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Found 41 results

  1. Aaron Clinton

    SSA Demon (all new)

    A brief introduction to the all new SSA Demon, but first a farewell to its predecessor. Our very long running SSA Dcon has ridden off into the sunset, or at least taking a breather. The SSA Dcon was our second subwoofer model we ever launched. At the very beginning, we had the Icon and as it gained traction we saw there was a need for a pure SQ sub of more modest power rating than that the Icon. So in early 2008, the first SSA Dcon was launched. (The Xcon followed shortly after). That being said, the Dcon was almost an immediate hit, with a long 2" copper coil (rarity to have one made in the USA) triple stack motor, rear vent. The Dcon was very affordable, well made, quite efficient, clean across the entire range, and flexible with enclosure demands. It is interesting as there are some SSA Family members who swear by their Dcon and will not give it up ever. (It even became a favorite of some of the home audio crowd). All that being said, the Dcon evolved a bit for its second generation, we made a leap forward in motor force moving to what is best described as a scaled down Xcon motor, with a large single slug, solid pole, and deeply bumped back plate, while beefing up the suspension and leads. We were able to bring the power handling up 33% while not hurting the sound that made the Dcon successful. There was a stretch of a few years, before we ran out of stock, that the SSA Dcon 12 was our all time best selling subwoofer. So its existence was very important to SSA. Well with changes in the market (read:customer demands and amps getting much cheaper), as well as sky rocketing material costs, building the Dcon in the USA no longer was an option, so production stopped early 2017 for both the Dcon (and Gcon) and inventory ran out later that year. Late last year, due to the long lay off with out the Dcon (and Gcon), we started development of an updated Dcon at a new build house. The quality and performance of our SSA Evil1 tweeters were above our expectations, so we decided to send more production to that same build house. As we saw that the market slowed overall for modest power rated subs due to power getting cheaper and people wanting higher power handling subs, so the market began to really start heating up in the 500 - 1200 watt range, I knew we needed to address it. There is an 8" model developed, but it will not make it this first production run. The new model had to handle more power and have more xmax while not sacrificing the balanced and clean sound the Dcon had established for nearly a decade. That meant larger motor, larger coil, more suspension, larger leads, thicker cone, taller surround, etc. In the end, all of the changes that happened to the over all design, we could no longer call it a Dcon. In sticking with the theme of the Evil, a model name that has become so well known, while respecting the Dcon, the Demon name was selected. The Demon is a great blend of the previous Dcon and Xcon, both in design and appearance. In prototype testing, the SSA Demon thrived smaller to mid-sized ported and mid-sized sealed enclosures. Quick SSA Demon stats: 2.5" copper coil Aluminum former Aluminum Shorting ring Solid pole, non-vented bumped back plate Large single slug motor Pressed pulp cone Tall roll surround Push terminals Dual Nomex progressive spiders Stitched tinsel leads Large dome dustcap I will list T/S specs and enclosure recommendations shortly. We are very excited about the SSA Demon as it bringing back to our line up a pure sound quality subwoofer that will be affordable, while still having the characteristic SSA warmth and output.
  2. DedicatedEnthusiast

    B2 Audio X2C

    B2 Audio X2C 15 $650 shipped! Contact at 440-915-2309 for further questions/concerns.
  3. DedicatedEnthusiast

    Sundown X v.2 Motor

    Somewhat blown (sub still plays) Sundown X v.2 motor. $150 shipped! Basket included. Contact at 440-915-2309 for further questions/concerns.
  4. DedicatedEnthusiast

    Sundown X v.2

    Dual 2 Ohm Sundown X v.2 built by Dave Leib $250 shipped! Contact at 440-915-2309 for further questions/concerns.
  5. DedicatedEnthusiast

