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  1. Randal Johnson

    Need advice on new install.

    Welcome to SSA 1” mdf is very difficult to work with, which is why I use 3/4 mdf or birtch. Just make sure to double baffle and brace. Works great !!!
  2. Randal Johnson

    Minimum Deadening for Maximum Results?

    What vehicle are we talking about here ??? On my 07 Avalanche, all I've done is my 2 front doors which was a MAJOR improvement.
  3. Randal Johnson

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    Awesome brother, wish I could get a demo. Wish I could help with the mid bass driver part, but I’m still stuck with the same drivers I ran 8 or so years ago. Can’t seem to tear them up. lol
  4. Randal Johnson

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    That Helix is fucking awesome my brother !!! It’s also amazing what Dynamat and mattress foam/material can do for your midbass !!! Doors came alive !!! I had a pair of 8s waiting for the truck, but I would have had to cut metal to get them to fit. Didn’t want to move up higher than “MECA Street Class” so I went back in with the same ole 6.5” drivers I had in ole White Lightning. I’m loving it So Far !!! Everything is blending together as planned. If I known then what I know now, I’d have bought me an Avalanche a LONG Time ago !!! thanks for posting my brother. Show us some pics of your new whip over here pecker head ...
  5. Randal Johnson

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    If you plan to run this section passive on two channels, you should be right, but if you’re running four independent channels and pad that dash, you may catch hell with it. Just Saying The more I learn about this Helix, well, you know what I mean. lol
  6. Randal Johnson

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    Just by looking at the pics, and understanding the curvature of the dash can be a total bitch, it looks like the right driver is lower on the A Pilar than the left. Looks like it needs to be raised up to match the sail panel like the left. Could be a problem why the left seems stronger than the right. Understand what I’m trying to say ??
  7. Randal Johnson

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    Order a custom fit dash pad for this vehicle. Once installed, Time alignment should be able to fix this with no problems.
  8. Randal Johnson

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    Thank you Sir. I’ve sort of been out of the game for a while when it comes to computers, so it may take me a month of Sunday’s to get this thing tuned. I love the Helix, just going to miss the simplicity of tuning at my fingertips now that I have to tune with a laptop. I’m sure the results will be a positive when done !!! Got a driver in the passenger door acting strange lately. Hope it’s not hurt, but if it is, I can replace it. Can’t complain if it is, been beating on those 6.5” drivers for SEVERAL years now.
  9. Randal Johnson

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    Working on things to get it back together.
  10. Randal Johnson

    Need some advice on a new system

    Get the car, measure out the rear hatch, then come back and discuss enclosure design. My son has a Cruze hatch with similar space and had no problems with a pair of 10s ported and tuned. I’m sure a single ported 12 would have worked also. Welcome to SSA !!!
  11. Randal Johnson

    New 10 inch Woofer Decision

    We borrowed a pair of Skar 10s from a friend to go into my son’s Cruze Hatch until his drivers came in. I’m not sure what model they are, but honestly, I can’t complain about them. Nothing I would run in my Sound Quality oriented Avalanche, but for a 21 year old wanting girlfriend impressing bass, those drivers seem to kick ass. Just Saying could be they are in a very well designed and built tuned enclosure ??? Don’t know. We will be able to compare the differences when the Brutal Sounds drivers get here. Happy driver hunting !!!
  12. Randal Johnson

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    Got it.
  13. Randal Johnson

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    Saving my money for this ...  Wish I could throw out the old Visa Like I use to back in the day ... Hoping to get this and have it installed by MECA World Finals. I'm sure I will have no problems qualifying without it.
  14. Randal Johnson

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    I'm looking real hard at the Helix, but unfortunately, don't have the funds like in the past. To be honest, I'd love to upgrade to the Kenwood DNX995S and the Helix. But like I said, money just ain't that easy to come by these days.
  15. Randal Johnson

    Better than drugs???

    Ha, Ha Awesome advertisement !!!