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  1. Which glue for a recone?

    Thanks guys, I'll check it out!
  2. Which glue for a recone?

    I'm reconing my XCON. I was going to have The Speaker Exchange do the work, but after they told me $80 an hour for labor and it could take 2 hours I've decided to do it myself. Problem is I didn't order glue from SSA because I wasn't expecting to do the work. Does Lowe's or Home Depot sell a glue that would work? Thanks
  3. The SSA store sells box designs. I am very satisfied with the one they did for my XCON 10".
  4. Help with updating my sound system

    My $.02... Don't waste any money on rear fill, with a properly set up front stage it'll only muck things up. Alpine amps are great, so are Rockford Fosgate amps. This is a car audio forum and many seek to try the smaller, less commercial equipment, but mainstream companies can and do put out some good stuff, especially amps. All the PRV mids you listed are 'pro audio" drivers. Their purpose is to get LOUD with relatively little power. The compromise they make to achieve this is limited frequency response. Pro Audio drivers typically lack midbass and unless you cross your subwoofers off at 120hz, you'll have very noticeable gaps in the frequencies covered. To go active you'll need to bandpass your midrange drivers, i.e. lowpass and highpass. There are a few amps that can do this, as well as a few head units, but your best bet is to get a sound processor. Many guys on this site use the mini-DSP which is full function and very affordable. I don't have a PC and really wanted to make adjustments easily so I went with a Stetsom STX-2436 because it was $200, tiny (I have a Jeep Wrangler with very limited space), and a bluetooth app that controls the unit. This was my first active system (previously I was a component guy) and I went with SSA Evil tweets and Evil mids. I'm still making adjustments, but I'm very happy I went the active route.
  5. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    I'm running the same setup except for an 10" XCON and a RF tT1500bdcp!
  6. Stetsom STX2436

    It's really good for what it is. I would have greatly preferred to have an additional output channel so I can adjust my sub. The physical quality is decent, but it's nothing great. I love, love, love the fact that it's controlled by an app on my phone and that's the number one reason I chose this unit with a price of $199 being the second consideration. I would buy this again and recommend this for first timers and people on a budget, but with my next car audio build I will go for a unit that can process my sub as well. I guess I'll have to borrow a friend's PC (I don't have any friends with a PC so I'll have to make new friends ) and pay two or three times as much.
  7. Stetsom STX2436

    Update: Installed not just the DSP, but replaced the JBL component system with SSA Evil tweets and mids so I can't do a direct comparison. Installation: very, very simple. Interior space is at a premium in Jeep Wranglers and this thing got stuck behind the dash using double sided automotive tape. The 2 input and 4 output RCAs are labeled by stickers (one fell off), I would have greatly appreciated color coded connections, but I was careful and didn't mix anything up. Tuning: the app is very intuitive on my iPhone SE, it even includes a demo mode so I got to play around with the large, easy to use menus while the DSP was being shipped from Brazil. Most settings are easy to adjust by either directly typing in the desired values or by pressing an up or down icon. My fingers are large and my phone is small but I have no issues fine tuning. Sound: No noise... that's a very good thing! Functionality: 13 bands in the graphic eq section with htz values at 25, 63, 160, 400, 1K, 2.5K, 6.3K, and 16K. You can set different values for all 4 output channels. There is one user assigned parametric eq frequency. The crossovers are probably the best part with different typology and slopes from 6 to 48 db. Very easy to set and tinker with. In addition there is delay and phase controls as well as an audio generator and battery voltage tool. Conclusions: I'm the ultimate neophyte with active crossovers and sound processors so everything is new and I lack the proper vocabulary, so in layman's terms...
  8. Introducing the all new SSA F8L 8" Subwoofer.

    I ordered a box design from the SSA store when I bought my XCONN. I told them exactly what I wanted, gave them the max dimensions and they designed it for me. The cut sheet was super helpful, everything was clear and easy to understand, but most of all, the sub sounds great in that box.
  9. Stetsom STX2436

    It was $200, controlled by Bluetooth, and tiny. I'd have preferred processing for the sub and 31 bands of EQ but couldn't find anything that didn't need a PC or cost under $400. If I'd run active in the past and/or had a PC I probably would have gone with a Mini DSP, but this was my first time going active and needed to keep it simple. I'm kinda bummed that Soundstream and PPI stopped making their $200 processors.
  10. I've been looking for a simple, easy to use processor that did not require a PC. I ordered this very intriguing processor and will post reviews after I install it during Thanksgiving week break.
  11. Boom sonic

    Welcome to the forum! Tiny car + hatchback + subwoofers =
  12. robotunderground?

    This post is 8 years old, I'm surprised the guy is still in business...
  13. Valued & VIP Store Customer user groups

  14. Hiya

    I've got a pair, but haven't done the install yet (maybe Thanksgiving week). Welcome to THE forum.