Fosgate T-1500bd. That RF amp pulls 180 amps max (I don't typically listen to sine waves) so I need a 200 amp isolator, correct? Would there be any harm getting the 500 amp isolator because (believe it or not) I can find them cheaper (and in stock) than the 200 amp models.
  3. How much CLD/CCF/MLV for my car?

    I come on this site because I want honest information about all things car audio. I am NOT interested in manufacturers pimping their wares, making outrageous claims, and saying anything just to sell more products. I'm sure the owners of BOSS audio tell their customers that their amps CAN do 5000 watts. Thank you M5, no thank you Second Skin.
  4. Decal shipping price

    I bought my fuse holder with the Evil mids and I bought the polo shirt and remote wire when the Evil tweeters were put out for preorder.
  5. Decal shipping price

    I've had the same issue trying to order fuses and wire. I just waited until I "needed" more gear that totaled over $100 so I could get free shipping on everything.
  6. 2 8s or 1 10?

    I love my XCON 10"!
  7. SSA Evil 1 (first SSA tweeter)

    Just ordered mine! Love the option to buy them in 8 ohm. I'm running an NVX JAD800.4 and feel a lot safer running the tweets with less power because this will be my first active set-up.
  8. 6.5 evil to replace diamond HEX 6.5

    The more headroom, the better. 100 or 150 watts per channel would be awesome. If you're going the miniDSP route you can try the NVX amps from the SSA store. They're 150 watts X 4 which will be plenty for Evil Mids and Tweets (when they come out). I bought my NVX second hand and I'm waiting for the evil tweets to come out so I don't have experience with it yet, but it's gotten good reviews and it's priced well. In addition NVX makes a 1200 watt mono amp- I know you wanted matching amps for ascetics. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/nvx-jad800-4-amplifier.html
  9. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    If you get the 80-PRS, shouldn't going active be a lot easier? Welcome back by the way!
  10. Adding second icon amp upgrade question

    Can you add a second battery and get the 2000 watt amp?
  11. My 63 ragtop bug build

    Such a cool car, totally blank canvas. It'd be awesome if you could do some horn loaded compression drivers.
  12. Wanting to upgrade. Icon to x-zcon

    Going from a 1200 watt amp to a 1650 watt amp will not make it noticeably louder. Obviously going from a 12" to a 15" WILL make it noticeably louder provided the 15 is in a properly designed and constructed box. I LOVE my XCON but haven't heard the ICON or ZXON to be able to make a comparison.
  13. I was in the same boat a few years ago with my Challenger. I used the LC2i and was happy enough with the results.
  14. Looking for some 6.5 components speakers

    I'd skip the rear speakers and buy a better set for the front.
  15. Awesome, I'll contact them today. Thank you!