    Sundown X v.2 12's built by Dave Leib

    Hello everyone, long time no see. I am selling a pair of Dual 2-ohm (technically D1.7) 12" Sundown X v.2's built by Dave Leib a.k.a "Strongman Designs." Reason I am selling them is because I realized upon testing to see if my digital multi-meter was working correctly that one of the coils is reading higher on the one sub indicating that too much heat had been applied to it recently so rather than risking any further damage to it I am going to assume that I have too much power for these. Having said this in all honesty, let me make it perfectly clear here that both subs are still in perfect working order as we speak, even the one that is reading differently. Had I not thrown my multi-meter on it to test it in order to see if it was working properly (the multi-meter itself) I would have never known there was any difference or discrepancy between the two. However, because one of them is reading off now and I do not know what is to be expected out of it's performance long-term I will be letting these go for $500+ shipping (that includes both). Any further questions or concerns please feel free to text me at 440-915-2309 Phil
  6. Aaron Clinton

    SSAwerks 8" sub

    Name will be finalized shortly, as will specs, price and availability, so if you ask any of those questions I don't have an answer just yet. This is long over due, as we have needed an 8" sub for a decade now. Those of you who have been along for the ride, might remember we had a Dcon8 built 9 years ago, but production never happened due to cost of making it here in the USA. Production has not been kicked off yet, but we are VERY close. Some minor changes inside (unable to be seen from photos below) are being made to the design before we kick off. I am very pleased from the performance of the prototype and the output is very strong for an 8. It is a lower Qts. sub and really is surprising in a ported enclosure, while still being well behaved sealed. This is moving to an overhung, 2.5" copper coil, with a shorting ring.. Will be available in D2/D4, and an Fs right around 32.1hz. The sonic goal, (sound signature) was to have some of the warmth of the Icon, mixed with the crispness of the current Gcon. I feel, it is very close to that target. Currently, it is getting fed by the SSA prototype IC2200.1 @ 4 ohms mono (roughly 700+ watts). The 8 blends quite well with the Evil6.5's, and is not at all sweating the power being sent. Yes, the market segment that it is going to end up in is currently pretty packed, and this is not a revolutionary design, but it will be an extremely competitive driver in the top of the 8" cone 2.5" coil sub market, that is right on par with our current models and the sound is excellent, even to my picky ears. I am very excited to get these rolling and available by the end of spring. A little TBT link, the original Dcon8, it is on the far right in this photo:
  7. Hello all and thank you in advance for your help. This will be my first build and I'd like to build a new subwoofer for my home audio system. I'm flexible, but would like somewhere around 800-1000W to drive a 12" sub in a ported box, and to do this I plan to spend somewhere around $500 or so. I don't have a great idea of what a realistic budget is, so I'm flexible, just would like to keep costs down. I need some help figuring out where to start. Could someone please point me in the direction of some good resources regarding amplifier selection specifically? Thank you all. Quick edit: I'm using an optical connection from my computer to a Yamaha RX-V677 receiver. If anyone has any resources regarding the best connection between the receiver and amplifier, that would also be great.
  8. Godsmack

