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  1. Sundown X v.2 12's built by Dave Leib

    Hello everyone, long time no see. I am selling a pair of Dual 2-ohm (technically D1.7) 12" Sundown X v.2's built by Dave Leib a.k.a "Strongman Designs." Reason I am selling them is because I realized upon testing to see if my digital multi-meter was working correctly that one of the coils is reading higher on the one sub indicating that too much heat had been applied to it recently so rather than risking any further damage to it I am going to assume that I have too much power for these. Having said this in all honesty, let me make it perfectly clear here that both subs are still in perfect working order as we speak, even the one that is reading differently. Had I not thrown my multi-meter on it to test it in order to see if it was working properly (the multi-meter itself) I would have never known there was any difference or discrepancy between the two. However, because one of them is reading off now and I do not know what is to be expected out of it's performance long-term I will be letting these go for $500+ shipping (that includes both). Any further questions or concerns please feel free to text me at 440-915-2309 Phil
  2. B2 Audio subs and custom Cherryman Box For Sale

    Nvm folks suppose these shall remain as paper weights, such a shame:(
  3. B2 Audio subs and custom Cherryman Box For Sale

    Well I may have figured it out now. It seems as though you need to click on the drop down menu under your user name and then click on personal messenger in order to view PM's. I remember when the little envelope/letter symbol use to open them.
  4. B2 Audio subs and custom Cherryman Box For Sale

    Thank you Tirefryr and frogcase please feel free to show them this listing but has anyone else had trouble viewing PM's as of lately? I've got one now but it won't let me open it!! Very frustrating.
  5. B2 Audio subs and custom Cherryman Box For Sale

    Here is a better look at subs outside of the box showing 2.5" pole vent diameter, 1/2" thick baskets and 1600 Oz magnet/motor structures with SPL vented cooling. They are rated at 5k RMS continuous power (20,000 watts peak) and can handle every bit of it with 5" Ceramic Coated Voice Coils (0.9 ohm DVC). Are 120lbs each a piece with 45mm XMAX and FS of 32Hz Additional info can be found on B2's website via the link provided below http://www.b2audio.com/x2c
  6. I am selling a pair of B2 Audio X2C 15's that were assembled by Jay Holm in Denmark and custom modded for me and my extreme daily driving abuse. I am willing to let them go for $1,000 each shipped or $1,800 for the pair. Reason I am selling them is because they have managed to crack not one but two gas tanks now on my car, I can provide shop receipts for anyone who would like to see proof. Also they have broken the spoiler wing off my trunk a long time ago so are basically destroying my car and I cannot afford to keep fixing it. The link below shows a video of the subs and system playing from B2 Audio's YouTube page. I do not own the video that they edited here but I did submit the original footage to them from my cell phone for the fans and public to see. The box was built by Cherryman Customs in Tennessee and is double layered (1.5" thick) all the way around. It is 10 cu ft net inside with a tuning of 27hz and has a lexan glass bullet proof window that provides view of the subs inside with red L.E.D. lights that illuminate. Measurements are 36" W x 20.5" H x 46" D If interested I am willing to let it go for $500 picked up or you pay shipping. Any additional questions or concerns please feel free to PM and ask me.
  7. Like-New 18" EMF ermagerd Dual 1 (except needs recone)

    Yea I will be running two of the new B2 audio X2C 15's next, those motors and their 5" coils should run fine for a while don't ya think? Better bass sounds like a better brand name anyways:p Phil
  8. Like-New 18" EMF ermagerd Dual 1 (except needs recone)

    Sub has since been sold locally
  9. Alright guys, here is a single 18" EMF audio ermagerd Dual 1 (can be wired down to 0.5 ohm) that needs to be reconed. The recone will run you $200 so you can have a brand new 6,500 watt RMS sub for just $600 since I am offering this unit shipped anywhere in the U.S. for $400, NO TRADES. This thing was able to handle a b2 audio m1u at 0.5 ohms for literally hours at a time until I got greedy and started clipping it with the gain. It got louder and lower than any other dual sub set-up I have ever had or owned and I have run kicker, SSA and Fi car audio to name a few. It will take the power and handle the abuse as long as the signal and power you are feeding it is clean. Weighs in at just over 100lbs, features a super stupid silly insane HIGH-roll rubber surround and nearly 4" of peak-to-peak excursion with a true carbon-fiber dust cap and quad-stack magnet/motor. Any further questions or concerns please feel free to ask me. Phil

    No battery has been sold the wire is all that currently remains
  11. CUSTOM SSA XCON's and BOX (if wanted) FOR SALE

    Sorry guys subs and box have both been sold
  12. Polyurethane vs Resin for weather/water-proofing your box

    No its going to be in my car but my trunk tends to leak water and collect moisture/morning dew in the rain and winter months here. There is a layer of frost and ice that tends to form on the bottom floor where the base of the box will be so I worry about it softening and weakening the MDF wood over time
  13. Hi guys I was wondering whether standard polyurethane or a UV activated resin would be better for applying directly to MDF wood in order to protect it from the elements of rain ice and snow basically is one product more durable or reliable than another with respect to weather-proofing wood thanks
  14. CUSTOM SSA XCON's and BOX (if wanted) FOR SALE

    Little over one day left on ebay for two SSA XCON's shipped to your door for only $500....
  15. CUSTOM SSA XCON's and BOX (if wanted) FOR SALE

    The ONLY signs of any sort of physical or visual wear and tear on these things are some minimal dimpling around the foam surrounds from break-in play in addition to tiny surface area scratches on bottom/base of the magnets THAT IS IT they are otherwise like-new and sound phenomenal !