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Found 2 results

  1. anonymous48420

    advice on new subs

    ok so basically ive been spoiled over the years and had good speakers but i also had a much larger budget to work with earlier in life. i.e. ia death penalty 2nd gen re audio xxx ascendent audio assassins stuff of that nature. well i bought back my old assassins some time back because i loved their sound but they were about 12 years old and finally had enough and the surround fatigued. i already had a nice birch box made and well i couldnt just toss it and i bought some skar audio vvx-3 to fill the holes. well u cant put skars in a box for better speakers and still be in love so im getting rid of them and getting better speakers. dont get me wrong they get loud and pretty low for my expectations but those 8's in a 3 cube box tuned to 25 hz just dont appeal to my ear. they flex ole betsy like its nobodys business and everyone that gets in has a huge grin on their face but the authority and richness just isnt there for me im an sq guy and love loooow bass. while i owned my death penalty i always had my eye on the audioque hdc3 due to it being a little louder than the incriminator but slightly less accurate. well the hdc3 18 is currently in my price range but id like to know from experience if there are better options for the money. if i could find an 18" old or new xxx for the right price or a 21" death penalty id jump on it but i havent seen any for sale used in a long time. im also contemplating a soundsplinter rls 15 but the price is a little steep still for me seeing as how id need 2 and the box requirements are ungodly. 7+ cubes apiece. id most likely get another 18 later on if i go with the soundqubed due to the price alone and the fact that id love that type of authority. the vehicle the install will be in is a first gen s10 blazer aka betsy. rear seat must stay because my dogs spoiled and shes too large to argue with over no car rides. i have a high output alt installed the ad244 145 amp version. can put out over 200 amps cold and over 100 hot at idle and betsy only needs 40-50 to run. rear battery is a 5000 amp high discharge agm battery that weighs about 90 lbs and the front battery is a 1000 amp optima yellow i got for 50 bux. amp is an audiopipe 1800watt rms that has been rock solid for me for years and i wouldnt mind getting another if need be. the whole hatch area is up for grabs for a box and i plan on tuning at about 25 hz as ive grown to love. i always catch flack for my tuning frequency but everyone that hears an install tuned to that afterwards is blown away. a 25 hz box acts like a sealed enclosure and generally has a very flat curve through the frequency range along with super deep lows and a slight peak in output in that range. my budget is slightly limited right now to the fact that im sticking a fresh rebuild 350 in her because the motor thats in it now is tired 300,000 miles and the fuel injector that my motor has is about 600 bux to replace and its also going out and i can buy the small block with 0 miles for 600 bux but since im trading my 8's and the box for 300 off ill only be spending 300 on the motor. im going to need odds and ends to get it wedged in there and also buy a wiring harness and efi fuel injector to run a cheaper factory fuel injection system that was available for my blazer instead of the expensive one. the first week or 2 i wont care about having subs cause ill be listening to my exhaust but after that wears off i have to have a system or ill go crazy. im also in the process of getting my scooter back up and running and switched to liquid cooling because 70 mph on a 2 stroke that spins 12,000 rpms gets too hot to cool in the florida heat with air cooling. too many projects at once but having reliable and fun transportation is important in life and so is having a good system.
  2. boxbuildshoutout


    Hello everyone I would like to start by saying I have no intention of breaking or bending any site or community rules here so pls forgive me if I do that is not my intention. I am here to share my personal experience with cherrymancustoms who has built me an extremely personalized and truly custom enclosure to meet the needs of my particular listening goals. This man has spent literally countless hours over-the-phone speaking with me one on one in an attempt to maximize my enclosure design and has built what I consider to be a very good quality box. I have attached images for your own viewing and judgement below. His website is www.cherrymancustoms.com/ where he has a phone number listed for you to contact him if you so choose to do. He also has a YouTube account and forum thread over at caraudio.com I plan on again encouraging him to create an account here so he can communicate with you guys easily and share all of his work here locally with the community. FYI this box was built with an adjustable internal volume and adjustable tuning plus it is "double walled" everywhere from top to bottom and side to side. It features some serious bracing too. For any of you looking for someone to build and create exactly what you have in mind or rather those of you who need somebody to help you determine what would be best for your needs I strongly encourage you to give this man a chance he is super friendly, knowledgeable and hard-working as you can see. Best of wishes to everyone here hope some of you may find this information to be of good use.