    Various car audio for sale

    - 27 Raptor 1/0 AWG Ring Terminals $20 - Install Edge 5 pack remote wires [IEC P 3x5-6] 6 feet $15 - 2 packs Install Edge 6.6 ft RCA cables [IRC GAC2] $7 each or $10 for both - 8 4 way Knu Konceptz 1/0AWG in 4 8AWG out $8 each or all for $55 - 50ft 16AWG speaker cable spool $5 - Install Edge Remote wire [IEC P18 X5-6] 18AWG $5 - Knu Konceptz kolossus Flex 1/0 AWG Red power cable 44 ft $125; 8ft $25; 10.5ft $35 (all for 175) - 13 ft Q power 1/0 AWG Super Flex on spool $25; 15ft on spool $30 - Approx 400 ft 16AWG Q power speaker wire on spool $40 - Stinger 150 amp circuit breaker $25 - 6 Install Edge Speaker Savers [IEC CAP 133] $6 per pack or all 6 pairs for $30 - 2 2packs Rockford Fosgate 8AWG Ring Terminals $5 each or both for $7.50 - 2 Rockford Fosgate Side mount battery terminals $9 each or both for $15 - Rockford Fosgate 2 output top mount battery terminal $10 - Rockford Fosgate RCA coupler $5 - Rockford Fosgate 10 AWG Amp kit (no RCA wires) 17 ft $30 - Rockford Fosgate pack of 2 100amp MAXI fuses $10 - Knu Konceptz Negative top mount terminal $10 - Metra Honda Harness [BB-WHHDI] $10 - Metra Inpala/Monte Carlo [XSVI-2105] $35 - Metra GM 88-05 22 pin harness [70-1858] $5 - Pair of Dynex square box terminal cups $2 - Dynex OEM Ford Radio removal tools $8 - Stinger Blue HPM voltage meter [SVMB] $15 - Tsunami Marine ANL fused distro, 1/0 AWG IN, 2 1/0AWG out $20 - Generic ANL fuse holder, no cover $5 - Mini RCA stereo Y cable $2 - 14ft Raptor RCA cable $10 - 16 ft Monster RCA cable $20 - Stinger 1/0 AWG ring terminal $4 - 2 2male 1female RCA adapter $5 each or both for $7.50 - 1 RCA to RCA dual male wire 9" $2 - 2 Street wires RCA cables in bags 19.69 ft [ZN1260] $7.50 each or both for $10 - ANL fuses, 2 200amp, 4 250 amp, 2 300 amp, 4 100 amp, 2 500 amp. 500 amp are $5 per pair others are $3 per pair, or all for $30 Total price when purchased individually: $761 Buy the whole lot: $650 Open to trades, Nikon FX lenses and other photography equipment are of special interest. Feel free to contact with questions. Thanks for looking!! - Viper 500.4, missing xo cover, and right mounting feet. $300 - MTX Road Thunder XO's for componants. $20 for the pair - Eclipse SC-8355/8365 XO's for componants $50 for the paid - Phoenix Gold Octane 4.0 2 amp. $150 - JL Audio 500/1. Missing some side screws. Not 100% on what the guts condition is, and last I remember looking it was fine. $125 - Digital Designs DD C1. $140 ORIGINAL RE XXX 12" to come, as well as more amps. I'd love to sell everything as a lot, and am willing to make deals. Only thing trade wise I would be after is Nikon FX lenses, but feel free to offer up. Pics are all on the link below.
  9. Matt Prior

    Sub size choice

    Hey guys, I plan on building a system from scratch when I buy a new vehicle. Im planning on buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee and buying a BC5500d and I will have plenty of space in the rear of the SUV but I cant decide if I want to get 2 12"s sundown x-12s or an 18" SSA Evil. Those subs are just examples, Im not set on any one brand or sub. What do you guys think? 2 12"s or an 18" or something else possibly? Matt
  10. redrider


    Anyone own seen or heard the new subs from soundqubed? Looking into possibly running one of the 12" version
  11. Okay guys these are two Dual Two Ohm DVC 12'' SSA XCON's with custom carbon fiber caps for added strength less than six months old with literally less than a weeks worth of total play time. Reason i am selling them is because honestly they are far too damn loud for me to be used on the daily lmao. They get VERY loud and VERY low!!! Speakers alone can be had for $800 shipped to your door. Box was custom built to the exact optimal specs for both subs by Dave the Box Guy himself and can be had with speakers for $1,000 or alone on its own for $200 (a mere FRACTION of what i paid) but you must pay for shipping on it and it ain't gonna be cheap. Any additional questions or concerns please feel free to PM me. Also i do have a Crescendo BC3500D for sale on here in another thread currently just FYI:D
  12. SoundQubed

