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  1. I know that downloaded videos aren't as good quality as well ripped CDs, but it's a fun "wow" factor with friends and family.
  2. Welcome to SSA
  3. Dang, that's ALOT of music !!! I might have close to that (audio only) on my home computer, but don't think I would ever have a need for any thing close to that in music videos in my truck. I'm thinking a pair of 64g flash drives should do the trick. Then there's that 8g flash drive with nothing but sound quality competition music (audio only) at my finger tips when needed. Wish I could upgrade my head unit, but I'd rather spend the money on building my front stage at this time.
  4. My 64g flash drive works great with my Kenwood. Hard drive worked, but the flash drive works better. Good luck with your search.
  5. Try PSI. Welcome to SSA.
  6. Nice Amplifiers !!!
  7. Welcome to SSA
  8. I only wear safety glasses (for work and leisure). The really nice ones can be found at just about any welding supply shop.
  9. Nice work on the sails !!!
  10. When I had the 4 15" driver setup in White Lightning, it was tuned at 40. Then again, I did have a shit ton of amplifier/ battery power on that setup. Worked Great, just wasn't the path I wanted to go with that truck at that time.
  11. I'm just going by asking my friends (at events) what they normally tune for daily "loud and clear MUSIC". And the general answer is 40 htz.
  12. Sounds to me like you should be tuned closer to 40 htz.
  13. Working on it bro. Trying to sweet talk the wife into a Helix Pro to go with my Kenwood. Not going in my favor at the moment LOL.
  14. Seems like you're asking too much from the sub bass drivers when (I think) you should be beefing up the mid bass Drivers to work more in time with the sub bass Drivers.
  15. I would look on Audio Control's online site for purchace options. Some companies (like Audio Control) stay true to their authorized dealers. Good luck with your search.