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  1. I take it you have an EVO to install this in ???
  2. Drew has a bad ass Mustang build on here somewhere. Think it's a convertible too. Can't remember.
  3. For SPL numbers, tune higher. Way higher. Somewhere around vehicle resonance. Usually 57 htz is a good starting point.
  4. Is the enclosure "laying" on the back seat ???
  5. Damn bro, that's not good.
  6. I could sit back and listen to those pipes all day long. I bet they sound like ear candy !!!
  7. One main thing I can tell you is to be active on this forum and as many MAJOR competitions as possible. Good luck.
  8. Welcome to SSA
  9. I don't understand your term efficient. As long as the connections are strong and uniform, you're good. Buss bars can help with multiple connection points. Happy hunting.
  10. Nice. I need to get back over to HAF.
  11. Wouldn't mind having a set. Don't have a vehicle to put one in. I could build a pair of shelf cabinets ????
  12. Welcome to SSA
  13. A thread that hasn't had a post in 3 years, Its highly doubtful.
  14. Welcome to SSA
  15. Anything below 70 is too cold for me.