    Atrend Enclosures *Promo Inside*

    Our partners over at Atrend USA are offering up a sweet deal on all SoundQubed enclosures for the month of February. 15% off any enclosure Start Date 2/9/2015 - End Date 2/16/2015 PROMO CODE: https://atrendusa.com/soundqubed
  13. Hey everyone I signed up here awhile back, but have only been able to lurk here and there. Anyway I'm gonna pull the trigger soon and get a sub stage, but I'm not sure which sub/subs I want to buy. My new sub stage will pretty much be 2 12's in a ported box or maybe one 15 in a ported box depending on how much room I have or don't have.. I've looked through the 12'' subs in the store section from all the brands and a couple of 15's but leaning more towards 12's. My goal for the sub stage is pretty much output/loudness. I need some help/recommendations from you guys please and I'll provide more info if you guys need to know anything else. Sidenote: Car is a 2011 Ford Fusion SE Thanks
  14. boxbuildshoutout


    Hello everyone I would like to start by saying I have no intention of breaking or bending any site or community rules here so pls forgive me if I do that is not my intention. I am here to share my personal experience with cherrymancustoms who has built me an extremely personalized and truly custom enclosure to meet the needs of my particular listening goals. This man has spent literally countless hours over-the-phone speaking with me one on one in an attempt to maximize my enclosure design and has built what I consider to be a very good quality box. I have attached images for your own viewing and judgement below. His website is www.cherrymancustoms.com/ where he has a phone number listed for you to contact him if you so choose to do. He also has a YouTube account and forum thread over at caraudio.com I plan on again encouraging him to create an account here so he can communicate with you guys easily and share all of his work here locally with the community. FYI this box was built with an adjustable internal volume and adjustable tuning plus it is "double walled" everywhere from top to bottom and side to side. It features some serious bracing too. For any of you looking for someone to build and create exactly what you have in mind or rather those of you who need somebody to help you determine what would be best for your needs I strongly encourage you to give this man a chance he is super friendly, knowledgeable and hard-working as you can see. Best of wishes to everyone here hope some of you may find this information to be of good use.
  15. matj1990

    box for a 10" xcon

    2012 focus sedan. currently running a prefab decent but cheap box ..in its current position metered 138 @ 37hz sealed on the windshield. fired the box forward today and noticed it wasn't half as loud this tells me my positioning is right for this car. So my question is do you think this box is working well or should i build a new box different specs i don't compete but i like loud and low this setup is pretty good for a single 10 but i think there is room for improvement would like some opinions/box ideas my max dimensions are going to be around W x H x D 30x14x27 to easily be able to fit through trunk opening which is a must as it needs to be removable when i DJ Also like to mention i prefer aero ports !! specs are as follows (W x H x D): 30" x 13-1/2" x 16" (net. int.): 2.0 cubic feet 1-1/4" Reinforced MDF front baffle 2.0 ft^3 slot-port tuned @ 32Hz
