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  1. Honestly, that chart should a be a sticky on the Amps/Electrical page.
  2. YOU ARE THE MAN! Thank you sir! I google the chart, but it just wouldn't come up. Appreciate you man.
  3. Windrunner

    Advice needed

    100% correct. Check the manual for the subs, and see what the recommended volume/tuning is for your drivers, and choose an enclosure accordingly. Rule of thumb, at least for myself, is that correct enclosure is imperative. You shouldn't have trouble finding an enclosure with specs that re at least very close to what you need. If you are under-powering, you can get away with going a little bigger as well.
  4. Appreciate the feedback. I was thinking the same thing, but just because it's already there, I might just add another run of 4 AWG. Save a buck or two.
  5. Alright guys, quick question. Maybe a stupid one, but I would appreciate some solid feedback. So, I am currently running an SAE-50.4 (2 ohms per channel) & an SAE-600D (1 ohm). The big 3 and all other power cable is 4AWG OFC, and I also have an XP750 AGM as my supplemental. I am going to be upgrading to an SAE-1000D v2 pretty soon, and I would like to know if my 4AWG is going to be enough to support the current required to run the system. I estimate the current load the cable can support, at the length of runs I have (10-12ft), is somewhere around 160-170A. As it stands, the maximum current draw will be 150A, worst case scenario. Should I spend more on power cable for this install, or should I be good pushing this power?
  6. Windrunner

    New guy checking in...

    Hey guys. Long time lurker here. Just signed up for the first time, since I'm taking my car audio a bit more seriously now. I just want to express my appreciation for the amount of good info I've had readily available because of this site. Now it's my turn to contribute to the community. Looking forward to our time together!!! Stay slappin'!