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  1. New

  2. I know this. Just making sure I was reading the Op correctly. Thanks
  3. He has a dual 2 ohm sub wired down so the amp sees one ohm. Am I reading the Op's post correctly guys ???
  4. So if he's running at one ohm now and drops to .5, even with a larger amplifier, he's going to be stressing his electrical. Correct ??? Running two smaller amplifiers, he can stay at one ohm and still have more than enough power for two drivers. Just a thought.
  5. Double the power supply strength makes for better output (dynamics) with about the same current draw. Also, if you decide to compete, this will keep you in lower classes for better chances on improvement. Like I said, just me.
  6. Personally, if I had to run class D, i would rather have 2 smaller amplifiers (one per sub) verses one larger amplifier. Just me.
  7. Sup homie ???
  8. It's what i do brother. LOL
  9. Personally, I'd rather see a couple of hot chunky chicks in the back of that bad ass VW ... Wait a minute, clicked on the wrong forum again. Need to stop this. Sounds Awesome brother. Can't wait to see things in motion !!! I'm tuned in !!!
  10. Looks awesome so far !!! I'm tuned in.
  11. Build log section please.
  12. Welcome to SSA. Nice Ride.
  13. Don't waste your money on a dd1. There's better ways to tune. Just saying
  14. Yes Sir, they do look nice. Also, nice work on the angles.
  15. Thats crazy