  16. Hey guys, hoping to get some help or suggestions here, but I'll just introduce myself a little first. I've been reading this forum for a long time though I have not really posted much, and I've basically used it ever since I did my first system about 4 years ago. Like I said, I've been in to car audio for a while, I've done 4 different of my own installs in that time, and have done and helped with many of my mates installs as well, so though I have lots to learn still, I have a fair bit of experience. I live in Australia, so our set-up here is a bit different in terms of brand availability and what we can listen to at shops etc. So, on to the problem. I recently bought a new car, and finished my install about 2 days ago, using most of the gear I used in my previous car but with a few changes. I'm running: Pioneer DEH-80PRS (New) Eclipse XA4200 4channel (from old car) Option Audio OAK1200 sub amp (from old car but I'm running it at 1ohm now instead of 2ohm with old setup) (option audio is an Australian brand BTW) Alpine SPR-60c in front (from old car) Alpine SPR-60 in rear (from old car) Fi Q12 in 2.25cuft @ 32Hz (New) We don't have Fi in Australia, so I imported my sub purely base on good reviews without being able to listen to it Electrical is up to scratch (HO alternator, dual batteries, etc) and I'm not getting any voltage drop (sitting at 14.3V at full volume). All gains we're set with an oscilloscope. Now I have only had time to listen to it for a couple of hours and I have not even had time to EQ it properly, but first impressions are pretty disappointing. The sub does not hit nearly as hard as I expected it to and honestly seems pretty slow and muddy (completely contradicting pretty much all the reviews I read). Comparing it to a mates 13W7, I did not expect the fi to be as loud or maybe even as good quality as the JL, but honestly, it is not even half as loud and definitely sounds worse. Same can be said when comparing to a 12W6, again,not as loud as the W6 and SQ is not there. In my old system I had 2 12inch polk db's in a compound ported box. For those of you who don't know what a compound arrangement is I'll just explain what it does: Basically you get the extra power handling, and motor force of 2 subs, but with the cone area of 1. So it's louder than 1 sub, but not quite as loud as 2 subs in a normal set up. Anyway. I was pretty happy with that set up, SQ was decent, and it went quite loud (louder than the W6, but still not on the same level as the W7). At the end of the day though, they we're entry level subs so I really expected the Q12 to be an upgrade (even if it was just in sound quality, though i would have liked it to be louder too). At the moment, it is a significant downgrade. I'm just looking at some suggestions or opinions as to where to start trouble shooting (I might have done something stupid, or have an issue in my system). I'll start: It could be the amp, it has always performed flawlessly but I've never run it at 1ohm. It's supposed to put out 1200wrms at 1 ohm which is a little under the recommended 1500w, but even at full blast, the sub is barely moving, so I suspect it might not be putting out claimed power (however I am pretty sure it put out claimed power at 2 ohms). Also, I've heard that the Q's get better as they break in, could this be the case? (though I can't imagine it would make THAT much of a difference) I'm not trying to compete or one up any of my friends, I just build systems for my own enjoyment because I love music. Comparing my first impressions with on-line reviews and youtube videos, there really is a night and day difference. I did not expect it to be better or even as good as a 13W7 (despite some reviews claiming that), but I expected it to be at least in the same ball park... So yeah, it's a weird thing to hope, but I really hope there is something wrong with my system, and that I would be able to get more out of this sub. Anyway, sorry for the long post, and thanks for any help. Arno
  17. ELDeFontes

    Wanted XCON D2 12

    Title says. Looking for "newest" used xcon d2 12 inch. Prefer if it's local, around MD area. I will drive if the price is right. Contact via email, eldefontes@gmail.Com will be replacing an ICON 12 with the new XCON so it will be up for sale or willing to trade in with purchase
  18. GarrettHarvey

    Amp and box measures for 2 HDS2 12

    Getting two hds212s and wanna know what amp to get(sq brand) , and if i should get dual 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm. And if youve done this build, what are the box measures
  19. Looking to upgrade my entry-level pioneer DEH-14UB Head Unit IF it will make a worthwhile difference in output or sound level mainly on my sub-stage going with a 4-6v pre-out upper-class pioneer, kenwood or alpine deck. Tell me what do you guys think? I already have the entry-level pioneer wired to a clarion MCD-360 crossover with 5v max output voltage so am I really going to notice a difference in the bass production from the subs or no?? All comments and opinions are appreciated thanks:)
  20. THX_Elite


    From the album: Subwoofer/Speakers

    Fully Loaded Fi BL Dual 2ohm 12"

    © THX_Elite

  21. THX_Elite


    From the album: Subwoofer/Speakers

    Fully Loaded Fi BL Dual 2ohm 12"

    © THX_Elite

  22. soslogeo

    2002 Audi A6 Avant

    I haven't been back to the forum in a long while as I have been quite busy with life, so in the last couple weeks i have gotten rid of my Prizm and picked up an A6 Avant (wagon) today. It has the factory Bose radio system already, so for now I will be using my factory radio. I just ordered the "keys" to remove the radio and later in this coming week I will order a hi/low converter. I found a Boss one online for 10 bucks (good idea?). I also picked up a Memphis Audio 16M1000d. Speaker is a Soundqubed HDC3.0 12" And for right now it's in a 1.8 cubic foot slot ported box tuned to 29 hz. I have a few pics of the car itself to start off my build log, and will try to update as often as possible. I'm taking this opportunity to do it the right way since I kinda did whatever it took in my geo lol. Let the fun begin!
  23. Hi I bought an Incriminator Audio I 10" about a month ago from SSA as a temporary sub while my two SSA Icon 15" subs were being built and WOW. For a little 300rms 10" this thing pounds, have about .75-1" of roof flex in my Dakota Crew Cab. Built a box I designed which is around 1.25 cubic feet net tuned to around 31hz. I've been beating the crap out of this thing with decaf songs, Young Jeezy etc and it sounds awesome, and is taking the abuse of around 400rms. Would definitely recommend this for a budget friendly sub. Bass is tight but still gets really low and loud. Hopefully this will help someone who's looking at them.
  24. I'm putting together a budget system in a Ford F-150 I have a custom box with .69 cu feet sealed available for 2 10" subs. There is a lot of options I've been narrowing it down so far I'm leaning towards the Sundown Audio SD 10 Dual 4. I am going to be running a Class AB Mono channel amp rated at 1400 Watts RMS into 1 ohm load. There restrictions 6 Inch mounting depth 300 dollar budget looking for Dual 4 ohm subs or single 2 ohm subs (Want as much bass as possible from a 2 10" subwoofer sealed enclosure) Thanks for any help with picking the right pair of tens!
  25. Okay, so at this point I'm sure you're wondering "Who the hell is 93rd Audio?" and "What the hell is a TCH12D2?". I'd be glad to answer that. 93rd Audio is an up and coming company started by a member of the IAK family. The TCH series subs are the first series of subs to be released. They are built here in the USA, it has a 2.5" coil and will have a 600 WRMS power rating. I was asked by good 'ol Porkchop if I would be interested in testing the prototype for this new company and line of subs. No matter what the deal was I wasn't going to pass up a great opportunity such as this so I agreed and he put the owner in contact with me. I was supposed to have a fair bit of time to test the sub, multiple enclosures, different amps, etc. however life being what it is the time table was truncated and I had to work with what I had on hand already. So I borrowed my sister's single 12" enclosure for her DCON which is 2.25cuft NET tuned to 31hz and mounted the TCH in and hooked it up in the van to the SAZ2k. So let me explain here that my testing results aren't as well rounded as I had originally planned on going into this with. The owner was hoping to have a sub that can take a good deal of power and make a presence in the competition lanes. I believe it can definitely do that and I think that it's going to be a fair sub to compete with the Sundown SA12, and possibly even the GCON and the Fi X series in specifications, performance and price point. With no official experience with any of those three that comment is really only an opinion, but I don't come to it lightly. Me and my wife threw A LOT of abuse at this sub and with 2k on tap to beat on it with and I was generally only able to reach it's limits on the most abusive songs at listening levels that belied a single sub. Okay, now with that explained it's onto the review itself. Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare -- This song is fun to listen to with a good sub setup. It's hard and fast and can sound like a complete and total muddled mess on anything that can't keep up. The TCH had no problem at all keeping up with everything that goes on. I have to imagine when I listen to the song that the band gets a hell of a workout when they play it, especially the bass guitarist and drummer, and that workout carries on to whatever is playing the song. This sub did it fast, clean and with the power it was being fed I never heard it cry out for mercy even once. Offspring - Hit That -- This is another song whose bass lines are all over the map. It has great low end bass lines with overlapping lines in certain parts of the song. On any system I had before I got the Q's those overlapping lines would sound like either a distorted mess or were just a booming bass line. The Q's showed me how detailed those bass lines really were and it was a whole new listening experience that brings a smile to my face every time I listen to it. I am very proud to say I had the same smile on my face with the TCH. The overlapping bass lines were clearly identifiable and the rest of the deep lines were reproduced with the authority I've grown used to from the Q's. Journey - Faithfully -- The name of this song sets the stage for the reproduction of the bass guitar and the drums from the TCH. It was a fantastic, enjoyable and very realistic listening experience and the sub and my components blended together beautifully. The sub is as much at home doing SQ work as it is making the windows rattle. Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes -- I love the bass lines in this song. They're nice and deep and it's fun to play this song for people who've never really heard a sub system play like that. The TCH was able to drop down and bellow out the deepest tones without any complaint as long as I kept the listening level just below obscene. If I tried to push it into the obscene realm I could hear distortion from the sub that I attributed to being well past it's XMAX. It was well beyond 70% of it's BL and well into the realm of audible distortion but understand that it was being pushed EXTREMELY hard at this point and was louder than an average person would ever try to get from a single sub. Ja Rule - Livin' It Up -- Another fun song to listen to with bass lines and drums that play in an attractive rhythm. The sub had tons of output to give but with the drums on top of the bass lines I was actually able to reach the subs XMECH and got some noise out of it. I was very surprised when that happened but remember I'm driving this single sub to the same output levels that I'm used to hearing with the pair of 12" Q's that I'm used to listening to. Alice in Chains - I Stay Away -- I'm a big fan of AiC and have about every album they've released. I Stay Away is on my top 10 list of their songs and is always cranked when it comes on. The TCH did not disappoint at all with it's ability to keep up with the note shifts and drums. It was a great listening experience with all the output I could ask for. Metallica - One -- My absolute favorite Metallica song. Any system that can keep up with this song at absurd listening levels is a good one in my honest opinion. There's a TON of musical information being thrown at every component of a system and it is pretty easy to overload it and hear lots of unwanted distortion. The TCH was right on par with the Q's on quality, keeping up with those ultra fast bass guitar riffs and Lars' unreal ability to beat the living piss out of the drums. I had a big smile on my face and listened to it twice. The second time I turned the gain knob up more to give the sub a good bit more stress and it still delivered a great performance. I was limited more by the components in the van than the sub. Staind - Outside -- Another great song it has bass lines and drums that can play havoc on a sub system. The TCH was able to play it quite well at a very moderately high listening level. As before with a few other songs when I went for the limits of the components I found a little distortion from driving it well past it's XMAX. Keep in mind here that we were almost constantly pushing this sub to the point that it was giving us the same output that we listen to the pair of Q's with. Now we don't listen to them at full tilt, the remote gain knob is generally only turned up about 1/3 of the way, however the fact that a single 12" sub was giving us about the same output and in some cases more gives credence to just how capable it is. My wife would have complained IMMEDIATELY if she wasn't getting what she wanted from it. The fact I never heard even ONE complaint from her tells me a lot as to how strong a sub this can be as she's consequently been through quite a few in the 17 years her and I have been together, lol. The enclosure I was testing it in and the sub paired together did a great job giving lots of output that sounded fantastic, but I'm absolutely certain that with a little smaller enclosure tuned a bit higher this thing would be able to excel in output levels and given multiples of the same sub in such enclosures it should do very well in the lanes. I think it's ability to also do such a good job in the sound quality department makes it a super well rounded sub that will be at home in the hands of the average listener as well as competitors. I know the owner was wanting it to be able to handle in the 1kw realm for competition use. I tried to test with some degree of accuracy the power I was applying to the sub only to find that it seems my $300 clamp on meter isn't quite as adept to this job as I had hoped. I've never been one to trust clamp test power results anyway so I wasn't too horribly worried about it myself. IMHO it doesn't matter how much power the sub was seeing during the testing. The fact it was able to give so much output for a single 12 and knowing there was 2kw of power available from the amp it was able to take abuse that a lesser sub wouldn't have. The few limitations I was able to find with it, revolving around being able to reach distortion going well past XMAX and reaching the XMECH limits could very well have been negated with an enclosure change as well. I'm looking forward to seeing these hit the market. I think for the price point the owner is going for these are going to be a great choice for daily listening setups and competitors alike. Though I have to say I feel it's going to be more popular as a daily sub given it's superb reproduction abilities. That too is just my opinion and being a fellow team member I hope he understands that. If you're looking for something new to try when they're released I highly suggest trying it out, I don't see how anyone could be disappointed. I do have some pics to post up of it. I'll wait for the okay from the owner before doing so though.